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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
         HEY?!why is he leaving all of a sudden?..         I don't know, but he seems scared..         I am scared of theINJECTIONguys...😬😬...Let's all leave..       Yeah..but where should we go??...         I don't know, but not to their NEIGHOURS as they are sending vaccines to them as well...... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
Corona virus - HEY, come let's play outside !! 😉Chaitanya - NO !! ---- We are kids. we will not fall into your TRAP ------ and who called you to play HERE ? ... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
Classmate - Chaitanya..... what is your age ???Chaitanya- I am not sure ... it keeps changing.Classmate - Awww !! 😱😱 How ???Chaitanya - One day my MOM says.....YOU can't do THIS/THAT. you are a kid...😔.The next day SHE says...you can't EVEN do THIS/THAT you are a big boy😎 ... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
 When you tell your MOM you are free...... Chaitanya  - MOM- I have nothing to do now. MOM- Free! -- Arrange your cupboard.                                  --Help me moving this table.                            -- Come let's talk.... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
Our moms  have a lot of stress during our school days. During exams and  the academic year, they are overloaded with it. They also need some time to relax so after the final exams they do not need to worry about anything. Our holidays give them this relaxing time. Because they  don't  have  to  worry about anything regarding our schedules and studies. ... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
First Lamp --- Hey ! Come on lets light up peoples lives.Second Lamp --- Oh yes buddy ! Lets stay together....We can spread more light. पहला दीया --- अरे ! चलो लोगों की ज़िन्दगी में उजाला करें | दूसरा दीया--- हाँ हाँ दोस्त, साथ-साथ चलते हैं.... हम ज्यादा प्रकाश फैला सकेंगें |... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
Beautiful Amaltas Bright and BeautifulUp High and Touching The Sky-GulmoharAll Alone and HappyBeat the Heat !Hey!I am new... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
They sail the seven seas,discovering places they have never seenand using binoculars far away they can seeHaving have been of the old age,there was no way to measure their rates,In a battle they would set out in rageand only they can decide their fates.They would set out in search for treasure and gold,behaving to be very bold,the captain would say if the gold was sold,then a lot of money they would hold.Pirates have always been brave,not scared to go to a grave,but now pirates are no moreand for them i shall mourn.... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
Chaitanya - Mom, how is my first canvas painting ?Mamma - Very nice....But these two BIG BIRDS ???? I mean they are CUTE but ...they are too big.... Vaise bahut sweet bhi hain ... but they look odd 🤔Chaitanya - Oh ! these two in top right ????? They are EAGLES 😎😎Mamma - Hunnnn ( and thinking that....Kya Ajab-Gajab imagination hai  🙃... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
 click on the image 👆Chaitanya Sharma's Cartoony Communications :)---------------------------------Classmate :- Chaitanya.... do you have any electronic gadgets like- I pad, smart phone, virtual games...... of your own. Chaitanya :- No  Classmate :- (Shocked) 😱😱😱....How do you survive !Chaitanya :- You have all these smart gadgets.....How do youuuuuuuuu......Survive  😁😎😁😎😁😎... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
पिछले मानसून में हमारी सोसायटी के बाहर कुछ पेड़ लगाये गए थे | हम बच्चों ने अपने पौधे रोपे थे  | अब वे एक साल के हो गए हैं  और बरसात के मौसम में खिले-खिले से हैं |  ------------------------------------------------------------------------साल भर बाद हँसते-मुस्कुराते हमारे पेड़ :)... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
click on the pic to read...   ... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
Teacher's Heart on my worksheet It is like a lovely treat,When I shaw the heart I was filled with pride.I had worked really hard Hard work gave me success,I was scared and I had stressThen my scariness turned into happiness .I took my worksheet homeShowed it to Dad and Mom,Mom was happy Dad was coolI got this happiness from the school.  ... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
   Happy Deepawali To All  :)   ... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
मुझे इंग्लिश ओलंपियाड2015-2016  में  सेकैंड इंटरनेशनल रैंक मिला है :) ... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
                                   खिले गुलमोहर... अब धुले  गुलमोहर..My Clicks... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
Some Special Clicks..... :) स्कूल बुक फेयर मैंने  भी लीं  ये किताबें   ... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
Represented Rajasthan state in a school program :)... Read more
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Blogger: Chaitanyaa Sharma
Clicked by me :)  ... Read more
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