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Blogger: vijay kumar sappatti at FROZEN MOMENTS OF A LIFETIME.........
  It’s another dream Dreaming you in and around me You stood there looking at me And I ran to you like a river moves into oceanYou were the ocean of love & life to me It was a union of love and passion It begun with your words,Words of comfort and love and passion hidden!The words were covered with your frozen smileYour smile had all the emotions of a lifetimeOur lifetime spent in moments togetherLooking into each other’s eyes andHolding the hands tightly as if never to departYour words turned into your hands and my handsCaressing each other’s eternal bodies for passionPassions burnt and turned into ageless wordsThe words of love and passionHas ev... Read more
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Blogger: Mahfooz Ali at लेखनी......
पिछले चार पांच दिनोंसे मन बहुत  अजीब हो रहा था. सब कुछ अच्छा होते हुए भी अच्छा नहीं लग रहा था. एक तो आजकल ज़्यादातर वक़्त गोरखपुर में बीतता है दूसरा गोरखपुर में इन्टरनेट कनेक्शन नहीं रहता है. और फिर बिज़ी इतना कि मोबाइल फोन तक का ध्यान नहीं रहता है (बीते हुए वक़्त को दोबा... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर at Nirantar's..........
I want to say Something to you I do not know How to say?When to say?HoweverIt is important Therefore, I have to tell you AnywayCan you tell me? How would you SayThe sentence “I love you” Which has been? Haunting my mind Since many daysIf you can’t tell me No worriesSilently you listenDo not get angryThis was what I wanted to say 08-03-2012322-56-03-12... Read more
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