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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary at Blog on Computer, Blogging, Mobile ...
Quick Ways To Copy Paste Files and Attachment in Email on Gmail गूगलक्रोम(Google Chrome) मेंफाइलपेस्टकरकेजीमेलमेंअटैचमेंटकैसेजोड़ेंअगरआपकेपास Google Chrome 90 औरबादकासंस्करणहैतो, आपकोकिसीअटैचमेंटकेसाथईमेलभेजतेसमयआपकोगूगलक्रोम(Google Chrome) का Attach Files विकल्प(Option) काइस्तेमालकरकेफाइलअटैचकरनेकीआवश्यकतानहींहैबल्किआप Windows, Mac, ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary at Blog on Computer, Blogging, Mobile ...
 यदिआपबड़ीसंख्यामेंअज्ञातप्राप्तकर्ताओं(Undisclosed recipients) को Gmail याअन्यकोईईमेलसेवाजैसेयाहू, हॉटमेलआदिकाउपयोगकरतेहुएकोई  ईमेलभेजनाचाहतेहैं, औरआपचाहतेहैंकियहईमेलऔरकिस-किसकोभेजीगईहैइसबातकापताईमेलप्राप्तकर्ताकोनहींचलनाचाहिएअर्थातआपदूसरोंकेईमेलपतेउनसेछि... Read more
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Our Gmail accounts are very important for us and Gmail is used by the largest number of users in the world and our all other accounts at Google are also linked with our Gmail account. Thus our Gmail account is a gateway to all our account with Google. These days millions of cyber criminals are active in the world and nobody knows who will be the victim and when, therefore Gmail has proper arrangements for our accounts. One such arrangement is the 2step verification. The 2step verification is explained below in detail –2 step verification in GmailWhy we need a Google 2 step verificationThe wickedness of cyber criminals is known to all. Suppose you became a victim of them and totally loss ac... Read more
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Blogger: Sampat Kumari at SAMPATKUMARI'S Blog "PARISHKAR"...
The uses of Gmail other than sending and receiving Emails - Gmail, the worlds No 1 email service is not only a platform to send and receive emails only but it has a number of features which are almost not available in other email services, in other words we can say as an email service provider Gmail has no rival. Gmail not only provides the facility of sending and receiving emails to its users but it provides a lot of other facilities to its users and that is the reason that Gmail is considered to be the best email service of the world. Some of the important features of Gmail which are in addition to sending and receiving emails are given below -More uses of GmailConvert non clickable l... Read more
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Blogger: Sampat Kumari at SAMPATKUMARI'S Blog "PARISHKAR"...
Gmail Account – How to block unwanted spam Emails in simple steps - Gmail is the best email service of the world. It is fastest and has advance features. It has the highest number of users in the world. Spam emails are a great problem in the email services but Gmail has adequate arrangements to combat spammers. With the help of Gmail filters you can easily block spammers in simple steps. Once you have created a filter it can be reversed in need.Gmail Account – How to block unwanted spam Emails in simple stepsOpen your Gmail Account.Click the dropdown arrow in the right end of the search bar on top as indicated below –ORStart with the easy option given belowOpen your Gmail account ... Read more
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Blogger: Vinay Prajapati at तकनीक द्रष्ट...
If you have two or more Gmail accounts for different purposes i.e. office, personal or entertainment. Do you have think to access these multiple account at once. Yes, I know you use different ways to do this. Today I will tell you the right way to access multiple Gmail account in same browsers in different tab without using incognito window. Are you surprised? Of course you can do this. Now Google is allowing multiple account is same browser at once. For this you need to follow some steps and... It's post summary, read full post on the blog.... Read more
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Blogger: Vinay Prajapati at तकनीक द्रष्ट...
Hello friends today I'll share a method of disabling and enabling Gmail's new compose mode/editor. Most of my friends love Gmail compose but very few want to disable I do not know right reason but they want to do. If you're one of them who wants to disable Gmail's new compose mode/editor then you're reading a correct article. If you have already disabled it then in this tutorial I'll also cover how to re-enable it. Disable Gmail's new compose editorLogin in to Gmail accountClick on COMPOSE button › After that new compose popupsAt the bottom right side there is a drop-down arrow (More options) next to bin (Discard draft) iconNow click on drop-down arrow (More options)Now you'll see very fi... Read more
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How to use Google Driveयदि आपने गूगल ड्राइव पर रजिस्टर कर लिया और आपके पास गूगल ड्राइव का बधाईपूर्ण संदेश आ गया है कि आपका गूगल ड्राइव पर स्वागत है तो आगे कैसे इसे सरलता पूर्वक उपयोग किया जा सकता है कृपया समझें-सबसे पहले तो आप गूगल ड्राइव में लॉगइन  करेंअब चित्र 1 के अनुसार डाउनलोड गू... Read more
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