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Blogger: Sushil Singh
I had written an article in Dainik Jagran four years back. I will paste this any other time here because that is missing now. Initially I wrote much on the jobs and professions. I gave examples of doctors, engineers and IAS officers. I am going to discuss about transfers in the jobs. For transfer we should apply the simple methods which are used for viewing the change of place. Houses – third house, fourth house, tenth house, and twelfth house should be seen for this. Some times sixth house is also seen.-         If transfer gives position (pada prapti) then seventh house is involved.-         If tenth house is gets involved then change of profession occurs with out change... Read more
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Blogger: Sushil Singh
UPA 2 MAY COLLAPSE –   TIME PERIOD TILL JUNE OMINIOUS FOR NATION – SOME IMPORTANT DEATH WILL SHAKE NATION – FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION WILL CONTINUE. India is passing through  the vinshottary dasha of Sun since September 2009.if one concentrates on the incidents from September 2009 one will come to know that all the corruptions, scams and scandals were exposed after this time. Be those allegations of corruption on UPA 2, allegations on few religious leaders or allegations of characterless ness on N D Tiwari or porn films watched by MLA s. I had predicted all these before these incidents time to time. Sun is fourth lord placed in the third house with three more planets mercury Saturn v... Read more
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Blogger: Sushil Singh
I gave predictions on would be C.M of U.P three times.in january this year i predicted for my blog and website as well.in february i almost repeated the same predictions which were published in Dainik Jagran on 4th january. but january 12 was not the first time when i saw his chart.i had predicted in december2009 on the eve of new year 2010.i had clearly and candidly said that horoscope of Akhilesh yadav is strongest among all the youth leaders whom birth details are available to me. to predict on U.P is the toughest job.Respected K N Rao got failed this time also.he had said that Congress will perform better in these polls.he failed because he predicted on the basis of transits.and he has b... Read more
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Blogger: Sushil Singh
 I am providing her the translation of my predictions published in Dainik Jagran today. U.P Election campaign is on move. The counting will be on 6th march. According to astrology U.P is going to have a hung legislative assembly. Planets are indicating that U.P will have more than one C.M in this assembly. PROSPECTS OF MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES IN COMING ELECTION: SAMAJWADY PARTY - If we analyse the horoscope of Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadava’s horoscope one can see that there is short term Rajyoga in his horoscope which will be full of problems. The placement of his tenth house lord venus is in lagna.Rahu is in fifth house with Jupiter. The fifth house is creating a wonderful Ra... Read more
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