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p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } A step forward For the whole of last week, Richa and Tarun had acted out their part as a well-oiled machine in complete synchronization with each other. However, after their discussion last night, both of them were out of sync today. Richa was increasingly worried and annoyed due to Tarun’s non-committal stance about grabbing hold of Priti’s diary. On the other hand, Tarun did not appreciate Richa’s lack of faith in his suspicion of Priti’s substitute badminton coach. As a result, unlike every other day, they avoided exchanging any glances towards each other during the school. When Priti went to the restroom in between the second and third periods, ... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Pandey
@page { margin: 0.79in } p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 115% } Tarun’s ability to lay out several scenarios and potential solutions were useful, but he had blind spots. He usually missed something quite obvious such as, how the anonymity of his letter to Richa wasn’t foolproof. In the new circumstances, his former adversary’s astute skill of being a keen observer helped discover loopholes of his plans. The complementary nature of their skills had a synergistic impact on the simplicity and effectiveness of their plan. The plan was simple. Richa will keep an eye on Priti’s movements outside the school, while Tarun will do the same in the school. They both agreed that this ... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Pandey
Never before had Tarun felt such chill running down his spine as it did just that moment. He was face to face with his prime suspect, but no words came out of his mouth. He kept looking at her for what seemed like an eternity before Richa’s booming voice interrupted the seemingly perpetual silence. “What’s wrong with you? Tell me why you threatened me? What do you know?”Whatever do you mean, what letter? I don’t know anything about it, denied Tarun sheepishly. It irked Richa, but she realized that the moment morning prayers end, her chance to talk to him will be lost. Also, she was not really expecting him to trust her at first. So unlike her usual demeanor, she said calmly: “Lo... Read more
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Oblivious of the additional content in her school bag, Richa was despondently walking towards her home. It wasn’t that Richa was an ignoramus person, she realized that her tendency of loudly putting across her point was often perceived aggressive by other people However valid her arguments may have been, they usually found deaf ears because people didn’t like the way she communicated. This aggravated her further. And once she was angry, the logic took back seat and any chance of real communication was lost. As a result, she earned a reputation of being an ill-tempered person, even scary perhaps. She did not have any close friends. Her relationship with her closest friend, who not only t... Read more
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Tarun was lying in his bed and bouncing his rubber ball to the ceiling of the room. But he wasn’t paying attention to it, because he was lost in his own thoughts. Overall, he was pleased with himself about how the day had unfolded today and the letter he had dropped inside Richa’s bag today. But he was still restless about things to come. He was thinking of several scenarios that might play out tomorrow in response to his letter. One by one he was thinking about them and deciding how will he proceed following such a scenario. The letter he had written wasn’t very complicated.I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MAKING PRITI DO! THERE ARE THINGS THAT YOU DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW EITHER. IF YOU DON... Read more
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The sound of the morning alarm had little to no impact on him on most days. The only way it used to serve its purpose was by waking his mom instead, in the adjoining room, who in turn would ensure with her resounding voice that Tarun doesn’t get late for his school. On this day, however, when she did not hear the booming sound of the alarm even after 6 am, she wondered if the alarm was out of battery. So, dreading the possibility of having to drive him to school, still slumberous, she dragged herself to his room. To her surprise though, Tarun was already in the shower. Certainly relieved, she couldn’t help but wonder: how??. His mind was flooded with numerous thoughts, plans and anx... Read more
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It is said that integrity is, what you do, when no one is looking. And I for one, don't have it decisively. It is just next to impossible to put snooping into someone's personal diary just out of curiosity as an action of a person with any integrity. If for instance, Priti's unusual behavior from past few days (which I had failed to notice completely) had me worried and led me to this act, I could have attributed it to my caring nature and desire to help a friend in need. However, one could argue that a much straightforward approach would have been to confront Priti about her mystifying behavior, show genuine concern and then hope for her to open up. Countering this point would have been har... Read more
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Places are like people. Sometimes, just by laying your eyes on them for the first time, you know you will like this rendezvous. You gravitate towards it like you two always belonged together. However, nothing of that sort happened when we disembarked the train and came outside amongst the usual chaos of any other Indian city early that morning. It is funny how the nostalgia of the old life gave way to apprehensions of living here so quickly.  There was no time to think of the past, but future. It has been two weeks since we arrived here to begin our lives again. Yes, moving to a new city is akin to a new beginning. A new bigger house, a new neighborhood,  a new office along with ne... Read more
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भ्रमित चिंतित हो या विचलित,ज़िन्दगी  के इस डगर पे,चलना ही होगा ए मुसाफिरधूल मिट्टी और कंकड़,राह  में कांटे भी होंगे,चाहे हस के चाहे रो के,सहना ही होगा ए  मुसाफिरमीत प्रीत और उपवन,राह में  मुस्कानें भी होंगी,दो घड़ी आराम करके,उठना ही होगा ए मुसाफिरहार जीत और यादे,रा... Read more
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अन्धेरे मे खुद को, कोइ सम्भल्ता नही है,हवा खुद ही आती है, कोइ लाता नही है,आसमा मे चमकती, बिजली असहाय है,कड़क के गिरती है, कोई सम्भालता नहीं है,दुनिया के हर रूप से, उठ चुका है यकीं आज,आज तो इंसान को खुद पे भी यकीं आता नहीं है,जहर हाथों मे है, पर  कायर मर पाता नहीं है,जिंदगी से है ... Read more
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अब तो,खुली आँख हीं कट जाती है रात,नींद के ना आने पर,पहले, सुना देती थी माँ लोरी,मुझको सुलाने के लियेगिरता, पड़ता और लड़खड़ाता,होता ये सब तो, आज भी लेकिन,अब तो,संभलना खुद हीं पड़ता है,ठोकरें खाने के बाद,पहले,बढ़ा देते थे हाथ,बाबूजी मुझको उठाने के लिये हार, जीत और संघर्ष,हैं जिन्दगी... Read more
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माना डगर कठिन था,मुसीबतो का घर था,लेकिन यहीं क्या कम था,तुम साथ थे हमारेतूफां उठा अचानक,दरिया में घिर गए थे,छूटा कहाँ किनारा,कुछ भी ना देख पाये,बिजली चमक के सहसा,दिखला, नये किनारे,तुम साथ थे हमारेमाँगा कहाँ था हमने,सुरज की रौशनी को,अम्बर की चाँदनी को,लौटा दो, मुझे तुम मेरे,... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Pandey
Just three more hours before we leave this house and with this house I will be leaving behind a lot of memories, lot of friends who always seemed inseparable to me till a week ago. It was then, when I first came to know about my father's transfer to a new city. Its funny how things about which you never cared before suddenly become very important and how suddenly you start noticing things around you which were irrelevant to you up to now.My name is Tarun Verma, 13 years old , student of Std IX, my father works in a Government Bank and so he keeps getting transferred to different places every two or three years. This time he is very happy because he is not just being transferred but promoted... Read more
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Baitha hua akelachanda ki chandni me khyalo ko pirota mai,ye sochta humeri kalpanao ki udaan kitni suhani haipar haqeeqat se itne pare kyu haimere sapno sa vishal ye aasmaan kitna khoobsurat haipankh hote to inme gote lagataye jo mand mand hawa beh rahi haichirata hua inko, mai udata hi jatameri anginat khawahisho ke jaiseye tare bhi nabh me timtima rahe haimeri har ek tamannao ke jaise ye tare bhi mujhe bade dur lag rahe haiaur mai, ek bar fir asmanjas me hukis tare ko chulu, kis khawab ko pura karusayad meri kalpanao ki udaan haqeeqat seitni pare bhi nahi hai... Read more
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मेरे बिनासूरज आता है क्या अब भीधुप,क्या अब भी छनके आती है खिडकी सेगुदगुदा कर उठाती थी जो मुझे कराने जिन्दगी का एहसासमुझे ना पाकर वहां,क्या लौट जाती है दबे पाँवमेरे बिनाचाँद आता है क्या छत पर अब भीचुपके-चुपके आता था जो हर रातडालकर चाँदनी अपनीभर देता था,आखें सपनो सेबिस्... Read more
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I read it from http://countrystudies.us/india/ and thought it has described things very precisely Although India and China had relatively little political contact before the 1950s, both countries have had extensive cultural contact since the first century A.D., especially with the transmission of Buddhism from India to China (see Buddhism, ch. 3). Although Nehru based his vision of "resurgent Asia" on friendship between the two largest states of Asia, the two countries had a conflict of interest in Tibet (which later became China's Xizang Autonomous Region), a geographical and political buffer zone where India had inherited special privileges from the British colonial government. At the end ... Read more
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Pataliputra was the birth-place of another very great man, namely, Aryabhata, the father of scientific astronomy and mathematics of the Hindus. He was born in 476 A D. and wrote his Kalakriyapada here at the age of 23 that is, 499 A.DThere seem to have been a conflict of Eras at the time when Aryabhata flourished. There was the Malava Era in Western Malwa, the Gupta Km known in the Gupta Empire, the Saka Era, the Kalacuri Era and so on all local and tribal eras. Aryabhatta is the first writer on astronomy to whom the Hindus do not allow the honour of a divine inspiration. Writers on mathematical science distinctly state that he was the earliest uninspired and a merely human writer on astrono... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Pandey
I read this article somewhere and it seemed interesting to me so I posted itIn the history of mathematical science, it has long been a question to whom the invention of Algebraic analysis is due? Among what people, in what region, was it devised? By whom was it cultivated and promoted? Or by whose labours was it reduced to form and system? And finally from what quarter did the diffusion of its knowledge proceed? No doubt indeed entertained of the source from which it was received immediately by modern Europe; though the channel has been a matter of question. We are well assured, that the Arabs were our instructors in this study. But the Arabs themselves only play to the discovery of Algebra.... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Pandey
Hi all, I would like to start my Blog with some of the lines of a poem written by Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan which I am fond of..इस पार, प्रिये मधु है तुम हो, उस पार न जाने क्या होगा!यह चाँद उदित होकर नभ में कुछ ताप मिटाता जीवन का,लहरालहरा यह शाखाएँकुछ शोक भुला देती मन का,कल मुर्झानेवाली कलियाँहँसकर कहती हैं मगन रहो,बुलबुल तरु की फुनगी पर से संदेश स... Read more
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