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Few days earlier when I was  see  my old photo album I saw a dance picture. I am talking about this picture. this picture was taken by me when i was a student of photography in the Triveni Kalaa Sangam Mandi house New Delhi. I feel every art have a expressions of life. Dancing is also a beautiful display of human expressions. It is a universal art, with human life is born. Children born to weep and beat their hands and feet, his expression that he is hungry - these organic - actions have been the origin of the dance. The Art Goddess - Gods - evil demons - humans and animals - birds are very fond of. In Indian mythology, the evil killer and is considered a means of God realization. Bharat ... Read more
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Blogger: kapeesh gaur
The Punjabi Jutti, needs no introduction, it is a type of footwear. Popular in Punjabi People. That is common in North India and Pakistan. elsewhere in India, jutti are commonly also known as Mojari, and in Pakistan it is known as Khussa, they now popular in western world too. These are the traditional ethnic Footwear of India. In the Mughal era these shoes were worn by Maharajas and Nawabs . Now in the 21st century, it continues to be the top choice of women, especially Punjabi women.  There has been not decline in the popularity of this particular item, despite tough competition from dozens of footwear brands, mainly because of the comfort it offers.  Cost-effectiveness is another reaso... Read more
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Blogger: kapeesh gaur
Sketch of a Mother with newborn baby. sketch by kapeesh gaur... Read more
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Blogger: kapeesh gaur
 Sketch of a intellectual old man with anger expressions.                          sketch by kapeesh gaur.                       ... Read more
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Blogger: kapeesh gaur
sketch by Kapeesh Gaur... Read more
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Blogger: kapeesh gaur
Sketch of  Tulsi Das... Read more
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Blogger: kapeesh gaur
Meera Bai, The Great Bhakta of Lord Krishna.Meera bai was born in the year 1498 at Merta in Nagaur District of Rajasthan. When she was just six years old, her mother gave her an image of Krishna, with whom she would talk every day and night. Krishna became an integral part of Meera's life. sketch by kapeesh gaur ... Read more
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Blogger: kapeesh gaur
Two friends in the desert......... Two friends were traveling in the desert. A point on his way to a debate has become. Point such that one friend slapped the other friends. It was bad enough but getting slapped with a friend without saying a word he wrote in the sand - "Today my best friend slapped me". He arrived at an oasis where they go and the thought of a bath. Slap the person who was mired in the sand and thought it fit, but the friend saved him. When the bog sound came out when he wrote on a stone - "Today my best friend saved my life." After slapping him and the friend who saved him - "When I hit you when you wrote on the sand and when I saved you when you wrote on a stone, why?" Hi... Read more
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Blogger: kapeesh gaur
    The Ultimate Reality of LifeWhy do you worry without cause?Whom do you fear without reason?Who can kill you?The soul is neither born, nor does it die.Whatever happened,Happened for the good;Whatever is happening,Is happening for the good;Whatever will happen,Will also happen for the good only.You need not have any regrets for the past.You need not worry for the future.The present is happening…What did you lose that you cry about?What did you bring with you,Which you think you have lost?What did you Produce,Which you think got destroyed?You did not bring anything,Whatever you have, you received from here.Whatever you took, you took from God.Whatever you gave, you gave to Him.You come ... Read more
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Blogger: kapeesh gaur
 Gayatri Mantra                                                                 Om bhoor bhuwah swah  Om tat savitiur varenymBhargo devasaya dheemahiDhiyo yo naha prachodayat.                                                Summary of the Gayatri MantraOh God! You are the giver of life, remover of pain and sorrow, the bestower of happiness, Oh! Creator of the universe, may we receive your supreme sin destroying light, may you guide our intellect in the right direction.                                                          Song by Sound cloud. Image by G... Read more
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Blogger: kapeesh gaur
F A S H I O N D E S I G N The clothing industry occupies an important place in a country’s economy. The changing styles of clothes has given impetus and upsurge to the Indian textile and fashion industry. The fashion industry though only recently established as a high growth sector in India, its multicrore annual turnover promises many employment openings. WORKS OF A FASHION DESIGNERS : Fashion designers create designs for almost anything which is a part of the garment for men, women and children. Designers create garments and accessories so as to make them functional as well as attractive. The main considerations being the needs of the clients, which obviously are influenced by trends, ma... Read more
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Blogger: kapeesh gaur
Advertising is the business of communicating a message to an audience through the media newspapers, magazines, radio, television, hoardings in public places etc. Every product that is available in the market, needs to be advertised. Advertisement helps in the publicity of the product by creating awareness among the consumer. The consumer comes to know about the different features of household goods (like T.V. fridge, cooking oil, soap etc) or a service provider (Airlines, Insurance etc.) An attractive advertising campaign helps in popularising a product/service and gives a boost to the sales figures. It forms the basis of marketing. Advertising offers jobs on the executive side or the creati... Read more
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Blogger: kapeesh gaur
Tourism and travels serves as the promoter of national and international goodwill. It is the third biggest industry in the world. In India tourism was declared an industry only a few years ago. It has however become the second biggest foreign exchange earner next only to gems and jewellery export. However, inspite of this India with its rich and diverse culture and numerous places of tourist interest, still lags behind. Today, with a conscious effort from the Government, the future of the industry holds tremendous promise for growth.MAIN AREAS :The travel and tourism industry operates in the private as well as in the public sector.PRIVATE SECTOR :In this sector activities are divided into tw... Read more
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