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आजकल ईमेलएकबुनियादीआवश्यकता होगयीहै।गूगलकाजीमेल, याहूमेल, रेडिफमेल, माइक्रोसॉफ्टकाहॉटमेल, मोज़िल्ला काथंडरबर्डआदिबहुतसीकम्पनियाँहैंजोनिशुल्कईमेल सेवाउपलब्धकरवातीहैऔरहमअपनीईमेलकेसाथफाइल, फोल्डर, फोटोआदिभीअटैचकरके भेजसकतेहैंपरन्तुयेकम्पनियाँहमें एक... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary at Computer, Blogging, Mobile Phones,T...
2021 के 10 नवीनतम (सबसेखतरनाक) वायरसऔरमैलवेयर  खतरेलगातारनए-नएवायरसऔर मैलवेयर  विकसितहोरहेहैं, तथाहरनयामैलवेयरपुरानेसेअधिकउन्नतऔरअधिकखतरनाकसाबितहोताजारहाहै।जिसकेकारणआपकेडेटाकोसंरक्षितरखनाबेहदमुश्किलहोजाताहै।जबतकआपठीकसेप्रोटेक्टेडनहींहोतेहैं (असल... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary at Computer, Blogging, Mobile Phones,T...
Top free Email Service providers sorted on merits1.  Gmail - The best email service across the whole world Google’s Gmail, was Initially launched as a beta service in 2004 and was made available to  public in 2007.One of the most popular free email service Gamil is provided by Google Inc. It is an ad supported email service which provides it’s users instant messaging service and chat also. Launched in April 2004, Gmail hosts millions of free email accounts. Gmail offers 10 GB of free space per account. Storage limit can be extended at nominal cost by users. It is said that if gmail fails for 5 minutes, America fails simultaneously. Google also is t... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary at Computer, Blogging, Mobile Phones,T...
Save your valuable Data and valuable Information from hackers- Your each and every activity may being watched by some one and you will have to adopt some new security measures. Some people save their data on cloud instead of their hard drive and access from any where. The service is excellent but all services like Google Drive, Sky Drive, Drop Box are on the target of the hackers. Activating privacy settings in your browser, installing a good quality antivirus, visiting only secure sites using secure server layers where all data are transferred encrypted, using only secure sites for instant messaging may help you considerably but there is no guarantee. I am giving below the details of s... Read more
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How to set a strong password-Important tips on password setting-Yesterday one of my friends was sitting with me in my house. After a while she received a phone call from her son who was in the need of some money. She told her son to take the ATM card from the cupboard and withdraw the amount from ATM, the ATM PIN is 1234 and disconnected the call. I was astonished to hear the PIN 1234 but in my friends view there was nothing wrong in this and it is a headache to remember passwords. She has all her passwords easy to remember like date of births of children etc. she also told me that she also knows the passwords of many friends and some of them still use the word password as provided by the ve... Read more
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