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Database Languages Database Languages are require because just like human being database management system also need communication languages for proper communication with database. These database Languages are mainly used to create and maintain database. Along with this database languages are used to read data, store and update information in database. Database languages are also known as dbms languages.Database Languages in DBMSIn database management system there are following types of dbms languages are used.Data Definition Language(DDL)Data Definition Language or DDL used to define the database schema. In database, it is used to create tables, constraints, indexes ,schema etc.  ... Read more
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Dbms three schema architecturePerformance of database management system also depends on the dbms architecture. Generally a three schema architecture in DBMS is used for database design. Database management system software is designed and developed by keep in mind the three different level of schema in dbms. This three schema architecture is basically used to describe the structure of a specific  database system.Three schema architecture helps in separating the user and physical database. All these three schema are also known as three level which are as shown in  diagram and described below.Physical LevelThe lowest level in the 3 tier architecture of dbms is physical level... Read more
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Data independence in dbmsWhat is data independence in dbms?What is difference between physical and logical data independence?Data independence is a property of DBMS which helps you to change the Database schema at one level without disturbing the schema at the next higher level of a database system.A database system contains lots of data. For example, it stores metadata, data about data, to find and retrieve data easily. But it is difficult to modify a set of metadata once it is stored in the database. The problem is that when database expands, changes need to be done over time to satisfy the requirements of the users. It would become a highly complex job if the entire data is dependent.In s... Read more
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