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Blogger: PAWAN KUMAR at My Journey...
Poverty Discourse--------------------------Today is Sunday – Time about 7:30 PM. I am in front bedroom sitting on bed in blanket. This is winter season & it is very cold outside. Since last few days after falling snow in Himachal and J&K, Delhi has become quite cold. I was reading in morning newspaper that 44 persons have died out of cold. Truly the rigor of any weather – winter, summer or rains falls more on the poor people which is very gloomy & killing. They are not in a position to protect them full. Many people live on footpaths & in shanties simply because they are poor, and cannot afford dignified living because they earn very low wages or are unemployed, and are u... Read more
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Blogger: PAWAN KUMAR at My Journey...
Owning Self------------------Today is holiday being Good Friday, the day of crucification of Jesus Christ, who will resurrect after 3 days on Easter Sunday. This is the day perhaps to remind us that good cannot be killed. This is the spirit that people should continue doing good even if failed in in-between struggles. Spirit of winning good sees things in a long perspective and empowers man of surety of good results if deeds are pure for humanity. Although we all think always doing only the right things but inside or in core of hearts, know that we do wrongs many a times. We simply fool selves that we are right; however, the concept of righteousness is comparative as it varies from person to... Read more
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Blogger: PAWAN KUMAR at My Journey...
Catching Time from Slipping--------------------------------------In life, time is a very important and precious commodity. But it always seems to be slipping from hand. There remain many targets, works and wishes unfinished and as it is without being fully accomplished for want of real action. Problem is not that we don't want to take them but there come many factors in the way hindering to bring positive results. We are master of time only when are able to catch it, use in a productive way extracting as maximum as possible from it so as to make our lives some worth. Many a times, there is a great frustration that we aren't living life in accordance of its requi... Read more
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Blogger: PAWAN KUMAR at My Journey...
Consciousness and Expressed BehaviourFor last many days I was strongly thinking to express me in diary. I don’t claim to be a good writer and find self much below the great ones. Even then trying and expressing self in the words is certainly a better proposition than to remain an idle one. Writing is only one way of expression from many. In our daily discourses whether in home, travel, offices, general public interactions or elsewhere, we always express through our gestures, language, etiquettes, facial expressions, tone of speech, our moods, our intelligence or ideology or so. We like sun or any radiant body always emit something whether we want or not. It may be good or bad, beneficial o... Read more
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