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Related posts widget is very useful and it attracts more traffic. It displays post heading with thumb nail of all the post from same Label, Category or Tag. The relevant post particulars are automatically picked up and displayed under the post. You can define the number of the related posts displayed under each page. For example if you have 15 posts under a label, tag or category and you want to display 5 related posts, in such case latest 5 latest posts will be picked automatically and if you have only 3 posts under a label, tag or category all of them will be displayed.Blogger Related Posts widgetBloggerSEO Tips-Blog Title Swapping for Better SEO ResultProcess to create related posts widge... Read more
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If you notice that your Internet connection become very slow though  everything in your machine looks good. It is possible that some malware, spyware, or adware which may be using your Internet connection in the background without your knowledge. There may be a chance that you may be victim of cyber criminals and some body may by monitoring you constantly and you don’t know it. Something  wrong is certainly going on under the hood. The firewalls may not help you except giving you some message like block things that are trying to connect. The free Microsoft TCP View Utility may be a perfect solution in such case.Microsoft TCP View UtilityWhat is Microsoft TCP View UtilityRun “ne... Read more
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Web browsing history, cookies, search history, your downloads, and many more thing considered as your private data are normally save by all web browsers unless you have a particular setting in your web browser or you are using private browsing. However you can delete it whenever you like. You also have an option in many browsers to delete it automatically when you close it. Please note that, if you use this browser option(automatically clearing cookies when you close it), you will have to login again and again into the websites you use, each time you open your browser. Clearing the browser cache again and again may also cause websites to load websites slowly each time you restart your browse... Read more
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Android malware  “Goolligan” Millions of Google Accounts suspected Breached- A new android malware is reported to be revealed and named “Goolligan”. This malware is reported to have attacked more than 1000000 Android OS handsets and the number is increasing roughly by about 15000 every day. The malware roots infected devices and steals Google authentication tokens to be used to access data from various Google  websites like  Google Play, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, G Suite, Google Drive, and more.Android Malware GooliganWhat are Google authorization tokens?A Google authorization token is issued by Google once a user successfully logged into his account. It is a ... Read more
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UnderstandingThe Glossary of common wireless network terms on the web - Nowadays new technology is coming all the time and the market is so over flown of the new technology that sometimes we find it difficult to know, what a device does and how it works. Sometimes even it is difficult to remember the nomenclature of the gadgets. Today let us discuss the technical terms commonly used by for the wireless communication technology and what can we do using these devices-The Glossary of common wireless network termsDLNA-Digital Living network AllianceIt was originally named Digital Home Working Group [DHWG]) and was  founded in June 2003 in the leadership of SONY by a group of consumer electr... Read more
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Know interesting facts about the universe and our galaxy Milky wayThere are at least one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe According to the best estimates of astronomers. They've counted the galaxies in a particular region, and multiplied this up to estimate the number for the whole universe.The Universe    Our Galaxy is “The milky way”. “The milky way” is so large that can’t be measured in miles or kilometers but it is measured in light years. A light year is a distance, the light travels in one year at the speed of 300000 KM per second. The size of our galaxy “The milky way” is 12000 light years. According to the best ... Read more
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The smart phones are going smarter day by day and as they go smarter they need smarter care because they contain extremely valuable things and data. Suppose you have misplaced your smart phone or it is hacked by criminals or stolen by someone what would happen? Imagining the situation you can imagine that the security of your smart phone must be your top priority. The following tips may become much more useful for you. SmartPhone- Security tips1 -Keep up to date Antivirus AppOur smart phones need anti malware apps to combat the online threats. All the prominent antivirus vendors like Kaspersky, AVG, Avast and Norton have antivirus software specially designed for mobile handsets. Both th... Read more
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(1)   Tim Berners-Lee(Timothy John Berners-Lee) invented the World Wide Web in 1990. (2)   More than 6 percentage of the world’s population is suffering from internet addiction.(3)   According to a United Nations resolution using the internet is a human right and disconnecting people from the internet is a human rights violation. (4)   More than 100,000 dot com(www.xyz.com) domains are registered every single day on the web all over the world.Internet quiz(5)   China has the largest number of people suffering from internet addiction. (6)   China runs officially organized rehabilitation/treatment camps for its citizens suffering fr... Read more
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Smart phones are great utility and we can’t live without a smart phone in modern time. In addition to making voice/video calls, taking photos recording videos, they do almost all the tasks, previously done by desktops/laptops such as emailing, browsing the internet and respond to messages. Greatest problem with a smart phone is its battery life. The following tips(Settings mentioned are mostly based on iPhone and may differ in other models) may help enhance battery life to some extent-Smart Phone battery lifeTurn on flight mode or torn off mobile data when signal is weak or no signalThe mobile handsets keep on searching for signal constantly and this action consumes battery and data. So if... Read more
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Highly DangerousTrojan DDoS:Win32/Abot.A causes actions removal process - The highly dangerous malware Trojan DDoS:Win32/Abot.A belongs to the Gimeno family of malware. It is a trojan that connects to a remote website to download and execute arbitrary files. It may also receive instructions from the remote server to perform distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against certain websites. It  is an extremely malicious computer infection. It may cause serious damage to your Computer system if you don’t be careful.  It is distributed via spam e-mails, bundled downloads, fake ads and so on.  DDoS:Win32/Abot.A About the Gimeno malicious applications family This is a gr... Read more
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Facebook Tagging Scam-the Malware Spreads Through automatic tagging-How would you feel if you see a porn video link or a porn picture on your time line while  logging in to your facebook account. You also come to know that it is one of your Facebook friend's who is known to be very decent and responsible person who posted this on his timeline and tagged you. Of course, the image of your friend posting such a thing will be completely tarnished in your mind. And if you receive phone calls from your friends what this nonsense you have posted on your timeline and tagged us where as you have not logged in to your facebook account since many days.Facebook tagging scamIn both the situations yo... Read more
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Home remedies that actually work without side effect-Home remedies, often work more than bonafide fixes. Most of them actually have scientifically proved reasons behind them. Sometimes they perform even better than their traditional medical counterparts. In comparison with urban area Home remedies are more popularly and effectively used in rural areas. Below are some useful Home remedies which work effectively-Home Remedies1. Vinegar  Cures cuticle infectionsVinegar has antibacterial properties and can eliminate infections caused by an overzealous manicurist or picking at cuticles. Apply white wine vinegar with warm water on the effected area. 2. Add salicylic acid to your sha... Read more
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Blogger: Sampat Kumari
Smartphone Addiction Syndrome, its bad effects and how to get rid of this bad habitIf you always keep on searching something on your smart phone or waste your time in unproductive works.If you always remain busy in activities other than surfing making or receiving calls or SMS.You may be victim of the Smartphone Addiction Syndrome.Smartphone Addiction SyndromeAdverse effects of excessive use of SmartphoneContinuous scrolling, texting, and gaming on smartphones may cause finger cramping and sore muscles Prolonged use of smart phone may cause tendons inflammation Bending your elbow for long time may cause tingling or numbness in ring and pinky fingers.84% of back pain cases in UK have been rep... Read more
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High risk computer infection Trojan.Adclicker causes actions removal tipsTrojan Adclicker is a Trojan horse malware and was first detected by Symentec in September 2003 and was given the detection name Trojan Adclicker. This malicious programs is primarily designed to share the primary functionality of artificially generating traffic to pay-per-click web advertising campaigns in order to create or boost revenue. The infection targets all versions of Microsoft Windows and enters your system without your notice. The infection stays hidden and copy itself and spread without infecting other files. In addition of various ads, pop-ups, banners the Trojan Adclicker will also steal your sensitive in... Read more
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How to Unlock Android Device screen using Google’s Android Devicemanager-When we purchase a new Android Smartphone, it is without any screen locking arrangements and  the  screen  activates  by  just  swiping  across  it. But  we  set  up  some sort  of  security arrangements like a PIN, a password, a pattern etc to unlock the screen of our Android Smartphone. This is to keep  other  people  may  be  strangers  or  friends  from  seeing  our  data  like messages or pictures. But sometimes we  cannot  access  our  phone,  due  to&nbs... Read more
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Cancer-Beware of these things-they are carcinogens or cancer causing-Cancer the most dreadful disease claims largest number of lives and as per an estimate 7.6 million people loss their lives due to cancer. In modern advanced medical science is curable if detected in its early stage but if detected in advanced stage the chances of survival are grim. Therefore the best option is to save yourself from the thing causing it. the things causing cancer are listed below -CancerConsumption Processed  meatProcessed meat is available everywhere in the world but think twice before consuming it. As per a research carried out under the supervision of the WHO the processed meat is  one of the bi... Read more
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Blogger: Sampat Kumari
Blogger CSS-create Drop Caps(Big different color First letter) blogger blog post - Drop caps is term in writing text article and it mean the beginning letter appears bigger than the rest of the text. As we see in many articles the first letter of the article appears big in size and sometimes the first letter appears even a different color too. This is a writing style and looks attractive. We can use it in our blog posts too. For this we need to add a small CSS code to our blog template HTML file. After adding the code, the style will automatically implied to the blog posts at the time of posting. The CSS code and the simple procedure is explained below-Drop CapsLogin to your blogger da... Read more
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Blogger: Sampat Kumari
Twitter is one of the most popular social media website of the world and it is much better in comparison with face book. On facebook you will find people involved in antisocial activities, a lot of stuff we don’t like but chances of such activities are rare on twitter. You will always find very useful material, almost well educated and responsible people on twitter. Twitter provides high class customer support and a number of useful tools. Some of the powerful tools are given below-Powerful twitter toolsTallTweetsAs we all know twitter has a character limit of 140 characters per twit and talltweets is an option to bypass this limit. You can post a large MS Word document or another snippet ... Read more
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A quality search enabling the user to discover all the interesting contents, time stamp of the post identify the post if it is of evergreen nature and an effective commenting system to know the popularity of the contents are the three important things to give its users a best experience. All the templates provide internal search option but as far as it relates to internet search, Google Search has no rival in the world.Google Custom SearchGoodle Search vs template’s internal SearchTemplate’s default search engine also displays the search result but not so efficiently as Google custom search. With the help of the Google custom search we can see the search result in the same manner as disp... Read more
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In our computer we use different size of hard disk. In which we create different partitions like C:, D:, E: and so on. The size of partitions may be equal or different. We can make partition while first installing Windows and install Windows in a specific part (partition) of hard disk created by us. We do it because we don’t want to lose our data during reinstalling Windows. Because at the time of installation first we have to format the partition in which we want to install Windows. But we can also manage hard disk partition in some easy steps without disturbing existing Windows.Disk PartitionsBut we have to remember that we can only manage empty volume of partition. If we change data vol... Read more
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