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Computer Networks GATE Practice QuestionsComputer networks gate questions with answers Practice SET 1Objective of this computer network tutorial is provides some practice questions for gate exam.Such types of questions are generally asked in gate exam every year.1 Marks  Questions Q1.Which protocol uses UDP as transport protocol?(a)    SMTP(b)   telnet(c)    DNS(d)   HTTPAnswer : a                  Q2.Which of the following is false with regards to TTL(a) TTL is used to avoid infinite looping(b) TTL is used in debugging( c ) TTL counts number of routers ... Read more
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Blogger: मनोज बिजनौरी at Computer Science Junction...
Domain name system [dns]What is domain name system (dns) ?How does domain name server work?Domain name system definitionA domain name system (dns)  is an internet service that translate domain name to IP Address. Host name are not case sensitive and contains alphabetic numeric , letter or hyphen.what is domain name system and how it works ?A domain name system is in fact it own network.  If one dns server does not know how to translate domain name to IP Address then  it ask for another and so on until the correct ip address is returned.When we use the web or send an email message to do it we use domain name to do it. For example the url "http://ww.google.com"  contai... Read more
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Some Typical Questions in Computer Networks for GATE CSE ExamHello, friends today in this Computer Science Study Material for Gate I am going to discuss some conceptual questions in computer networks. Here are these questions and their answer.Q1.How does address resolution is performed in Arp?Answer: The table lookup approach to address resolution requires a data structure thatcontains information about address bindings. The table consists of an array.Each entry in the array contains a pair [P, H] where P is a protocol addressand H is the equivalent hardware address. A separate address binding table isused for each physical network. Consequently, all IP addresses in a giventable have th... Read more
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