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Blogger: vijay kumar sappatti
  It’s another dream Dreaming you in and around me You stood there looking at me And I ran to you like a river moves into oceanYou were the ocean of love & life to me It was a union of love and passion It begun with your words,Words of comfort and love and passion hidden!The words were covered with your frozen smileYour smile had all the emotions of a lifetimeOur lifetime spent in moments togetherLooking into each other’s eyes andHolding the hands tightly as if never to departYour words turned into your hands and my handsCaressing each other’s eternal bodies for passionPassions burnt and turned into ageless wordsThe words of love and passionHas ev... Read more
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Blogger: vijay kumar sappatti
......मैंने पहले बोलना सीखा ...अम्मा... !फिर लिखना सीखा.... क ख ग a b c 1 2 3 ...फिर शब्द बुने !फिर भाव भरे !.... मैं अब कविता गुनता हूँ  , कहानी गड़ता हूँ ..जिन्हें दुनिया पढ़ती है ..खो जाती है .. रोती है ... मुस्कराती है ...हंसती है ..चिल्लाती है ........मुझे इनाम ,सम्मान , पुरस्कार से अनुग्रहित करती है ...!.....औ... Read more
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Blogger: vijay kumar sappatti
You have a nameBut For me it’s not your face !So I have given you a new nameYour new name is Love!Unlike Life, your name will live foreverIn the eternal space !Along with stars, moon, sun,The land, rivers, seas and along with me !YES I will be forever with you !No matter that you will neverrecognise me in dreamsand accept my existence in world.It’s perfectly OK dear love;Life moves on ……!BUT My Love is permanent for you!It will be part of your shadow forever!The best thing is that weDid not adieu good-bye to each otherGiving an hope to life and loveThat we may unite some day !I just want to be the last raindrop for youAnd the last ray of sun .Not to mention the last fire of earthAnd ... Read more
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Blogger: vijay kumar sappatti
It was a lonely dark night And chilling tooWhen you knocked my door The same door & old houseWhich you have not visited for yearsAnd where you first came to meet meMany years back   Tonight you suddenly recalledThat I still exist In this material worldI opened the old door Its age was equal to my memories of youYou stood on the other side of the door And I stood on this side of my life with your memories  And than I looked at you! You still look beautifulJust like you were so many years ago I saw your misty eyes Filled with the tears of my nameYou looked at me andAsked for those poems Which I wrote In your absence For you!I told you that they are lost In the wildness of my life... Read more
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Blogger: vijay kumar sappatti
  A cozy night of chilling winter waves …Beside a lake front …Wrapped by a thin fabric …White fabric, which will be displaying only our love and nothing else…Talking nothing …Sitting in silence...A silence of unspoken words…..Words of love …….!!!As the full moon shines its milky shades on our faces,I hold your face slowly in my both hands,And say those three magic words...I LOVE YOU ...But ,to realize the dreams, Sometimes we have to leave ,our life much behind;So that,We can slip into the great sleep of togetherness;And than …In a moment of bliss,The dream comes true…!!!May be some other time...Some other day...Some other full night moon...We will be in each others ... Read more
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Blogger: vijay kumar sappatti
Standing alone in the evening of heavy rains,And looking upwards to the dark sky,With full of storming thunders,And many dark clouds around.I started Praying for more and more Of such lashes of heavy rain,On my body, on my mind and on my soul;So that it could wash away my past,It could wash away all my unknowingly sins,It could wash away my baseless ego,It could wash away my useless anger,It could wash away my earthly beliefs,It could wash away my wrongdoings,It could wash away ME.I am looking to GOD;Like a baron infertile land,Waiting for ages for the misty drops,Drops of love,Drops of harmony,Drops of life,Drops of laughter,Drops of joy,Drops of bliss.Let me begin again a new dawn of life ... Read more
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Blogger: vijay kumar sappatti
It was a very strange night,so strange and ruthless;That I couldn’t recognize,It as last night of my life....such restless was my life ;By traveling a long journey ,That it made me Frightened and scaredOf the world around me;On that night I looked out ofThe window of my heart... .........The rains of Life were very harsh;There were the tornado's of time ;With unseen storms of fate ;Making deafening sounds around me ….My Dry eyes saw you at a distance…You were so close to my heart andYet so far from my reach...In a dark corner of the cruel worldyou were sitting quietly!!!Your face was hiddenIn your knees;you were trembling andGetting drenched;In the harsh rains of life.....And;You were ... Read more
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