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# Pencils are all marked on a European system called the degree scale....!!!# H is hardest and B is blackest. # This is the arrangement from light to dark....9H, 8H, 7H, 6H, 5H, 4H,3H,2H, H F,HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B ,5B ,6B ,7B ,8B ,9B # H pencils have a higher concentrate of clay than graphite, whereas the B pencils have a much lower percentage of clay. # The B pencils make soft, dark marks, whereas the H pencils have a much harder, lighter mark. # The F pencil stands for fine point, which is slightly harder than the HB making it a good writing pencil.... Read more
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ABOUT =->=-> The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of a shape to its height when the width is larger than the height, i.e. the shape is positioned as a "landscape" rather than "portrait"..=-> The aspect ratio is expressed as two numbers separated by a colon (x:y)...MISUNDERSTANDINGS =->=-> 'x' represents actual length and 'y' represents actual height..This is false; they actually represent the relation between width and height. As an example, 8:5, 16:10 and 1.6:1 are the same aspect ratio..Aspect Ratios =->=-> 4:3 :- Some 20th century computer monitors, standard-definition television..=-> √2:1 :- International paper sizes..=-... Read more
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# Buffet is a self service system of dining in restaurant or parties....# Buffet is a very popular system of food service in any party or restaurant....# It's a popular method of feeding large numbers of people with minimal staff...# The buffet became popular in the English-speaking world in the second half of the nineteenth century...# History...The buffet table originates from the Brännvinsbord Swedish schnapps table from the middle of 16th century...Aagey se Dhyan Rakhna...Buffer nahi hain Buffet Hain...Dehati Giri Nahi...!!!... Read more
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Kиowlєdgє ƒαсtoяyइस पेज को बने लगभग एक साल दो महीने होने को हैं...और जैसा हमने कामना किया था बिल्कुल उसके अनुरूप ही सारा कुछ चल रहा...हमें मेम्बर या फिर लाइक की दरकार नहीं...बस चाहता हूँ कुछ देना इस नयी पीढ़ी को जो अपना कीमती समय फेसबुक पर बिताती...उनकी ये लत छुडवा पान मुस्किल हैं..पर ह... Read more
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=-> Future Splash Animator was a vector-based animation editor written by Jonathan Gay for his company, FutureWave Software.. =-> The company and the product were later bought by Macromedia then Adobe Systems, and became Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash)..Adobe Flash =-> =-> Adobe Flash is a multimedia and software platform used for authoring of vector graphics, animation, games and Rich Internet Applications which can be viewed, played and executed in Adobe Flash Player..=-> Flash is frequently used to add streamed video or audio players, advertisement and interactive multimedia content to web pages..=-> Flash manipulates vector and raster graphics to provide animati... Read more
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Daily term but when ask to the person always create the confusion..Starting with Catching...!!!CATCHING...# A cache is a temporary storage location for some data or instructions that need to be accessed quickly or repeatedly..!!# A cache's primary attribute is that it’s written to once, and read from many times. without time lags..!!!BUFFERING...# Buffer is something like the Bucket filled with water once and we're pin it at bottom to take the water outlet...!!!# Now you can say Buffers differ from caches in that once filled, data is usually only read back out once. ..!!!# Buffering is useful because bits may arrive erratically but must leave smoothly....So the bits are brought in as quick... Read more
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# SAR:Specific Absorption RateRate at which energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field# SAR is usually averaged either over the whole body, or over a small sample volume as per requirement# The value will depend heavily on the geometry of the part of the body that is exposed to the RF energy, and on the exact location and geometry of the RF source# It too depends on:Manufacturer...!!!Orientation of operation...!!!Body Posture...!!!Distance from Base Station...!!!# Few country designed safety limits for these...!!!# ICNRP(International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) setup the guidelines to use the Phones...!!!... Read more
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Assamese cinemaBadaga cinemaBengali cinema (West Bengal)Bhojpuri cinemaGujarati cinemaHindi cinemaKannada cinemaKonkani cinemaKosli cinemaMalayalam cinemaMarathi cinemaOriya cinemaPunjabi cinemaTamil cinema (Tamil Nadu)Telugu cinemaTulu cinema... Read more
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Exactly i'm talking about Bugatti Veyron# The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 is a mid-engined grand touring car..!!# $2,400,000...Loose your pocket to empty for buying it in a huge sacks of crores notes...!!!# Designed and developed by the Volkswagen Group...!!!# Manufactured in Molsheim, France by Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S...!!!# Capable of reaching 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds# Veyron is the fastest street legal car when tested again on July 10, 2010 with the 2010 Super Sport Version reaching a top speed of 267 mph (430 km/h)...So when competing against a Bugatti Veyron you better be prepared...!!... Read more
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VLCC:Slimming Beauty FitnessVandan Luthra# Slimming & Beauty Saloon# Only for Rich Class"PADMA SHRI AWARD"SUPER30Mr. Anand Kumar# Coaches economically backward student for IIT-JEE# Discovery Channel showcased his work as Documentary"NO RECOGNISITION AWARD"... Read more
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Artificial blood created from stem cells could be tested on Britons within two years. Artificial blood is basic filler for the human cardiovascular system used in some medical procedures or to treat certain conditions. It is also known as blood surrogate or blood substitute, and although it does not act as a full substitute for blood, it does help to take up space and carry some important gases....!!!There are two main categories of artificial blood :-# Oxygen therapeutics: For artificial blood that carries oxygen# Volume expanders, for inert blood.When severe trauma occurs, a serious danger is that blood volume will be reduced to a point where the remaining red blood cells can no longer oxy... Read more
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Life is not about what you couldn't do so far...it's about what you can still do...!!"Don't take rest after your first victory. because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck"-Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam # "I didn't even complete my university education" - Bill Gates# "I filled the Petrol at Pump..there is thought of Million of Pumps" -Dhirubhai Ambani# "I struggled academically throughout elementary school" - Dr Ben Carson# "I used to serve tea at a shop to support my football training" - Lionel Messi# "I used to sleep on the floor in friends' rooms,returning Cokebottles for food, money, and getting weekly free meals at a local temple" -Steve Jo... Read more
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# Shahrukh's life is really safe in terrorist camp of Hafiz Saeed..so i kindly request him along with those who have ill feeling about my motherland to kindly move to more safer country name Pakistan...where one bomb blast is common on daily basis....!!!# I love and have great respect for Muslims like Kalam Sahab...but not traitor like Shahrukh khan...!!!# Shahrukh do shows to help flood victims of Pakistan but when it comes to india then he have no money....today i take an oath that am not going watch any movie of this traitor...!!!... Read more
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# जैसा की हम जानते हैं की वायु मंडल में जल वाष्प मौजोद होती हैं पृथ्वी धरातल रात्री में विकिरण द्वारा ऊष्मा त्याग कर शीतलीकरण प्रक्रिया संपन्न करती हैं...!!# तब इन शीतालिकृत तालो पर संचित जल की बूदों को उस कहते हैं अतः ओस वाई में उपस्थित जल वाष्प के धरा ताल पर संघनित (वाष्प ... Read more
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So this is the time to get the reason behind....!!!# Error 400 - Bad request.# Error 401 - unauthorized request.# Error 403 - forbidden.# Error 404 - Not found.# Error 500 -Internal error.# Error 501 - Not Implemented.# Error 502 - Bad Gateway.# Error 503 -Service unavailable.# Error 504 - Gateway Time-Out# Error 505 - HTTP Version not supported/DNS Lookup Fail/unknown host.# Error 500-599 - Server Errors.Hope next time you'll Remember these...!!!... Read more
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RGB:Red+Green+Blue...Additive Colour...!!!# Computer monitors emit color as RGB light..!!# All colors of the visible spectrum can be produced by merging red, green and blue light..!!# Monitors are capable of displaying only a limited range of the visible spectrum...!!!CMYK:Cyan+Magenta+Yellow+Black...Substractive Colour...!!!# Exactly monitors emit light...inked paper absorbs or reflects specific wavelengths..!!!# Cyan, magenta and yellow pigments serve as filters, subtracting varying degrees of red, green and blue from white light...!!# That produces a selective range of spectral colorsLike monitors...printing inks also produce a color range that is only a subset of the visible spectrum...a... Read more
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Naxalites: Good but when they not Polluted by PoliticsNaxalites...A Stardom of Menace..not for any odd deal..itz just to provide free from crony capitalism..living cushy and describing about their demands are unnecessary is under estimate .. Veteran can give the verge of vernacular for what they wants to understand..feeling them as tenants is not fair..!!... Read more
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Boycott can be great armery in the Bow of Indian Political theme towards Pakis...!!Loosing the sense in Aggression is too dangerous...This will too lmaximise the risk of nuclear confrontation..!!Yaa they'll exercise their Nuclear Heads...it certainly Jeoparadise the Nation...!!... Read more
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You must have set ur Mobile Time after setting GMT +5:30...DO u know wat it actually means???? Lets find out!!!GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time.# Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is a time system originally referring to mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, which later became adopted as a global time standard.# It is arguably the same as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and when this is viewed as a time zone the name Greenwich Mean Time is especially used by bodies connected with the United Kingdom, such as the BBC World Service.# There are 40 time zones starting from UTC -12 to UTC +14...some with 30 minutes gap.# So when we say GMT +5:30 , it means 5 hours 30 minutes ah... Read more
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 Hitting news these Days....Tahir-Ul-Quadri...FEw Couple of point for him..The cleric who is leading a long march to pakistani capital# Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qudri is a Sufi scholar and former professor of international constitutional law# A month ago he was living quietly in Canada. Immersed in the affair of his Islamic Charity.# In the past three weeks he has returned home to a call for electoral reforms that has sent stab of anxiety through the ruling class.# His demands is that the judiciary bars corrupt politician from running from office and the army play a role in the formation of the care taker government to manage the Run-up to election in spring.# But his ascent has prompted speculati... Read more
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