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Java database connectivity stepsHow to create jdbc connection in java?What is difference between statement and preparedstatement in java ?In the previous jdbc tutorial named as types of jdbc drivers in java  we learned about what is jdbc in java and jdbc drivers in java . Now in this jdbc tutorial we will learn how to create jdbc connection in java or java database connectivity  with mysql or jdbc connection in java with oracle.There are 6 steps used  to connect a java application with the database through JDBC. These steps are as follows:      Create an ODBC Data Source Name.      Register the Driver class or load the&nbs... Read more
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Blogger: मनोज बिजनौरी at Computer Science Junction...
JDBC and JDBC DriversJava Data Base Connectivity (JDBC) is an Application Programming Interface which is one of important usable in different business applications. The reason behind the widely use of JDBC is that because most of the business application software use database. In order to retrieve and store the  data in database through GUI we need some kind of connectivity between front end database . Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC) connects java application with database.JDBC DriversJDBC API Package is java.sql and we imports this package in our jdbc application program. In this package there  are many interfaces. To connect java application  with any ... Read more
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