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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
Facebook ads are too costly.Facebook ads are too cheap.Both statements are true. Half true.Facebook ads are neither costly nor cheap. When it is cheap, it is not effective.When it is costly, it is being done wrongly.Last week, I got a lead from a dentist. He is based in Sarita Vihar, Delhi and he wants to promote his dental clinic. That is good. Here is the catch.He wants his all services on one landing page and be promoted. His logic is when someone interested in Dentistry lands on the page, he will choose one or another services.I am still talking to him and trying to convince him to promote one service like teeth whitening or filling. You know, I can work as he asks and prove that 'Facebo... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
I am doing Lead Generation Campaigns for #DelhiStarKids. We get interested parents of kids aged between 4yrs to 13 yrs fill the lead forms.For less than ₹12/lead, we get 55 leads daily. And in any given month we generate more than 1600 leads. About 100 leads confirms for auditions by paying ₹1000.Delhi Star Kids is a kids fashion carnival which is scheduled to happen in last week of December. Kids will participate in a proper fashion show and will get titles and prizes. The fee for final event is ₹20,000.Last January, #DSK with less than 50 participants was a part of Delhi Fashion and Fun Carnival organized at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi. This year already 112 kids has bee... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
It was a summer evening. I came back from my school and was having some evening brunch.Just then, dropped in Mahesh, my friend living in the next house, enquiring about the key of his house.His mother daily used to go to nearby market to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. Moreover it had been an excuse for her going out. She always gave the keys of the main door to my mother.My mother told him that his mother did not come today. So the key was not in our house.     She might have forgotten to handover the key because she would come back soon. My mother asked Mahesh to freshen up and offered him water and some fruit.We waited for his mother but she did not returned. Usually ... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
There is no shortcut to success, mastery or knowledge. This is the most important and priceless teaching we should give to our younger generation.When I see 18 or 25 years old people declaring themselves as the expert of a stream, i find it hillarious. In digital marketing space, everyone is an expert. Most of them have 1 or 2 years experience of running facebook ads or google ads, have some 2000+ friends and they know how to generate leads for small businesses. Does it make you an expert of 🙅 Facebook or Google Ads or lead generation. Experts are those who know the terminology, theories and the methodology to apply them. They are well read, well experienced and highly motivated. The... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
Dreams are costly. You would pay with your days and nights, your love and your life, your sweats and your tears to make them true.---My Name is Neeraj, but I am not a lotus.... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
You are a happier person when your approach towards people and life is rational and logical. A logical approach gives you power of peace.A rational mind thinks about the reason of an incident or the behavior of a person before reacting. It makes the reaction generally right.Rationality comes with education and knowledge. But more importantly it comes with practice. And that is the tough thing to do.Normally you are trained to react fast. To take an eye for an eye. You are not trained to listen. You are trained to speak loud. You are trained to be ahead.Actually we all are sick. We are traumatized. We are low esteemed. We are hopelessly stuck in the dark history of destroyed self respect.So w... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
I always believe in the second method of doing a work. A better way. A more efficient way. A more effective way.As a professional, you should keep on improvising. You should not stop till you find a result which is economically viable and numerically scalable. As an advertising professional, I work to achieve the most profitable results for my clients. The result that is the most economical and is the most consistent- that is the best sustainable solution for a long term campaign. (For short term campaigns, I try to achieve the best qualitative result at the lowest cost.)And I will always press for a part of budget allocated for experimenting. That increases the sustainability of the growth ... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
"Yes, it is a no. A big no."Today I told a client.He did not believe.I was determined. BECAUSE I was not able to add value to the business within the limitations.Limitation imposed by the owner of the business. Budgetory limitation. Scaling limitation. Lack of vision. And most importantly, I need satisfaction of adding value, contribution in a growth and growing my professional acumen.It was a hard decision to part ways. But it is relieving, too.Wish the company and the team a flourishing future.... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
Hundreds of my friends are Digital Marketing Experts, and I am not. Should I regret? Should I feel inferior?I don't. Because no one can be an expert of a subject which is as vast as the seven seas.Yesterday someone posted- "I have studied Facebook and am ready to run ads. Do you need my service?"Someone replied - "I have a saloon. Please send an ad copy sample for my business. If I like, I will be your first client."The Facebook expert asked- "What is ad copy?"💐Don't be such a jerk.You know nothing even if you know a lot. Better be a 1. Facebook Ad Copy Expert2. Google Ads Adcopy Expert3. Facebook Ads image expertAnd you will find your proper place in this world. ... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
We spend half of our time planning to do something extraordinary. And rest half is spent waiting for some miracle to happen so that we can do that something extraordinary.... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
Yesterday I did not publish #365postsin365days. I forgot.And I was devastated when at 3 AM I knew it.It was likeHow can I do this?What now?Will you forgive me?Should I restart?At 7 AM I decided to be more casual, more determined.Life does not end with a failure. I will not restart but continue to post without hashtag #365postsin365days.I regret it but I am not finished.Please forgive me and continue to read www.stronglyours.in. I am more determined and defined and will be more refined.It will be like a second inning.... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
Investing in yourself pays.Not only in your education or skill development.I am talking here about your appearance. Your looks matter. Your accessories matter. What you carry to your office and how your carry reflect your personality. Which laptop you use? Do you wear wristwatch? Do you don a suit to attend your client or you just walk in in a casual t shirt and jeans?Are your black shoes polished and shining?Do you borrow a pen to sign a contract? From a client.Your language also attract and distract a person.Do you call your laptop, a laptop or a lappie 😊!---Make sure to be properly dressed when going out. Make sure you have a good pen in your pocket. Make sure you draw out your vi... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
Even when you hit the rock bottom, there is still a significant chance that you will make it.History is filled with hundreds of business case studies that started with the failure in the initial stage but lift up again with improvided product-market fit solutions to make billions.FedEx: At one point, company funds got as low as $5,000 and now; $30 billion corporate giantEvernote: Founder; Phil Libin, made the hard decision to shut the company down and now; a clear leader in terms of note-taking and organization software.And, many more...However, the story is not the only glory, more than 90% of startups really fail to lift up (it's a fact!) and only 10% or less makes the spot.It doesn't mean... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
Do you have a close friend who is always busy in some unavoidable errands?Sure, you have one.Whenever you call her, she will be in the middle of something important and she doesn't have time for a 2 minutes casual chitchat.Whenever you meet him outside his office or in his house, he is ready to run away fast to complete to do something or to complete the draft of a proposal.Don't think that they have reasonably taken many responsibilities... They are just mismanaged. They have just mistaken their responsibilities. Help them plan their time and duties. It will be a great help to him/her and the society in general.... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
My worst fear came true in last 7 days.I got 4 new Advertising works.Two of them is really big.And the other TWO are my personal responsibility.AND I FAILED. BADLY.Shame on me. I am devastated. I am ruined. Mentally.---I thought I will just write- 'I am sad' and post that here. No real post.---My sadness can't be a reason of breaking the routine. Should I do nothing and mourn on my failure?Better I do a reason finding exercise here...1. The work didn't allow me time to research and plan. And I accepted them. Downloaded some free images and wrote ad copies... And started.Zip, zap, zoom. And they all boomeranged.2. In last 15 months, I ignored reading, learning. From the authority sites and ex... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
Today I was just checking Google SERP and found that this blog is ranking for 'stronglyours' and 'Strongly Yours'. Good. I am happy because these two are very common words and is used extensively in blogs and otherwise. But yes, never these were used togather. And these are least searched words, too.Can I NOW rank for Neeraj Kumar?Very tough.It is a very popular name in India and the SERP is already occupied by Neeraj Kumar, IPS and other people.But I can. I can sure. In one month. I have to make a plan. A robust SEO plan. I have to make 1 page about myself on the blog. It is the second step. First step is to change my social media profiles to NEERAJ KUMAR ( I had changed it to stronglyours,... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
Clients are like- 'giving you my account credentials. We need quality leads from tomorrow."You have roughened up your ad account by running unresearched, low quality, the worst performing ads and now you want a online advertisement consultant to make them the best quality and the cheapest ad account. Not possible. If an advertiser says that he will, he is lieing. If he says he can do it but it will take time and the ads will not be live tomorrow, he is good. Good quality ads and ad accounts are backed up with well-researched strategies and extensive experiments.... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
Dreams change.When I was a kid, I had a dream to get made a chariot with a roof of some shining cloth which reflected sunlight in different colours.Then I dreamt of being an District Collector. I also dreamt of being a person whose car when stopped  at least 4 suited persons would welcome and escort him.Now I dream of having a personal brand based on digital activities.So don't stick to your dream. They change. They take shape out of your present, it's success, it's failures.What is your dream by the way?... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
It is not done.How can I forget to write a blog post?Even if it is Saturday.Even if I was busy a little bit.Even if there are some guests visiting my house.In this age of mobile available 24 hours, if one does not maintain a habit of writing to-do list, he is lazy. He does not take his routine seriously.We must... We must be systematic. We must organize our days, our weeks, our months and even our years.We must take our time seriously. Time is money. Time must be unutilized to the minutes. We should use schedulers and to to do list. It makes our life easy. It makes us commence and complete our works timely.One who can manage time, can live in peace.... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
Do you know how much they have lost,how much they have struggled and how much they have sacrificed to Become What They Are!~~~~~It is easy To question their authority,To criticize them for their deeds,To punish them for their failures,To despise their positions...~~~~~But,It's never easy toBecome What They Are.=====We all want to be 'Them'ButWe will not do What They Have Done; Because we are not what they are,Because we can't be 'They'.Because to Become 'THEY'It's necessary & inevitableTo have a daring personalityWho gamble hard,Who invest everything,Who can jump into a unknown depthWho can jump high to infinity.They see the ultimateThey know the loneliness along the path and ready to be... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
Fight with the fear of failure. Run or walk, it is your choice. It is your strategy. But you can't surrender to your fear.You have to arm yourself appropriately. You have to make proper plan. You have to use all your guts to make a move. Towards your goal. But there is no option of doing nothing. Fight once. Fight twice. Fight until you win.... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
I am mad. My madness has taken me to the level I am. My madness has given me the recognition  I have.I take the path no one has taken. It has risk but it also has immense opportunity. That is an unexplored world. And there are hidden possibilities.This attitude made me a failed entrepreneur. That attitude made me a unsuccessful marketer.I never believed in one night success stories. That is temporary similar to one night affairs. That is the demand of the moment, not the demand of your life. I trust in long term relationships, be it personal or professional. And I am ready to accept failures.When I started freelancing, I did not know how to manage ,a client. Some clients fled away witho... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
It took me 1.5 years, multiple financial failures and emotionally hard time to learn the importance of business processes and financials.The truth is, the business starts with enthusiasm but works on fundamental models.Sharing some imperative financials elements to not to forget while starting/running your business:- In your excitement of growing your business, don't forget to be on the top of your business financials.- Keep at least 3 to 6 months of cash to keep your business up and running, don't live on the edge.- Grip your monthly cash-burn at least 20-30% less than your revenue especially when you are bootstrapping.- Maintain strict payment terms and contracts, otherwise, your customers... Read more
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Blogger: Neeraj Kumar
मेरे घर के बगल सेगुजरती एक सड़क पेपेड़ एक खड़ा हैसुखा हुआ, नंगा;पत्ते गिर चुके जिसकेटूट चुकीं कई टहनियां हैं।साथ में खड़े कई पेड़ हैंहरे- भरे झूलते-झूमते,अपने में मस्त हैंबारिश की बूंदों को समेटतेहवा के झोकों संग नाचते।मैं देखा करता हूँसूखे पेड़ को कुढ़ते,पक्षियों को घ... Read more
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