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HTML5 application cache manifest and its typesBasics of html cache manifestFor caching the web page, it is mandatory to declare the manifest with html element on every and each page. A particular webpage can’t be cached until we don’t declare the manifest file.The recommend file extension for a manifest file is appcache. The manifest file also needs to configure with the correct MIME-type, which must be configured well on the web server. The format may has follows: text/cache-manifest.What is HTML5 Manifest?It’s a simple text file, which tells the browser for particular cache processing. In details we can say it sends a command to browser for specific file type to be stored in the... Read more
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What is html 5 application cacheCan you imagine that website can be accessible without any net connection? Now this is possible just because just because of html5 application cache Html5 Application Cache is an important feature of HTML5 which can store the website data in a cached version and makes it possible to access the website without any net connectivity.It helps the in storing the website on local system. Advantages of HTML5 Application CacheThe following advantages a user can have, if a user chooses HTML5 Application Cache.Offline Browsing: Offline browsing can be possible due to html5 application cache. We can use Offline browsing through html5 application cache when we have not in... Read more
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HTML5 tutorial for beginnersThis html5 tutorial for beginners covers the basics of html 5 such as introduction of html5, html5 tags list, common html5 tags, html5 new features etc.(A) Overview of HTML 5       HTML5 is a hyper text markup language used foe web development or website design. HTML 5 came into existence in January 2008. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) are two major organizations which played an important role in the development of html 5.In the next section of this html5 tutorials for beginnerswe will learn about common html5 tags.(B) New elements in htlm5 or html5 tags listThis se... Read more
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What is Array ? OR Array DefinitionArray in data structure is collection of items having same data type stored which are stored in contagious memory allocation. During array definition we should also keep in mind that array in data structure is a user define data type. Array in programming is a best data structure.Implementation of array in programming is important because of following reasonsa) Most assembly language have concept of array.b) From an array any other data structure we can be built.Why do we need array?In general if we store any data it store at any random location. Data at any random location is very tough to retrieve that’s why we need data structure.Example of an Arr... Read more
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What is stack in data structure?What is stack ?Push and pop operation in stack in data structureApplication and use of stack in data structure.(A) What is stack ?Stack in data structure is an abstract data type. Stack a linear data structure that allows inserting and deleting elements in a specific manner. When we want to insert an element in stack it can be added a top of the stack. All the insertion and deletion is performed at this TOP in stack in data structure.                              It use First in last out(FILO) process or Last in first out ( LIFO)Suppose if S={S0,S1,S2……Sn-1}   He... Read more
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File handling in c programmingWhat is file ?Use of File Pointer.Different file handling function.This tutorial covers the concepts of file handling in c programming. Several file handling functions in c and their use is also explained in this tutorial. This file handling in c tutorial also covers the concepts of file pointer in c, c program to read and write to a file, opening and closing a file.What is File ?In order to understand the concepts of file handling in c programming at first we have to understand what is file ? In context of a computer system file is a collection of data or sequence of bytes stored on hard disk.What is File Pointer?In file handling in c programming C programming ... Read more
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Types of errors in c programmingWhat are different types of errors in c ?Difference between syntax error and semantic error.How logical errors are different from run time errors?.Differentiate  compiler and interpreter.In this technical article  different types of errors in c programming are explained. This article also covers the difference between syntax errors andsemantic errors, difference between logical errors and run time errors and difference between compiler and interpreter is also explained in this article.(A)     Difference between Syntactic and Semantic ErrorSyntactic errors additionally called compilation errors and caused by violate ... Read more
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DBMS multiple choice questions with answers for gateIn this tutorial some dbms multiple choice questions with answers for gate are given for the practice. These questions are asked in previous year GATE Exam. This tutorial covers the dbms gate questions. This Tutorial also  covers the questions based on sql queries for practice with answers. Q1. Read the following statement and find the correct option.P :  A query in Structural Query Language  can contain HAVING clause without having GROUP BY clauseQ : A  query in Structural Query Language can contain a HAVING clause only when GROUP  BY clause is also there in query.R : All attributes used in the GROUP BY clause... Read more
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Difference between http and ftpWhat is ftp full form ?Functions of file transfer protocol.Differences between http and ftp.  This tutorial covers the file transfer protocol concepts and hyper text transfer protocol concepts. Objective of this tutorial is to explain the difference between http and ftp.Ftp full form is file transfer protocol. There are following differences between http and ftp(A) File transfer protocolFTP and hypertext transfer protocol each were developed to form web transmission higher.FTP is employed to exchange files between laptop accounts, to transfer files between  an account and a microcomputer (upload), or to access software package arch... Read more
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Memory management questions and answersThis post covers the memory management questions and answers for GATE exam. Various gate questions on virtual memory are explained in this post.So let's practice these operating system memory management questions and answers for gate exam.Q1. Increasing the RAM of a laptop usually improves performance because:A.Virtual memory will increaseB.Larger RAMs area unit quickerC.Fewer page faults occurD.Fewer segmentation faults occur.Q2. Page fault happens A.When a requested page is in memoryB.When a requested page isn't in memoryC.When a page is curruptedD.When associate degree e... Read more
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Process Control Block in Operating SystemWhat is Process control block  in os ?process control block diagramToday in this process control block diagram tutorial we are going to discuss about process control block , example for process control block and function of process control block and its numerous field that provides the knowledge concerning process.All the fields of a process control block are as shown in Figure 1.What is process control block in os? Operating System maintains a data structure for each process.Everyprocess has it own process control block. A unique id is assigned to each process.Operating System determine a process among all processes on the idea of this proc... Read more
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Computer networking mcqComputer Networks is one of the most important subject for GATE Exam. Every year some questions are asked from Computer Networks in GATE ( CS/IT) Exam.Here in this post we are going to tell about some computer networking mcq. These computer network mcq are computer networks gate questions asked in previous years GATE Exam. Try to solve these computer networking mcq. If you have any problem in any questions then please write it in comment.Q1. Tell that Which among the following option is not correct about internet Protocol (IP) ?(A)     Can a computer have more than one IP addresses.(B) Can IP packets take different routes in the network from th... Read more
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File management in operating systemToday in this post I am going to discuss about file concept in os and file management in operating system. In this post we will learn about different types of files in operating system.What is file ?Generally  a file is a collection of records. A file can also be defined as a named persistent sequential (structured) data repository. The basic idea behind the creation of a file is  that files can be used to store data for long periods of time, and specifically.  File as a collection of related information is recorded on the secondary storage like magnetic disk. Magnetic tape and optical disk.Attributes of file Under this heading we will learn ... Read more
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What is thrashing ?Today I am going to introduce about thrashing in os. So what is thrashing in os ? Thrashing is a state which occurs when a process is spending more time in paging or swapping than its execution. In thrashing state CPU is so much busy in swapping that it can not respond to user program as much as it required.Causes of ThrashingThrashing is not good for performance point of view. Now I will tell about the causes of thrashing actually Initially when the CPU utilization is low, then process scheduling mechanism, loads multiple processes into the memory at the same time in order to increase the degree of multi programming.So now in this situation we have more number of processe... Read more
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Cache Mapping TechniquesToday in this cache mapping techniquesbased tutorialfor Gate  we will learn about different type of mapping techniques used in cache memory. These techniques are used to fetch the information from main memory to cache memory. There are three type of mapping techniques used in cache memory. Let us see them one by oneThree types of mapping procedures used for cache memory are as follows -(i) Associative mappingThe fastest and most flexible computer used associative memory in computer organization. The associative memory stores both the address and content (data) of the memory word. This permits any location in cache to store any word f... Read more
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Java Programming Interview Questions       java is an Object  Oriented Programming Language. Which is mostly used to develop Windows based Software  as well as Web Based Project. Some basic core java interview questions are asked in interview for the post of  Java Developer . In this post I am telling about core java interview questions  for freshers at basic level. These java interview questions and answers questions are related to Variable, operators, JVM and Jdk, Interface and access specifier, methods , class, use of final keyword etc.Q          ... Read more
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Hello Friends, Today in this post we will practice some computer organization mcq . These questions are based on gate pattern.COMPUTER ORGANIZATION AND ARCHITECTUREPractice Set 3(Instruction Pipelining, Cache & Main memory, Secondary Storage)1. More than one word is put in one cache block to(a) Exploit temporal locality references in a program(b) Exploit spatial locality references in a program(c) Reduce miss penalty(d) All of these2. A pipeline P is found to provide a speedup of 6.16 when operating at 100 MHz and an efficiency of 88 percent. How many stages does P have?3. How big is a four way set associative cache memory with a block size of 64 Bytes and containing 1024 sets?4. A ... Read more
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 C  Programming Practice Question for GATE ExamHello Friends today in this post we will practice some c programming mcq. So practice these c programming mcq with answer. Loops and Cotrols1. Consider the C program below.#include int *A, stkTop;int stkFunc (int opcode, int val){static int size=0, stkTop=0;switch (opcode){case -1:size = val;break;case 0:if (stkTop < size ) A[stkTop++]=val;break;default:if (stkTop) return A[--stkTop];}return -1;}int main(){int B[20];A=B;stkTop = -1;stkFunc (-1, 10);stkFunc (0, 5);stkFunc (0, 10);printf ("%d\n", stkFunc(1, 0)+ stkFunc(1, 0));}The value printed by the above program is ___________(a) 9 (b) 10(c) 15 (d) 17Solution: Option (c)2... Read more
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Tips to Improve Brain Powerदोस्तों कहते हैं कि मानव शरीर को स्वस्थ रखने में  शारीरिक व्यायाम का अपना विशेष महत्व है।  शरीर के प्रत्येक अंग के लिए अलग अलग प्रकार  के व्यायाम और योग आदि क्रियाएं हैं।  दिमाग मानव शरीर का सबसे महत्वपूर्ण  हिस्सा है, लेकिन इसके लिए व्यायाम  करना ह... Read more
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Operating system Previous year gate questionsQ1.Synchronization in the classical readers and writers problem can be achieved through use of semaphores. In the following incomplete code for readers-writers problem, two binary semaphores mutex and wrt are used to obtain synchronization. [GATE 2007]wait (wrt)writing is performedsignal (wrt)wait (mutex)  readcount = readcount + 1if readcount = 1 then S1S2reading is performedS3readcount = readcount - 1if readcount = 0 then S4 signal (mutex)The values of S1, S2, S3, S4, (in that order) are1.signal (mutex), wait (wrt), signal (wrt), wait (mutex)2.signal (wrt), signal (mutex), wait (mutex), wait (wrt)3.wait (wrt), signal (mutex), wait (mutex), ... Read more
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Here you will get various article related to database management concepts , practice sets and examples that will help you to solve the dbms related questions for Gate Exam.1. What is database management system and characteristics of dbms?2. Uptu-previous-year-questions-paper-for-dbmsMore Article are coming soon.......!Practice Sets... Read more
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Here  you can read some motivational article.1. How to boost self confidence ?2. Remember These Tips in Life.3. Tips to improve mind powerMore article are coming soon....... Read more
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Thread's Concepts in Operating System Today in this Operating System Study Material and Tutorial   I will discuss about threading concepts such as threads basic , its advantages, threads implementation in operating system , user level and kernel level threads.Lets see each one by one -what is thread in os ?A thread is nothing but a light  weight process which can utilize the cpu independently.  A thread meaning is just  a flow of execution through its  process code.Like a process a thread also its  thread control block. Which keeps the information about that thread.  Thread control block also has program counter field  that keeps track o... Read more
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This article cover the overview of database management system. In this article author covered introduction of data and database , database management software, dbms examples, characteristics of dbms, advantages of dbms.What is Data ?Before introducing the database let us know something about data what is data ? The term data may be defined as a collection of facts which provide information  about something. Data may be in the form of text, table figure graph audio and video. In context of computer world data is processed by computer and it is recorded or store in some suitable form which can be understand by the user. Data can be stored on secondary device like had disk or in primary me... Read more
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File Concepts Based Operating System Study MaterialWhat is a File ?Generally  a file is a collection of records. A file can also be defined as a named persistent sequential (structured) data repository. The basic idea behind the creation of a file is  that files can be used to store data for long periods of time, and specifically. File as a collection of related information is recorded on the secondary storage like magnetic disk. Magnetic tape and optical disk.Attributes of a File File’s attributes vary from one operating system to another Operating System. But in general a File may have following attributes.Name : Every file has a name which is human readable.Id: Id is a unique ... Read more
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