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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary at Blog on Computer Tips, Blogging Tip...
The word permalink stands for permanent link. Blogger provides us two options, the default permalink and custom permalinks and we have to choose one. The Default permanent links are generated automatically by blogger system itself and is considered to be the best option but the bloggers writing their blogs in their own language, other than English, may need a custom permalink for better search engine results. Users are however at liberty to use any type of them or both types of permalinks.  Blogger permalinksWhat is a blogpost blog permalink Whenever we create a new post, and upload it on the blogger, it gives us an option generated it.s permalink automatically. Permalink stands fo... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary at Blog on Computer Tips, Blogging Tip...
Blogger Etiquettes -A Guide for Beginners - When you first join the very large community of bloggers and start blogging this will be a trial and error period for you. Here you will to figure out things accepted and ignored in the blogosphere. Take it Guaranteed that Bloggers are almost highly educated, highly mannered, master and some times an authority on the subject matter. That’s why High morals, exemplary etiquettes, selflessness and co-operation is always found in the nature of most of bloggers. Though every one is a smart blogger but the bloggers community is also smart and has some unwritten etiquettes and every blogger is expected to follow these –Blogger Etiquette-A Gu... Read more
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