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As photographers, we often envision grids over scenes we’re shooting to hone in on that just-so composition — goodness knows we’ve talked enough here about the rule of thirds, one of the simplest and most effective ways to use a grid to improve our photographs. Some of us also use grid overlays baked into our cameras and phones to help. This week, let’s take the humble grid out of the shadows, and make it the star. Behind the gates lies the famous – Toutes les Gloires de la France   Lines of Grape Cultivation Apples protection Net Other interesting photos that captured photographers from across the world can be found hereFiled under: Photography Tagged: france, Germany, gr... Read more
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Divonne les Bains, France: In the 18th century during the French revolution, singing rooster was considered as the national symbol. Old name of France was Gallus, the land of Gauls, but Gallus also means rooster. As the rooster crows early in the morning, it is considered as the symbol of light after darkness. For all these reasons, many war memorials in France have a singing rooster. Today's images show such a war memorial where the rooster is standing on the dying German eagle.दिवोन ले बाँ, फ्राँसः अठाहरवीं शताब्दी में जब फ्राँस में क्राँती हुई तो उसका प्रती... Read more
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Blogger: सुनील दीपक at Chayachitrakar - छायाचि...
Lyon, France: If a city has a hill and there is a cool evening breeze, it is wonderful to stand there and watch the city lights down below. If the companion of your heart is with you, then it is even more beautiful. But if you are alone, it is the time when you miss your partner more. Today's images have the city of Lyon seen from the Fourvier hill.लियों, फ्राँसः अगर शहर के पास कोई पहाड़ी हो तो शाम को जब ठँडी हवा हो तो वहाँ से नीचे शहर की रोशनियाँ देखना अच्छा लगता है. उस समय आप के दिल ... Read more
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A bridge on a river, evening's deeping darkness and shining lights - Thames river in London/UK, Saone river in Lyon/France and Han river in Da Nang/Vietnam.नदी पर पुल, शाम का गहरा होता अँधेरा और चमकती रोशनियाँ - लन्दन/इंगलैंड में थेमस नदी, लियोँ/फ्राँस में सोन नदी और डा नाँग/वियतनाम में हान नदी.Un ponte su un fiume, il crescente buio della sera e le luci - fiume Tamigi a Londra/GB, fiume Saon a Lione/Francia e fiume Han a Da Nang/Vietnam.***... Read more
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Blogger: सुनील दीपक at Chayachitrakar - छायाचि...
Lyon, France: I had come back after 20 years and it was late at night, but I was not worried. I had thought that it was city I knew well, so it will not be difficult to find my hotel. But as I came out of the station, I stopped in surprize. It was the same old station where I used to catch the train every day, but everything looked strange.  The square outside the station, the old statues, everything looked new to me. Perhaps they were new to me, because 20 years ago I hardly ever used to stop and look at things? Only friends, talking and having a good time had mattered. It was not the city that had changed, I had.लियोँ, फ्राँसः बीस साल बाद यह... Read more
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