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POST:-Thecomputer Power-on self-test (POST) tests the computer to make sure it meets the necessary system requirements and that all hardware is working properly before starting the remainder of the boot process. If the computer passes the POST the computer will have a single beep (with some computer BIOS manufacturers it may beep twice) as the computer starts and the computer will continue to start normally. However, if the computer fails the POST, the computer will either not beep at all or will generate a beep code, which tells the user the source of the problem.BIOS Beep Codes:-AMI BIOS beep codes:-Beep CodeDescriptions1 shortDRAM refresh failure2 shortParity circuit failure3 shortBa... Read more
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What Is a Hard Disk Drive?Your Hard Disk or sometimes called a Hard Drive, is the main storage space inside your PC. It is a permanent storage component unlike the RAM (Random Access Memory). It is possible for your computer to function without a hard disk, however it would be basically useless to you as you would not be able to use an Operating system or have any programs to use. Unless you had another form of mass storage device such as an SSD (Solid State Drive).Hard disks use circular hard platters to store data on. They are in pristine condition with a mirror like finish to them. These platters are locked away inside a steel casing as unclean air can easily ruin a hard disk. This is why... Read more
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It has happened to most of us. We buy a new hard drive (or maybe a flash drive) with mind boggling storage capacity only to find that it has less space than what was mentioned on the box. Angered, we start cursing the manufacturer and our dealer for false marketing thinking that they should be sued for doing this. Hey, but have you ever wondered how they continue to do this again and again without getting into legal trouble?The answer is that they are not marketing it falsely at all. Surprised? I'll explain.A manufacturer considers 1 Megabyte to be 1000 Kilobytes, 1 Gigabyte to be 1000 Megabytes, 1 Terabyte to be 1000 Gigabytes and so on. This is correct considering that kilo means 1... Read more
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