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Blogger: Vibha Rani at Jail Diary...
We discussed in detail with Subodh, who had agreed to conduct workshop for the inmates at   Thane Central Jail. He was equally exited like me. We discussed on- “How many people will go there? How interestingly will we conduct workshop? What time we will go? How will we go?” Jail superintendant had warned us that big gathering should be avoided. I was also in favor of the same. Finally we decided that Subodh, me, Vidha and her friend Ali Akbar Mehta, who was also the then student of JJ School of Art, Mumbai and a very good aspiring artist, will go together. Ali has a very strong background of art from his family. His grandfather Tyab Mehta, is a world class renowned artist. Subo... Read more
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Blogger: Vibha Rani at Jail Diary...
After declaration of result, we all took a deep breath. Subodh, once again asked for tea. We all were smiling. Everyone got engaged in chit-chatting along with hot tea. But, I was restless in excitement. My mind was tingling. Thoughts were traveling from one corner to another. One side, I was very happy with this competition’s  result. It was assuring me that I was right in my belief that talent is beyond the barricade of age, race, cat, creed etc. After all, a four year old child had competed with a 45 years old competitor and won the first prize! A jail inmate has won the coveted Judge’s special award! I am not wrong! I said in my mind. Every work brings some more challenges. You ... Read more
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Blogger: Vibha Rani at Jail Diary...
A big “Q” was before me. Who would be the best persons to judge these entries? It was necessary to understand the concept of the competition by them, otherwise again the same questions of age, state, genders etc will arrive. A big list was there carrying big names. I had chosen two names- Mr. Subodh Poddar and Ms. Sarita Chauhan. Subodh was a creative Director with a leading Advertisement Company. He is a very good artist, not in the field of painting, but he had learnt Odishi dance to create his own genre “Dance Scapes”, where dancers dance and he paints the Bhavas and Mudras of dancers. It’s an experience to see it. I was one of the luckiest to see his heart stealing program... Read more
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Blogger: Vibha Rani at Jail Diary...
I was very happy. One of my dreams was becoming true- working with a great numbers of jail inmates with a large perspective. It was not a first occasion, where I was organising any program for any jail. After getting a moral boost up from Kiran Bedi, I had started interaction with jail authorities and after completing all required formalities, I had started conducting programs for jail inmates. Before Thane Central Jail, I had conducted couple of programs with women inmates of Byculla jail.My very first program for the women inmates of Byculla jail was a real experience for me. After completing all relevant procedure by jail authority, I had been given a program for the last week of March, 2... Read more
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Blogger: Vibha Rani at Jail Diary...
When Result of Art competition was declared and a convicted prisoner was declared as one of the winners, I informed jail authority of Thane Central Jail. I had received the number along with the entry. I dialed it. A Hawaldar type of person had received my call. I narrated the purpose of calling there. He connected me to the jailer.  I discussed that how can we reward him? Will you bring it to our place, where AVITOKO is going to celebrate its annual function? I was not apprehensive, but 100% sure that they will not allow an inmate to come out to receive the award.Then? Shall we go? A asked. The Jailer of Thane Central Jail Mr. Karnik said, "For this, you will have to talk to our Superi... Read more
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Blogger: Vibha Rani at Jail Diary...
Bollywood Actor Deepal Shaw had actively participated AVITOKO programs. She visited Byculla jail to celebrate her birthday with the kids of women jail inmates. She went to Yervada jail, Pune, where AVITOKO had organised an All Women Kavi Sammelan. Deepal had recited her poems along with others. A Times of India Report is placed below. You might have seen her in the film "A Wednesday", where she played the role of media reporter.  Printed fromThe Times of India -Breaking news, views. reviews, cricket from across IndiaDeepal 'Baby Doll' Shaw meets jail inmates28 Mar 2006, 0936 hrs IST,IANSSMS NEWS toMUMBAI: Deepal Shaw, nicknamed 'Baby Doll' after her sizzling video Kabhi aar kabhi paar ,... Read more
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