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Poetic Dilemma-----------------------Sounds of paper movement and running of ceiling fan, Roaring of plying vehicles, and whistles of road van. Holding pen, diary on desk but with void brainTrying to find some ways for motion of self-train. Deficiency of words, and lacuna of ideas, Hindering to move ahead, though desiring for media. Finding it difficult to open closed doors of enlightenment Apparently satisfied, but inside only disenchantment.Enough age has already passed, but not done much significant Just look busy day & night, but not found fine  track.This is morning time but mind is still not fresh,Motion is very slow, body & mind need refresh. Needing all contriv... Read more
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Creators--------------How are epics created, from where the material comes How much is one prepared and big plot is created?How is a book written what chapters to be imbued,and one thinks beyond his time & ideas are generated?How does he decide purpose and dares in forward direction,collects necessary ingredients & finds source of great enthusiasm? How do people see simple events & convert into great stories,and elevate writing standards & readability joined?How does one rise above limits & climbs on giants' shoulders,and able to perceive methods so as to create marvels?How does one maintain equanimity & smooth flow is possible,and amazements are added with ... Read more
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O My Spirit------------------O Indomitable Spirit, come to my life also,You have shown ways to many, why not to me?I also require your strength & guidance,I am not just a sleeping man but aspire elation Important.Life should not be mediocre but of excellent stuff,And it is you only who can groom this mortal stuff also.I have to walk many difficult ways and to see unseen fields,Challenges are huge and you are the only refuge.Each & every step has to pave for the long journey,And the curiosity of mind will be helpful only.O My Spirit, you please awaken & live in this embodiment,You also need some recognition / respect at least for some time.I do want that you become stronger & ... Read more
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Engineering Life Project--------------------------------O Engineer, busy in construction jobs, have you thought to engineer selfAdmittedly buildings you create strong, aesthetic, beautiful & architectural marvels.You remain involved in planning & designing of civil engineering infraSeeing each & every aspect of economy and serving purpose.Every nut-bolt of mechanism is checked before letting go-aheadAnd associate many persons, specialists to meet optimum requirements.From brief idea before conception, you move step by stepAll management fundamentals are followed so to reach ultimate goal.What are the requirements and how to meet the best? What resources are required and ways to a... Read more
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Mother Nature’s Baby--------------------------------A little baby is born from Mother Nature’s wombIt situated there for period great, and has now come out.Though Mother Nature is pervading Omni, and baby will remain in its bosom onlyBut little freedom it has bestowed, to move out and work of own.Life’s lessons are be learnt by hit & trial, and self-experimentationIt has provided preliminary training, now real work is self’s destiny.Till remained in her womb, you enjoyed its warmth & nurtureComplacent in a little world, thinking you’re its owner.You rolled in it, convulsed, showed gestures of different moodsBy little hands & legs tied to play, sometimes angry in micro-e... Read more
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Mind Extempore-----------------------What are the layers of human mind, and where he situates in context?He behaves differently at moments, and knowledge disseminated has degrees.What we speak in general, keeps only part of specialized knowledgeDepends on what purpose it has, the out pour is adjusted itself. But do we really know something, or speak what comes in mind at momentsHow much sensible are we, in our learning and speaking minds?We generally are extempore, and have to deal with situations various Many a times we are not prepared, but forced to respond any way. It is like you're left in jungle, and suddenly lion is ready to pounceWhat your reaction would be, nobody can... Read more
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Infinite Journey------------------------Infinite journey I do, in this world of seemingly mortal,I am here right from beginning of the creation, not exactly when.I have been in different forms, all through this long journey,And the whole world’s material is nothing but manifestation of me.I am in each & every minuscule in this universe of immense expanse,My presence is everywhere, and I am truly an immortal.Whatever we see or feel are all imbibed in me,I am the embodiment who carries the whole cosmos in me.I am everywhere always and my parts have deep relations,Nothing is foreign though may be distant, but original stuff is one only.So much inter-connection is available; ther... Read more
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O ManO Man, spare some energy for mankindThey are your co-journey persons and need your help.O Man, you are deluged in own fantasies and the dream worldTake out some time to see the ground realities.O Man, they are co-brethren and live in penuryDevelop some establishments so they can also find employment.O Man, you are surrounded by experts who claim to know somethingYour men are illiterate, show some light to them also.You are housed in comforts & luxuries which is dreamt by manyCreate some conditions so that all can live with honour.You are man of freedom of ideas and interact with finest booksYour men are just sandwiched in superstitions and a fixed mind.You are an exploring mind to t... Read more
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A Little Craving-------------------------Deep stillness of my mindI crave in the deep of my heart.Where everything elopes in the oneAnd merges in identity of the Almighty.Where all my happiness, agonies become alikeWhere everything finds space in the calm ambiance.When the cool, placid shadow of great treeShall try to take every one in its bosom.When deep consciousness is there and I forget everythingWhen the Almighty himself is ready to embrace me.The moments such I crave the mostAnd take the vastness of sky in my palm.When I become ‘HE’ and He becomes meThere is no one but only me and He.I shall think then goal of my life is accomplishedAnd the rest has come after long-long journe... Read more
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One More Awakening-----------------------------With my closed eyes, I want to see the worldWith my lame legs, I want to cross the world.With my closed ears, I want to hear the worldWith my closed temptations, I want to sense the world.I am the one who has opened his eyes alreadyThat sight is enough if I have power to grasp.With my ears I have heard enough alreadyThat listening is enough if I have power to grasp.My legs have enough traversed the countriesMy mind has enough traversed vast tracts of experience.My temptations have already occupied meOnly thing remained unwavered is my will to conquer.Life can be lived efficiently when we have desire to do soIt can be harnessed in the best way if... Read more
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Catching Time from Slipping--------------------------------------In life, time is a very important and precious commodity. But it always seems to be slipping from hand. There remain many targets, works and wishes unfinished and as it is without being fully accomplished for want of real action. Problem is not that we don't want to take them but there come many factors in the way hindering to bring positive results. We are master of time only when are able to catch it, use in a productive way extracting as maximum as possible from it so as to make our lives some worth. Many a times, there is a great frustration that we aren't living life in accordance of its requi... Read more
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Consciousness and Expressed BehaviourFor last many days I was strongly thinking to express me in diary. I don’t claim to be a good writer and find self much below the great ones. Even then trying and expressing self in the words is certainly a better proposition than to remain an idle one. Writing is only one way of expression from many. In our daily discourses whether in home, travel, offices, general public interactions or elsewhere, we always express through our gestures, language, etiquettes, facial expressions, tone of speech, our moods, our intelligence or ideology or so. We like sun or any radiant body always emit something whether we want or not. It may be good or bad, beneficial o... Read more
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Mind's Ramblings & Cravings Deep into my mind, I crave for varietyLife is of many aspects, so aspire curiosity.Necessity is to go for multi-dimensional,And broadening scope with many faceted.Mind craves not only the single realm,But ever diverse & broad-visional.Broaden horizon of mind to a large extentSee many aspects of even the little issue.Colors it is having of many shadesLayers it keeps hidden beneath top skin.Don’t rely on the apparent look onlyTry to go into depth to know true history.Don’t only be the consummator of dayBut venture into details to know truth.Don’t let the mind to get easily satisfiedOpen its reins to move multi-directional.Try to uncover the covered stu... Read more
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Challenges To SelfI want to dream dreams of some progressPresent time just seems relaxed & a bit stagnant.Providence has desired me to be ready for coming challengesBut alas I am not doing much to further existing stuff.Technically so much knowledge is spread my nearbyBut not much done with that to improvise concepts.There is always a change in the great scheme of thingsBut adaptation is the only one way for survival.I cannot closet self in den and expect great modifications tooCertainly need to be bold and come out of comfort zone.Meet people who can help on time & as per requirementsAnd explain needs to help, they can render.Design life and not loose what can become a realityBut mo... Read more
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Looking WithinEarly morning’s seer has sat to do something But is perplexed what to brood and how to proceed. He wants to write but good subject is not striking,Goes to some events, and is unable to decide.Fears that will be unable to construct the required, And gets satisfied with the available small. Though noble minded but novice, experimented not muchJust remains silent and amazed by others’ great works.Has not agitated self much and is little inspired to try,  So has remained unrevealed and half-opened. When life is so precious, able to bring out the best Why this immortal soul is unable to realize self? Enough paper is available with pen to support, Only the best should come o... Read more
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Of Truth and InspirationO Almighty, fill me with the Kabir’s love For him love and concern for truth was everything. He did himself away from all prejudices And also from all envies and avarices.He was quite bold to speak mind loud May be that not well appreciated by fools.He become a light for vast humanity in those dark times,Became a role model for many with his path less travelled. He did his best to strengthen the commoners, And imparted practical approach to life instead of mythological sums.Life is very simple but is contrived into complexitySo many gods, rituals, worship methods & priests to explicate. It can be lived straight without need of middlemen, who just see their inter... Read more
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Poetic & Dairy RecordingMy father once told thoughts to be more important than daily diary Latter only records routine things but thoughts you think inside.But daily happenings also carry a part of us in their dealingsAnd imbue thoughts & patterns how we behave in a particular way. So much happens always around with or without our permissionsAnd many a times we are just the outside spectators only.But there are several factors affecting the events, And there is a crucial one having major contribution in happening.We are to see where we stand in the courses of thingsAnd how much effect we have, at least in pertaining to us.You can... Read more
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Probing Self and High Aims----------------------------------------Deep sensations often do not surface in meMany a times I just show outward morality.Reason that I have not cleaned the self fullyJust tried to touch the topic but not done good reading.Neither understood the full contents nor author’s messagebut show off  to be near to the great immortals.Too weak in self not daring even the self-confession  Leave others for time being, fear to nake self before self.Not behaving as a bold fellow, not keeping utmost sincerityJust talk of the virtues but not much bringing into practice.Go on seeing many injustices around me and the neighborhoodBut never do something to amel... Read more
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Life ChurningI have also come in this world to find a little space,and that at its certain moment to experience life in time flow.That time is perennial and I come for a small span,Then swim like a float in river, enjoying meandering upheavals.Sometimes feel sad when times are hard to it,May be like in floods or droughts as in the dry summers.When life of the river squeezes itself to small quantity,Or becomes torrential, wild & cranky in floods causing much pains.But there are times of serenity and calm flow,When each wave is pleasing, appealing, smiling and advising. I taste all the facets of this great time flowSometimes sad or happy and at times quite equipoise. I&... Read more
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Creation - A Little Revelation------------------------------------------Shining morning brings hopes by killing the darkness, And presents the full day before to get maximum as one can.Sun’s rays are inclined now, and tender as the growing child, but it is moving in the celestial to attain the zenith.  Soon the rays will be straight and travel the least path, and effect will be enormous to benefit for the long expanse.Each day cycle of Apollo is from bottom to top and vice-versa, a very pleasant round red, seems to come out of the Earth. Makes great effort to sustain life on this tiny planet,and keeps all encompassing role in its aspects. It determines how the Earth is to tr... Read more
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We tend to forget events on day to day basis but may remember some continuum of that particular spell of time. We can say that this is the footprint of particular period of our lives. Only few events remain recognizable after sometime. I suppose that a person will be able to recapitulate a very slight of his whole past after sometime. It is natural and nothing can be done to it.............Please Click Link to Read.My Journey: Shortness of Memory: Shortness of Memory A lot many days have passed since last diary writing. Lot of water has flown though the Ganges but in this dairy t...... Read more
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Shortness of MemoryA lot many days have passed since last diary writing. Lot of water has flown though the Ganges but in this dairy the world has stopped as if. I am embroiled in myself and my laziness and mind’s deliriums have not made me to write. This habit only has stopped me bring a regular scribe. What comes into the picture - the irregular, stray and jigsaw sketch of events? Neither there is good and true sketch of the events into the picture, nor does the mind ’s good representation also makes its imprint - only the bleak footprints of time. Although there is so much on daily or hourly basis that if it is quantified, shall be more than consumable even in months. There are daily n... Read more
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Recording Events and Human Limitations-------------------------------------------------------It is night time of today i.e. 6th January' 2000. I am again writing in this dairy after a long gap. Though it remains with me all the times and I intend to write frequently, writing becomes possible only when mind is ripe. Sometimes other reasons being very important and urgent overpower, and the important task of writing goes in the back stage. But I think that if dairy is written regularly, it can certainly keep a better record of the daily happenings and the thought processes. While writing, many new things start reflecting in mind quite amazingly. It is a ... Read more
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Man and His Working----------------------------Today is 25th December' 1998- the Big Day as we call in India - the Birthday of Jesus Christ 1998 years ago with the birth of Christianity and start of the Christian era. The time flows very fast at least since the Big Bang as we don't  know much before that. In the evolution scale, the term 'millions years ago (m.y.a.)' is mentioned as if were one or two days ago. Man has come very recently in this Geological Time scale, say some 2-3 m.y.a. after the process started with Dryopithecus some 10-12 m.y.a. Evolutionists inform that the modern human or Homo sapien sapien is contemporary or slightly after of Neanderthals ... Read more
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