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फिशिंगक्याहै, यहकितनेप्रकारकाहोताहै, औरकैसेकामकरताहै? यहकितनाहानिकारकहै? इससेबचनेकेउपायक्याहै?फ़िशिंगअपराधियोंद्वाराअपनाएजानेवालेतरीके फ़िशिंगएकप्रकारकीधोखाधड़ीहैजोइंटरनेटपरबहुतहीडरपोककिस्मकेअपराधियों द्वाराकीजातीहै।कुछलोगोंनेइसकोहैकिंगक... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary at Blog on Computer, Blogging, Mobile ...
 बेसिक कंप्यूटर सुरक्षा: वायरस, हैकर्स, कीलॉगर और डेटा चोरों से खुद को होने वाले नुकसान और अपने कंप्यूटर को कैसे सुरक्षित रखेंजब कंप्यूटर सुरक्षा की बात आती है तो आमतौर पर लोग यह सोचते हैं कि यह एक बहुत ही जटिल विषय है जिसमें कि बहुत ही उच्च तकनीक शामिल है । लेकिन जब इस... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary at Blog on Computer, Blogging, Mobile ...
Glarysoft Utility4-An Effective Remedy for all Computer Problems- Glary Utilities is the ideal freeware to optimize and maintain your computer available free of cost. A strict condition that you can use free  strictly for personal computers and without adds. It is very useful for those who love their systems and want to keep it always in optimized condition at no cost and with less efforts. There are a number of system optimization software, but Glary Utilities is Completely free for personal use. , it offers multiple tools to fix, speed up and protect your computer and System optimization with one click. It is like an army men’s knife.Glarysoft Utility4-An Effective Remedy ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary at Blog on Computer, Blogging, Mobile ...
How to Activate private Browsing in Various Browsers - While working on the internet the browser we are using(Whichever it may be) saves many things like cookies, Temporary Internet files, passwords etc. While we leave the browser and close it, all these saved things remain saved and any body using this browser later will have an access to the information automatically saved. If we are using it at our house or at a safe place where no unauthorized person is allowed, we need not to worry but if we use it at a cyber café or some other ones residence we need to be cautious, because it may prove to be a threat to our privacy and may cause other severe harm. All browsers have adequate ... Read more
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Computer Security-Safety precaution against malware infection.Use a good firewall to block all incoming connections from the InternetA strong passwords is difficult to crack password files on compromised computers, therefore always enforce a password policy to prevent damage in case of a computer being compromisedAlways deny all unwanted incoming connections.Almost all the operating systems install auxiliary services By default which are not very necessary but may prove avenues of attack and If they are removed, the threats will have less avenues of attack therefore turn off or remove all unnecessary services . Computer SecurityRestrict to work with administrative privileges on your PC.... Read more
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If you notice that your Internet connection become very slow though  everything in your machine looks good. It is possible that some malware, spyware, or adware which may be using your Internet connection in the background without your knowledge. There may be a chance that you may be victim of cyber criminals and some body may by monitoring you constantly and you don’t know it. Something  wrong is certainly going on under the hood. The firewalls may not help you except giving you some message like block things that are trying to connect. The free Microsoft TCP View Utility may be a perfect solution in such case.Microsoft TCP View UtilityWhat is Microsoft TCP View UtilityRun “ne... Read more
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Blogger: Sampat Kumari at SAMPATKUMARI'S Blog "PARISHKAR"...
Basics tips to save your computer from Cyber criminals - Computer security is a great concern now a day. Cyber criminals create havoc occasionally and the security agencies always fail to do anything. Governments are either apathetic or lacking will power. There are no strong laws do deal with the cyber criminals. New threats keep on coming all the way and the cyber criminal’s new ways of creating trouble to internet users. The users suffer data loss and financial loss. In this situation we have to try our best to keep out system safe our own. The following tips may prove very helpful –Basics tips to save your computer from Cyber criminalsBlock the pop ups in WindowsAlways keep the ... Read more
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