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एकआकर्षकसंपूर्णवेबपेजबनानेकेलिएआवश्यक 10 महत्वपूर्णएचटीएमएलटैगआपकेपहलेसबसेमहत्वपूर्ण 10 HTML टैगयहांहमआपकोएचटीएमएलHTML के 10 आवश्यकऔरसबसेमहत्वपूर्णटैगसमझारहेहैं, जिन्हेंआपकोअपनावेबपेजबनातेसमयजाननाजरूरीहोगा।यदिआपजानजाएंगेकिये 10 टैगकैसेकामकरतेहैंतोआपकोअ... Read more
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Related posts widget is very useful and it attracts more traffic. It displays post heading with thumb nail of all the post from same Label, Category or Tag. The relevant post particulars are automatically picked up and displayed under the post. You can define the number of the related posts displayed under each page. For example if you have 15 posts under a label, tag or category and you want to display 5 related posts, in such case latest 5 latest posts will be picked automatically and if you have only 3 posts under a label, tag or category all of them will be displayed.Blogger Related Posts widgetBloggerSEO Tips-Blog Title Swapping for Better SEO ResultProcess to create related posts widge... Read more
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Blogger: Sampat Kumari at SAMPATKUMARI'S Blog "PARISHKAR"...
Blogger CSS-create Drop Caps(Big different color First letter) blogger blog post - Drop caps is term in writing text article and it mean the beginning letter appears bigger than the rest of the text. As we see in many articles the first letter of the article appears big in size and sometimes the first letter appears even a different color too. This is a writing style and looks attractive. We can use it in our blog posts too. For this we need to add a small CSS code to our blog template HTML file. After adding the code, the style will automatically implied to the blog posts at the time of posting. The CSS code and the simple procedure is explained below-Drop CapsLogin to your blogger da... Read more
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Blogger: Sampat Kumari at SAMPATKUMARI'S Blog "PARISHKAR"...
At many times we need html code for some images and look for a website who can host our image and provide us HTML code at par or at premium. Do you know that your blogger platform is the best alternative for it. Google products are made available to the users almost free of cost and at very user friendly terms. Ptcasaweb is also a Google product where all the images of bloggers using blogspot platform are saved. Every blogger uses 15 GB space free and then at a nominal cost. Many of the users pay premium to other websites to register the images there and get an HTML code for a picture or an image, but you need not to pay any premium for this job. You can simply register the images at Picasa... Read more
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