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कैसेमोबाइलफोनमैलवेयरलेखकोंकालक्ष्यबने, एंड्रॉइडमैलवेयरकाउदय, कैबिरCabir, मॉस्किटोMosquito,ट्रोजन,स्कल्लरSkuller, RedBrowser.A,क्लासिकएसएमएसफ्रॉडऐप(Classic SMS Fraud App), RedBrowser.A,क्लासिकएसएमएसफ्रॉडऐप(Classic SMS Fraud App) पिछलेदशकमेंस्मार्टफोनकीलोकप्रियतामेंहुईबेतहाशावृद्धिकोदेखतेहुए, ऐसालगताथाकिअ... Read more
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The smart phones are going smarter day by day and as they go smarter they need smarter care because they contain extremely valuable things and data. Suppose you have misplaced your smart phone or it is hacked by criminals or stolen by someone what would happen? Imagining the situation you can imagine that the security of your smart phone must be your top priority. The following tips may become much more useful for you. SmartPhone- Security tips1 -Keep up to date Antivirus AppOur smart phones need anti malware apps to combat the online threats. All the prominent antivirus vendors like Kaspersky, AVG, Avast and Norton have antivirus software specially designed for mobile handsets. Both th... Read more
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Blogger: Sampat Kumari at SAMPATKUMARI'S Blog "PARISHKAR"...
Smartphone Addiction Syndrome, its bad effects and how to get rid of this bad habitIf you always keep on searching something on your smart phone or waste your time in unproductive works.If you always remain busy in activities other than surfing making or receiving calls or SMS.You may be victim of the Smartphone Addiction Syndrome.Smartphone Addiction SyndromeAdverse effects of excessive use of SmartphoneContinuous scrolling, texting, and gaming on smartphones may cause finger cramping and sore muscles Prolonged use of smart phone may cause tendons inflammation Bending your elbow for long time may cause tingling or numbness in ring and pinky fingers.84% of back pain cases in UK have been rep... Read more
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Simple ways to enhance your android phone battery life - The modern smart phones perform like computers and therefore need high resolutions consuming more power because they need to perform multi tasks. Most of the devices are delivered by the manufacturers with Li-ion batteries with quick recharge feature but a long battery life may not be possible. Whichever the type of battery may be used, it will go down after a certain time but if we take some care we may increase this period. Following tips may be helpful to enhance the life span of all types of batteries –Android phone battery savingMaintain an ideal temperatureIf the temperature goes above 300C, it is considered to be harmful ... Read more
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Android Phone-Call Blocker, SMS Text Message blocker Apps - All of us use mobile phones for our convenience but sometimes you are extremely busy and your phone rings, you are sleeping and your phone rings. If the caller is a genuine one, we don’t feel disturbed but if it is a call or SMS from a telemarketer or some advertiser or a call we don’t want to receive, we feel quite annoyed. Sometimes the number of such bogus calls and text messages is quite annoying. Now apps to block such communication are available in the web world. You can use the following apps for your Android device - Android Phone-Call Blocker, SMS Text Message blocker Apps Call blacklist Call Blocker ... Read more
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ES File Explorer File Manager a must have utility for Android Smartaphone and Tablet-ES File Explorer is a full featured free to download file manager for smart phones operating on the android OS. It makes very easy to manage your applications, Files-Folders, Photos-Videos both locally and online. This file manager is being used by more than 500 million android users and considered to be world’s No-1 file manager for android OS. This application is developed by strong group and occupies only 4.8 MB of space. The ES Explorer File Manager available at Google App Store for download free of cost. You must have android 2.o or higher version installed on your smart phone.ES File Explorer File Ma... Read more
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आपने कभी सोचा है कि मोबाइल से हम आजकल कितने सारे काम करते हैं. हम उस पर बातें करते हैं, गाने सुनते हैं, फ़िल्में देखते हैं...और तो, गेम खेलते हैं, चेटिंग करते हैं, फेसबुक पर जाते हैं, नेट सर्फिंग करते हैं, इन्टरनेट बैंकिंग करते हैं, फोटो खीचते हैं, विडियो बनाते और उस विडियो को ... Read more
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