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Sanitation is the germ-free means of encouraging health through deterrence of human contact with the dangers of wastes as well as the handling and correct clearance of dirt or wastewater. Threats can be bodily, microbiological, biotic or chemical proxies of sickness. WASH program launch Trashes that can cause health complications include human and animal excreta, solid wastes, native wastewater such as sewage, industrial trashes and agricultural trashes. Disinfected means of deterrence can be done by using solutions such as sanitary sewers, dry toilets, or by following personal cleanliness practices such as hand washing with soap. Delegates during the launch of the program Providing sanitat... Read more
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  As a bachelor, whenever i felt like eating something i always preferred to go outside. But some times the challenge would be that, hunger used to strike at odd times. It is during such odd times that i learnt the art of cooking. Though i am not a good cook, i experimented so much that i eventually managed something to eat. One such food item which i liked the most was pasta. It was partially because it was easy to cook and within short time i had something to eat. Here is one recipe which i have created. Over the years i have improved this recipe with the help of my wife. But if you are a bachelor and want to make a simple pasta to eat, then here is very simple step by step proc... Read more
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  Hard Rock Cafe is known for its high vibe. Indiblogger kept to that hype by performing a great show. The flipkart-Indiblogger meet was held at the most happening place in Bangalore, the Hard Rock cafe on 1st August 2015. Everything was great about the event. The start was rocking with live performance. It kind of made sure that all of were in a fresh mood before the start of the event. After the performance of Indiblogger team, it was time for Captain to perform. What a Rock ‘n’ roll performance to set up the feature introduction of Flipkart. Here are some more clicks from the Indiblogger meet before the start of the actual discussion on the Flipkart app feature. A... Read more
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Image Credit : http://www.airtel.in Bharti Airtel, India’s leading telecom operator by subscribers, has launched its high speed 4G services (also called LTE) in 296 towns across India. Bharti Airtel had earlier launched 4G service in select cities in India.  Airtel 4G is is truly the fastest network ever. It is the fastest considering what i experienced on my friends Airtel 4G mobile. The speed also looks awesome as per the TV Commercial. Enjoy the below television commercial – When I first heard about 4G I was worried about the price. Are you not? However Airtel seems to have resolved pricing issues by offering 4G at the cost of 3G. Airtel customers can enjoy 4G at 3G data pr... Read more
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Eiffel Tower Pont de l’Archevêché Glass Work at Vecchia Murano   Other interesting photo contributions for this weeks challenge can be found hereFiled under: Photography Tagged: eiffel tower, Murano glass, Pont de l'Archevêché, Vecchia Murano, Venetian island of Murano ... Read more
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Gateway of India Nainital Lake at Night IIM lucknow Campus   Other interesting photos of this week can be found hereFiled under: Photography Tagged: gateway of india, Half and Half, IIM lucknow, Mumbai, Nainital Lake at Night, Uttarakhand, Weekly Photo Challenge ... Read more
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Above video is an best example of how one wish lead to another one. After all, that’s what we are all about. Fueling & fulfilling wishes. Below is my story of wishing and gifting. The manifestation “bigger is better” actually makes an appealing sensible recommendation when you’re trying to adopt on TV screen size. My understanding has been that in most conditions — and particularly when selecting a TV for the main room — we should go with the biggest screen the room, watching distance, and financial plan can house. I hardly hear people wishing their TV’s screen was smaller. I love to watch tv almost as much as I love anything else. But for me the part t... Read more
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Blogger: amar
The list of Motivational Bollywood songs that can act as as energy boosters wouldn’t be complete if we miss the voice of many beautiful movies from my playlist.  Different songs in my playlist act as blend of rhythmic sounds and lyrics. Below playlist is mine rhythm divine that brings me back to the state of liveliness Below are the details of the songs and movies that are in my playlist Iqbal movie: This has a power packed song which shows how a underdog makes it to the International cricket team. It is a very good song to boost the morale levels. The lyrics, and associated music has the power to give you the courage and confidence that is needed on a temporary or permanent basis. Swa... Read more
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Image credit : http://www.flipkart.com/asus/zenfone-2?otracker=ts_asus_tabs_asuszenfone2 There are many things to love about the ZenFone 2. Its design actually triggered conversations because it looked different from everything else in the market. ZenFone 2 has been received well so far. Some of the stand out features that are garnering attention definitely are convincing enough to force any user to own this device. Here are some of the features which I feel are the differentiators for this phone compared to its competitors Appearance This is my first phone with a button on the back, and its actually really not that bad at all as some people have suggested. I got used to it really quick de... Read more
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The fact of the matter is that som Baby products are often worse than adult products because babies are so much more sensitive and fragile. Baby products are filled to the brim with ingredients you wouldn’t even want to put on your body! A huge percentage of conventional baby products that are marketed for delicate skin — and even some “green” products — contain recipes that will cause irritations, rashes, teary eyes, diaper rashes and more. All things you would never wish upon your new bundle of love. To help you stay clear of putting your baby in that kind of predicament, here is a quick list of 6 ingredients to avoid in baby products : Propylene Glycol: Propylene glycol may no... Read more
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The process of eating away the planet’s resources began many a decade ago and sadly, continues till date. Our planet comprises water bodies, forests – the flora and fauna present there, the atmosphere and humans. Each of these components needs to work in harmony with each other so as to ensure that the planet thrives instead of slowly wilting away, which is the case of today. Over-exploit or harm one resource, and the Domino effect will be felt to the lowest of levels. Earth’s resources stand highly depleted today as the percentage of resources used up daily is more than the planet can sustain. Hence, the mass extinction threat is one that we must heed now, for even now has become too ... Read more
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Symbolism is uniquely human. We use symbols to represent intangible things like our beliefs and emotions, and to convert the abstract into something understandable. We may also use symbols to simplify and convey information. Photography is often the same; an image illustrates a single moment in time, or captures an object in perpetuity. Much like symbols, photographs, too, may conjure vivid memories and mean a wide range of things to different people. Kingdom of dreams symbol   The above symbol is of a place called Kingdom of Dreams, which is India’s first live entertainment, theatre and leisure destination. Actual symbol Above click has the actual symbol of the place on the top.... Read more
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  A fit mind resides in a fit body. There is no qualm that health is of serious importance. Thus it is very important to uphold and follow a appropriate diet plan. Ingestion of a well-adjusted diet offers many health paybacks that help us stay fit. Good health is very important for happy and balance life. Pure honey products such as the one provided by Dabur Honey is a natural form of sucrose. It contains a large amount of anti-oxidants. Some pounds can be easily be reduced if we replace a spoon of refined sugar in a glass of milk or any other product with a bit of honey. it not only will substitute as a sweetener but it is also a healthy and tasty alternative to sugar. A diet with... Read more
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Whether you are at home, office or somewhere outside, there is often an urge or feel to browse the internet on our smartphones. For most of us it might be the best way to kill some time or gain some important information before some important meeting or just gain some important information. But to be able to easily navigate through different websites on the internet in a proper manner it is important to have a good browser. Browser plays an important role when we browse either on mobile or desktop machines. The browser need not be too much glitzy or one with lots of nonessential features. What is needed in a browser is a capability that will make our surfing capability cooler, inexpensive a... Read more
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Image Credit : http://www.wisegeek.com While traveling on a train, i noticed a person standing in front me wearing a black shirt. Not sure why i looked at him but probably i was just scanning around. I noticed white powder on this T-shirt. It felt a bit awkward on why that person was so careless. Then my fellow passenger , with whom i was chatting earlier, commmented “poor guy is suffering from dandruff. so bad”. Let me introduce what is dandruff : Dandruff is itching of the scalp that some people get. The scalp skin has many layers. Cells grow in the dermis at the bottom, and work their way up until they form a layer of dead cells on the skin surface. These dead cells when ... Read more
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Most family’s daily task list is often so frenzied that it’s very easy to grow distant. Sure, your kids might make time to batter each other for a few minutes every day, but true worth time is often a exceptional amenity. Image credit : https://www.rewardme.in/family/family-living Do your finest attempt to take time out after the business or other commitments for family events that everyone will relish. Bonding with the family is important. Family bonding time is time the family expends together profoundly. This is a chosen time your family plans to intermingle with each other over a group of happenings or a key fun project. Although you might not end up exchanging your deepes... Read more
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Image Credit : http://www.rewardme.in We all know that our parents shape our traits, but, we often oversee how much our individuality is swayed by our family members especially siblings. Sibling affections may be wholehearted and affectionate, but often it is difficult to judge the ratio of fondness and annoyance, even wrath and competition. Sometimes we feel nothing but disgust, or bitterness. Yet siblings have an huge inspiration on whom we become. As I went through the article given on https://www.rewardme.in/family/family-living/article/7-easy-ways-to-promote-sibling-harmony I recollected some of my olden days. Me and my brother had a great childhood and today we are working through our... Read more
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A door is an everyday thing, yet is often a symbol — of a beginning, a journey forward or inward, a mark of one’s home, or even a step into the unknown. TRADITIONAL INDIAN DOORS Beautiful Doors Doors Again Beautiful Architect SOME DOORS CLICKED IN EUROPE Doors in Venice Doors at Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris door of one German University   Other interesting pictures of the DOOR submitted this week areFiled under: Photography Tagged: door photo, doors in europe, doors in india, Rajasthan tourism, Weekly Photo Challenge ... Read more
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Ultimate gift from God or call it the ultimate gift I ever had was given to me by God.My gift is called “Dad”! The bond that a father shares with his kids is just something beyond words! Well, as it is, fathers never really express their feelings with words, but it is always there in their eyes. Most dads don’t want anything expensive for Father’s Day – unless you are thinking of getting him a new gadget that can help him plan his day, keep things clean and everything else apart from him behaves as he wants them to work. Having an army background, my dad believes in discipline and planning for things before he executes any task. But isn’t this a very basic need? I ... Read more
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There’s nothing less appealing than entering into a home with a bad odor. There are many things that can contribute to a home’s less than pleasant scent. Pets, smoke, fungus and rust, and culinary can create odors that infuse the air and linger around. These odors will eventually penetrate into the walls, carpeting and furniture. So whenever she used to cook a delicious recipe I used to catch it. She used to get annoyed at me. But most of the times my guess were correct. This correct guesses were due to my strong smelling ability. But I got irritated when our neighbors started guessing based on the smell. Though they could not guess correctly, I felt bad because I did not want anyone ... Read more
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When BlogAdda declared #SniffSniff activity for male bloggers from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, I was very enthusiastic since this was probably the first campaign which was specific to males. The whole purpose of the #SniffSniff campaign was to launch a product. But before the product was sent, bloggers were sent some clues. Based on this clues bloggers had to guess what the actual product will be. Total 3 clues were sent and we had to guess what the product could be through a tweet and FB post. Right from the day I saw the hashtag sniffsniff, I wondered if the final product will be about something related to odour. When the first clue arrived, I found a card with a picture of male on it . A... Read more
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A flash mob is an prearranged routine of a group of artists working together on a large scale to surprise and charm the general public for a temporary period of time with a spontaneous performance. Flash mob performances can include dances, songs or even record breaking attempts. Allu Arjun’s sensational moves and Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice can come together to create awareness for child safety While doing something with a lot of people on a large scale can be difficult, if you manage to pull off a flash mob, it can be very rewarding for both those contributing and witnessing it. Understand the purpose of a flash mob. A flash mob is about performance and it usually centers around... Read more
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As a budget cash short vacationer, whether for choice or professional, getting into a decent affordable accommodation has always been a challenge. Sometimes the rudimentary luxuries and indulgence has to be conceded unless the vacationer is willing to relax his/her budget constraints. Accommodation budget accounts for significant chunk of travel cost whereas the vacationer spends the least time roaming inside the hotel room.   aaaaaaaaaaaa I enjoyed the #OYOxplorer hospitality though i could not make it earlier! Good times come when you have a great company, and I thank OYO for allowing me to explore their rooms along with my spouse. She made my stay special and we had fu... Read more
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Image credit : http://blog.srsgrocery.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/buying-groceries-online-really-worthwhile.jpg Pizza and coke, ice-cream and summer, pakora and chutney, black and white, jewellery and Forever21, Wi-Fi and bed, chocolate and girls; are some of the combinations that go hand in hand. Another combination enjoyed by millions of people today is mobile and shopping. That’s right! Spending an entire weekend on shopping and still not finding the right products can be extremely frustrating. Then there are times when you do get what you want but at a price where you will have to skip food for an entire week. To add to your woes, there are long queues at billing counters as well as... Read more
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Every time does your monthly expenditure bulges due the expensive beautification treatment or costly visit to spas. The beauty industry is a multi-dollar empire and they cannot make so much money until they extract the last penny from you. Despite the heavy spend sometimes we get allergic to the multiple toxic products used in this beautification products. So more money is spent is then getting treated. It doubles up the expenses without achieving the end goal of looking better. Well to beautify the real person i.e. you, there are many simple ways. This simple not only look us look better but they also save our hard earned money. These methods are easy to execute from the comfort of your hom... Read more
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