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     Last year one of my neighbour introduced me with the art of quilling just one and half month before Ganesha Festival. I was eager to learn quilling. I searched on the internet and got information. Then I decided to do the quilling patterned decoration behind Ganesha idol for Ganesha Festival.     But in the nearby store only multicoloured quilling strips were available in a pack and those different colours were not sufficient for my decoration. So I decided to buy paper and cut the strips. But the papers in specific colour shades were not available in any store that time to whom I visited. So me and my family members searched in lot of stores and every time... Read more
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     After a long break the problem of dust is now over due to rainy season and I decided to start with something else. In Indian festivals Ragoli decoration is must and now the season of festivals will begin soon. So I decided to make kundan rangoli.     I would have preferred multicoloured kundan stones of medium size, but what I got in store was small sized, only pink coloured kundan stones and gold runner (golden beads) and star shaped decoration items. Though I was not happy about the material, I started my work and cut the OHP sheet in desired shape.     Pasting kundans on OHP sheet was quite tiresome work as the glue was spreading outs... Read more
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     There is no post on my blog recently. There are two reasons, first there are loads of dust everyday at my place because of some construction work going on which stopped my quilling work and second I am not feeling well. So I hardly made some quilled things. Here are these things now. All these things are made up of 5 mm strips.     First I made this pair of varnished earrings in shades of violet / purple. I was teaching the quilling technique to my aunt and I used the things she had made, in these simple looking earrings. The code - VAR052013/1     Then I made this quilled Malaysian flower in shades of pink and violet. I wanted to use it... Read more
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     Hi All,     I have just received My First Blog Award from Devika. Very excited to receive this award and thanks to Devika! :)      For me this award is an inspiration to explore my talents.My First blog Award!Rules:- thank to the person that gave you the award- put a link of her/his blog in your blog - put in your blog the logo of the award- give the award to 7 blogs with less than 50 members- put links to this blog- inform these people that they received the award- write 7 thing (facts) about yourself I'm now forwarding this award to:1) Elena Zlateva - http://eliquilling.blogspot.in/2) monatibi - http://artmonica-handmade.blog... Read more
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     This is my first experiment of Quilled miniature making. As I had no idea about number of strips required for it, I guessed and took the strips and completed this miniature.     I started quilling with 5 mm strips, so in this miniature doll I also used 5 mm strips. The total number of strips are as follows -1) For the face and hairs - 8 + 8 = 16 strips2) For the front hairs and bun and eyes - 1 strip 3) For the upper part of the dress - 5 + 5 + 1 = 11 strips4) For the lower part of the dress - 10 strips5) For the hands of the dress - 4 + 4 = 8 strips6) For the wrist and palms of doll - 3 + 3 = 6 strips7) For the hat - 3 + 5 = 8 strips8) For the heart -... Read more
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 Below is a photo of my work, a design pattern. Since my work is incomplete, here I am posting a photo of it's arrangement. It is made by items previously posted in "Paper quilled patterns useful for Decorations". When the work will complete it will include all the 7 colours of VIBGYOR. But it will take time, so till that time have a little bit preview.The images used in this blog are copyright protected. Do not use these images without permission of blog auther. Copyright © Author of the posts - D D... Read more
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     As I am new in paper quilling field, I am doing my experiments in paper quilling and learning the techniques. In last few days I made some Paper Quilling Jewellery.     Some people apply a coat of varnish on paper quilling jewellery and some prefer to make it without applying varnish. I decided to make it by both the ways. I made 4 sets of earrings. 1. The first set is in shades of blue, done by comb technique with a strip in the middle and a coat of varnish applied on it.The code - VAR012013/11st earrings - The code - VAR012013/12. The second set is also in shades of blue, done by comb technique but without any strip in the middle and a coat... Read more
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     Recently I have made these paper quilled patterns useful for decorations.1. A Royal flower made by using red, orange paper strips and a little bit central green.2. A design pattern using orange, yellow, green and blueish green strips. Some strips are crimped using paper crimper.3. Green leaves arranged in a pattern.4. A flower made by using comb technique having shades of blue and bluish green.5. A quilled Malaysian flower in shades of indigo, purple, violet and little bit pink.The images used in this blog are copyright protected. Do not use these images without permission of blog auther. Copyright © Author of the posts - D D... Read more
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     Petals arranged for making flower. Flower of combed petals in shades of blue and bluish green.The images used in this blog are copyright protected. Do not use these images without permission of blog auther. Copyright © Author of the posts - D D... Read more
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