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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
A fond kiss On the forehead Shows great affectionA kiss on the Lips Is love on the Highest peakA kiss on the cheekIs a welcome Farewell sign A kiss on the knucklesIs respecting others Kiss of peace is A symbolic gestureA kiss can be a Religious ritual To expressMutual admiration Friends kiss each otherOn cheek, forehead And knucklesA kiss is liked byOne and the other Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar Kiss14-02-2016  ... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
Change is imminentChange is importantChange for worse is bad Change for good Is a welcome changeStagnation causes putrefactionPutrefaction causes diseaseSo change is essentialWhether it is seasonOr it is timeEverything changesFrom time to timeEven in lifeAge keep changingThe body changes Until and unlessThe thought doesn’t changeAll changes are worthlessDr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar1-02-2016... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
Nirantar's.......: I haven’t forgotten her: I haven’t forgotten her Though She betrayed me I haven’t forgotten her I know she too hasn’t Forgotten me Her soul keeps on ...... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
I haven’t forgotten herThough She betrayed meI haven’t forgotten herI know she too hasn’t Forgotten me Her soul keeps on Pricking herAsking the questionWhy she did not Give me a chanceTo hear The truth from me Though I have forgiven her I am sure Her soul will never Forgive herNot for the betrayal But for the Bad name She has given To my pious loveAny lover Who hears my story Curses her Dr.Rajendra Tela,NirantarLove,memory,betrayal10-01-2016... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
What else should I do?You were cryingMy heart was bleeding You were sufferingMy soul was painingYou were AngryI was silently prayingYou were depressedI was consolingYou were laughingI was enjoyingYou were hungryI remained hungryYou wishedI fulfilled  Still you say I do not care for youWhat else should I do? To make you happy Dr.RajendraTela,Nirantar  Love,care10-01-2016... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
It was office timeIt was office timeShrunken bellyTears in eyesThe starving childHopefully staredAt the passers byTo have mercyGive something to eatMake him surviveEverybody lookedPityingly at himNobody had time forThe starving childAvoiding fineReaching office in timeWas more importantThan humanityDr.Rajendra Tela,NirantarHunger,humanity,life,poverty,child11-01-2016... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
One to oneOne to one is the way I likeThinking of someone elseBut face towards meIs what I dislikeInvolving heart with heartMingling mind with mindPassionately connecting Soul to soulLoving each otherIs my way of life?Dr.Rajendra Tela,NirantarLife,soul,heart,mind... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
Childhood fragranceThe sweet fragrance of The carefree world of ChildhoodRemains hiddenUntil one is a grown adultTied in innumerable knots of Desires and necessities When even a carefree Sound sleep looks distantOne is left withNo other choiceExcept drowning oneselfIn the sea of memoriesAs much as possible Dr.Rajendra Tela,NirantarChildhood,memories,fragrance,life02-01-2015... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
 It is not easy to remain humanIt is not easy toRemain humanLive like a saintBehave like god Shed the desiresFor contentmentOf the soulSacrifice needsFor peaceMake the heart As hard as a rockControl the emotionsIn difficult situationsGive away comfortsLive a simple life See all humans With the same eyeDr.Rajendra Tela,NirantarSaint,human,god,life01-01-2016... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
Choice RegularlyLured by Beautiful faces Lured byAttractive blondesCoaxed byTalented girlsTo accept themAs my lady Simply because ofTheir beautyNever bothered meI choseMy belovedFor her simplicityHonestyNice mannersUnderstanding AndHumility Dr.Rajendra Tela,NirantarBeauty,choice,01-01-2016... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
The path of correctionThough your memoriesBrings tears in my eyesIncrease my desperationI do not curse youFor your betrayalI believe it to be because ofMy emotional heartFailure of my mindTo judge your truthOn the contraryI thank you for yourRuthless behaviorWhich has led me to?The path of correctionEstablishing a balance betweenHeart and the mindTake a well thought decisionNot get entrappedIn the web of emotionsDr.Rajendra Tela,NirantarLove,betrayal,emotions,life1-1-2016... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
Life is a waiting gameLife is a waiting gameOne keeps waiting To accomplish Ambitions aspirationsDesires and goals Waits to fulfill Contentment Peace and solaceHow much one may try? One after the otherSome obstacle intervenesLeaving the mind puzzled The heart unfulfilledDeath is the only thingOf which one is sureSooner or later it comesDr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar31-12-2015Life,wait... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
Encounter=========My first Encounter with herWas not betweenTwo personsTwo heartsOr two mindsEyes were the culpritNo sooner they metThey refused to closeAs if they did not want toMiss a moment ofWhat they sawThe heart had to listenThe mind intervenedEncounter of the eyesTurned into defeat for meVictory for herI had surrendered myselfTo her beautyShe had conquered My heart and soulDr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar31-12-2015beauty,love,encounter... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
Honesty========It is neither easyNor very difficultTo keep one’s Honesty intactEnd of the day It is the priceThat mattersIf one falls prey He is dishonestIf one does notHe remains honest Dr.Rajendra Tela,NirantarHonesty,life31-12-2015... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
Stillness========Life is neither stillNor does anybody wants it to be Still like a dead woodPebbles of grief sorrow happinessDesires people events happenings Keeps stirring life’s still waterPushes the stillnessOut of the periphery of silenceDeath is the only happeningWhich welcomes the stillness?Pushing emotions desiresAway from lifeSilences the heart and mindTo a peaceful restDr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantarlife,stillness,silence31-12-2015... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
Think before you act================Left and rightFront and behindSitting on a tree branchThe little sparrowLooked all aroundReassured herselfOf safety fromProwling killersFlew to the gardenFrom the oak tree branchAgain looked all aroundTo ensure her lifeFrom hidden enemyCautiously took step by stepPlucked a weed From the green grassDid not waste timeFlew back to build her nestThink before you actTaught the worldDr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantarcautious,think,careful31-12-2015... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
What to say?What not to say?What to say?What not to say?When to say?When not to say?Always remainsA burning questionSaying anythingMay bePleasant for oneUnpleasantFor the otherSo wheneverOne has to sayBefore sayingOne has to thinkTwiceLearn the rightWay of sayingDr.Rajendra Tela,NirantarCOMMUNICATION,25-06-05-2015... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
Positive ThoughtIf the thoughtIs positiveThe intent rightEvery new dayBecomesA good dayRemaining calmIn difficultiesCool in agonySmiling moreThan cryingMakes lifeEasy and rosyDr.Rajendra Tela,NirantarPositive thought,intent,life, 13-02-05-2015... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
Troubles never endThey hide for a whileBehind the curtainOf false beliefMake one believeThey have gone foreverTruth is contrary to thisThey merely give timeTo compose oneselfGather energyIncrease confidenceTo face themWhen they Resurface againWith more vigorAnd energyTo test one’sConfidenceAttitudePatienceAndEnduranceDr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar508-48-29--09-2014Troubles,life,misery,attitude,strength... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
I do not care for Others Except myselfOne sentenceOf yoursLifted the curtains ofFalse belief From my mind Opened the Closed eyes of my Beauty Conscious mindRevealed your True personalityBuilt on the Weak foundation of Ego and prideYour beautiful faceSuave mannersSweet voiceEye catching dressesMesmerizing personality Do not attract me Any more© Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar 484-24-13--09-2014 Beauty.personality,ego,pride... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
 A drop of tearFrom the eyes Shows the emotions of A personA drop of sweatOn the fore headReflects the agony ofAn individualA drop of waterCan quench the thirst Of the thirstyA drop of bloodCan reveal theDisease of the SickThough small in size A drop does thingsBigger than its size Shows to the worldSmall is No less than big© Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar432-43-13--07-2014Drop,small,big... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
It is easier toIgnite fire On the peak ofA snow clad mountainWith Fiery wind blowing All aroundThan keeping People happy Who for no Rhyme or reason Get angryAt any timeRemain unpredictable Throughout their livesCausing misery to Themselves AndOthers equally © Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar431-42-13--07-2014People,life,misery  ... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
She is The biggest asset I ever hadShe loved meWhen I had nothingShe loved me When I had everythingShe loves meWhen I have Stopped earningShe loved me The way I was She loves meThe way I am Money was always Secondary to loveFor meFor her  © Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar430-41-13--07-2014Love ... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
HearingVoices ofNo No NoFrom all the DirectionsAll the cornersDreams Started dryingDesires Started meltingAmbitionsStarted dyingHopeStarted drowningLife becameMiserableTill I realizedOnly hard workPositive attitudeAnd Patience Is in my handTo give When to giveRests with The power aboveLet me do What I am supposed to Let god do What he wants to Fulfill my desiresWhen he wishes to© Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar423-34-11--07-2014Attitude,Patience,desires,ambitions,dreams,life,karma,god... Read more
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Blogger: डा.राजेंद्र तेला "निरंतर
DepressionIs an EndlessDark tunnelWithout lightWithout airThe deeperYou go insideMore difficult It becomesTo surviveLife looks No less than hell Slowly becomesImpossibleTo returnBack to lightBreathe fresh airOne must get out of The tunnel As early as one can Before getting Entrapped Losing smileAnd Happiness For ever© Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar422-33-11--07-2014Depression,life,smile,tunnel,... Read more
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