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Uranus (discovered in 1781), Neptune (discovered in 1846), and Pluto (1 discovered in  1930) are invisible to the unaided eye. Therefore, their symbolism represents qualities  that are not part of the physical world of the senses that we normally identify as realityPlanetURANUSNEPTUNEPLUTOAverage time in a sign7 Years14 Years20 YearsURANUS :Exalts in Scorpio .AquariusHouse ruled: Eleventh HouseSigns ruled: AquariusGender:  AndrogynousOne circle around the Zodiac: 84 yearsSince it takes about 84 yearsRead more »... Read more
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Read more »... Read more
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12 Rashis Related with Dwadas Jyotirlingas (Taken from the Notes of Jyotish Guru J. Sarat Chander) Shiva can grant life to the dying native – example of this is Markandeya who was supposed to die at age 12,  Guru can elevate any debilitated native.  In a horoscope if a planet is either neecha or in Maranasthana – this means Sun is located in 12th, Moon in 8th, Mars in 7th, Mercury in 7th, Jupiter in 3rd, Venus in 6th, Saturn in 1st, Rahu in 9th. so then the best possible remedy is to worship the Jyotirlinga associated with the sign of exaltation of the said planet.   By doing this it shall help in canceling the weakness caused by neecha graha.The form of the Guru is shown by the plac... Read more
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Rahu and Ketu are two sensitive points of intersection of the Moon orbit with the ecliptic, These points are directly opposite each other and change sign in about 18 months and during span of 18 years they complete one Paraya or one cycle of revolution of the zodiac. Their movement is constantly retrograde, meaning, againstthe normal direction of movement of planets. Even though they are not physical planets, yet they are perhaps the most influential forces in the chart. It is along the Rahu / Ketu axis that the main forces of karmic desire are seen.In mythology, The Nodes are actually demons, because they are the eclipse points and they even have the power to devour the luminaries: The Sun ... Read more
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http://astrosurkhiyan.blogspot.comVedic Mantras for Nakshtra1 Ashwini Nakshatra Vedic Mantra :Om Ashwino TejSaaChakshoo Praanen Saraswati,Veeryyam VaaChendro BalenenDraay DhadhuRendriyam,Om Ashwini KumaaraBhyo Namah.अश्विनीनक्षत्रवेदमंत्रॐअश्विनौतेजसाचक्षु: प्राणेनसरस्वतीवीर्य्यमवाचेन्द्रोबलेनेन्द्रायदधुरिन्द्रियम।ॐअश्विनीकुमाराभ्योनम: ।***************************************************2 Bharani Nakshatra Vedic Mantra :Read more »... Read more
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MythologicallyBirth of Gulika is said to be During Tretha Yuga when lanka was ruled by Ravan, he ordered all the planets to sit in the 11th house (the most auspicious house) of his son - Indrajeet when he was about to be born. Fearing Ravan all the planet sat in the 11th house but Shani moved to 12th house (the most inauspicious house) just before he was born and Indrajeet had all the other planets in 11th house except Shani in 12th house. Ravan outraged by this cut Shani's feet and Gulika is said to be the broken feet of Shani.Similar in density to Rahu-Ketu, Gulika has no mass and is therefore undetectable with the material eye.It is however vividly obvious to the psychic eye located i... Read more
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Classification Of NakshtraNakshatras      Just like the Rashis, the Nakshatras also break up the zodiac into equally spaced segments. There are 27 Nakshatras, each taking up 13'20". The Nakshatras are also called Lunar mansions, as the Nakshatra position of the Moon is an important use of Nakshatras. Each Nakshatra has a symbol, various attributes, and a planetary ruler.      In order to clarify the use of Nakshatras, we will first explain the major differences between the use of Rashis and Nakshtras. These are the 27 nakshatras and their dasha lords:&nb... Read more
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Varshphal Varsphal is known as Annual Horoscopy or Age Harmoni.How to calculate Lagna of Varsh Pravesh(a)  [Completed year of age x3]/30 = Bhagphala or Quotient (b)  [(Completed year of age x3)+ Quotient]/12 = RemainderThe Remainder will indicate the Varsh Lagna or Ascendant for that running year.For Example: Say a person is running in his 34th year of age.  It means he has completed his 33rd  year.  First we calculate using formula at (a)                                &nbs... Read more
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पितृपक्ष/ श्रा़द्धपक्षआश्विन मास में प्रौष्ठपदी पूर्णिमा से ही श्राद्ध आरंभ हो जाते है। अपने स्वर्गवासी पूर्वजों की शान्ति एवं मोक्ष के लिए किया जाने वाला दान एवं कर्म ही श्राद्ध कहलाता है। इन्हें 16/ सोलह श्राद्ध भी कहते हैं। श्राद्ध का अर्थ है, श्रद... Read more
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प्रतिवर्षआश्विनमासमेंप्रौष्ठपदीपूर्णिमासेहीश्राद्धआरंभहोजातेहै।अपनेस्वर्गवासीपूर्वजोंकीशान्तिएवंमोक्षकेलिएकियाजानेवालादानएवंकर्महीश्राद्धकहलाताहै।इन्हें16/ सोलहश्राद्धभीकहतेहैं।श्राद्धकाअर्थहै, श्रद्धाभावसेपितरोंकेलिएकियागयादान  श्रद्धयाइ... Read more
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This is a ten days festival starting on Shukla Chaturthi and ends on Anant Chaturdashi of Bhadrapada month according to  hindu calendar.It is said that Ganesha is the remover of Obstacles so when the Ganpati festival is celebrated Ganesha takes away your worries and set you free from obstacles.Ganesha was born on Shukla Chaturthi at 1:00 PM , so the moorti sthapna (place the statue) should be done between 12:30 to 1:00 PM. choose a proper and suitable place in your home or workplace for the Moorti Sthapna , where you can see it most of the time in a day , Clean the place and cover it with a good cloth of silk (or any as per your faith) of green , yellow or red color. Spread little rice on ... Read more
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Calculation of Tithi Sphuta Step 1 :Multiply the longitudes of the Moon by 5. Step 2: Multiply the longitudes of the Sun by 5.  Step 3 : Subtract the longitudes of the Sun from that of the Moon. Step 4 : Convert the Resultant figure into degrees, Minutes and seconds. And divide this figure  by 12.  Step 5 : Add 1 to the Quotient . The quotient plus 1 is Tithi sphuta.Read more »... Read more
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श्रावणपूर्णिमाकेदिनभद्रारहितकालमेंरक्षाबन्धनपर्वमनानेकीपरम्पराहै।रक्षा-बन्धनकेविषयमेंसंक्रान्तिदिनएवंग्रहणपूर्वकालकाविचारनहींकियाजाताहै।यधपिभद्राकालमेंरक्षाबन्धनकरनाशुभनहींमानाजाताहै, परन्तुशास्त्रवचनानुसारआवश्यकपरिस्थितिवशभद्राकोमुखछो... Read more
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जब शनिदेव चंद्र कुंडली अर्थात जन्म राशि के अनुसार चतुर्थ व अष्टम से गोचर करते हैं तो जातक को ढैय्या देते हैं। ढैय्या का मतलब होता है ढाई वर्ष। वैसे तो शनिदेव प्रत्येक राशि में ही ढाई वर्ष रहता हैं। परन्तु ढैय्या का विचार और कहीं से नहीं होता है। फिर चतुर्थ और अष्टम से ह... Read more
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Guru Chandala yoga is formed when Guru (Jupiter) is in conjunction  with or is aspected by  RahuThe native is prone to act immorally and perform many misdeeds.Different results are obtained for the combination in different houses however if benefic planets are present with this combination or this combination is aspected by benefic planets the results are auspicious as the inauspiciousness decreases.In vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter is known as Guru which means the teacher. Jupiter is considered a Brahmin and teacher of god. He knows the Vedas and is considered as an expert in all forms of knowledge .  Jupiter also signifies growth, knowledge, wealth and religion.Read more »... Read more
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In the assessment of a birth chart, query chart and for Muhurta, full consideration should be given to Chandrakriya,  Chandra Avastha  and  Chandravelas. Chandrakriyas are 60 in number, Chandra Avasthas 12 and Chandravelas 36.Chandra Vela   The time taken by Moon to traverse a star (13°20') divided into 36 equal divisions yields a Chandra Vela.    equal to 22-2/9'. The effects of the 36 Chandra Velas, as applicable to nativities, are given below,  :       Chandra Vela &  Effects Read more »... Read more
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CHANDRA KALAS (1) Loss of position, (2) One practising austerities, (3) One who has bad intentions towards other persons' wives, (4) Gambler, Read more »... Read more
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भारतीय संस्कृति में चन्द्र वर्ष (lunar Year)का प्रयोग किया जाता है | चन्द्र वर्षको ही संवत्सर कहा जाता है जिसेसंवत्सरकहागयाहैवहमोटेतौरपरऋतुओंकेएकपूरेचक्रकालेखाजोखाहै।समस्तऋतुओंकेएकपूरेचक्रकोहमसंवत्सरकहतेहैं।विक्रमादित्यकेनवरत्नोंमेंएकमहानज्योतिश्ग्यबराहम... Read more
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