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Tweet Tweet Known as the Missile Man of India, respected APJ Abdul Kalam’s  thoughts and words of inspirational quotes are very famous among many people who dream of reaching new heights in life. With his child-like inquisitiveness, straightforwardness and cheerfulness, Abdul Kalam  is an exception person who is probably the first indian public figure to be associated with all sections of India. The impact created by him on Indian society will withstand for many years to come. This poor Muslim boy from coastal Tamil Nadu became a real icon of the varied, bilingual, multi-religious India of many layers and many varied elements.Starting with a humble beginning, his life story is rem... Read more
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Blogger: amar
Tweet TweetImage credit : www.garageart.com Music is the semantic of ambiance that has always captivated me. Many times I have spent hours discerning about music’s that are close to me. This list is my favorite and they will always be on my gadgets playing when I need them the most. Well music is there for almost any kind of temperament. Some music can be heard during the time of joy and while other music can be played during times when the mood is really depressing. Based on the music sometimes you can actually identify the mood of person. When music from songs like “Yuhi Chala Chal Rahi” is played I feel there is always a good mood ambience is in flow. While songs like “Zindagi Ka... Read more
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Tweet TweetSometimes, superstitions come in the way of sound investments because we get caught up in rituals or superstitions instead of thinking and investing smartly. Investing superstitions can mess with our emotions and possibly influence to the point that any one of us can make a bad investment decision.   All these superstitions have one thing in common: they encourage market timing by claiming to know the best and worst times to invest. But accurately timing the market is nearly impossible, even for the most seasoned financial experts with access to the best economic forecasts and market analysis. You have to be right twice. It’s not just about getting out, but when to get ba... Read more
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Blogger: amar
Tweet Tweet Early morning is an important aspect that can influence rest of our day. I have noticed that when a day starts with laziness and drowsiness, it would certainly reflect in the rest of the day. It will also make the whole day a dull day. But when the day starts with freshness, it would certainly reflect positive energy in the rest of the day. Mornings makes us feel good. We feel fresh after getting up from a good sleep since it refreshes our mind and body. I constantly put additional power to turn my good mornings into gold mornings. Now a days I have started morning yoga and meditation which was not there in my earlier morning schedule. I feel really relax after doing it. It no... Read more
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Tweet TweetWe meet many people everyday. They might be our security guard, tea stall owner, co-passengers on the bus, pedestrians on the road and many more. We sometimes just pass by or hardly remember them. But some people leave an impression on the mind which is difficult to forget. When you met good people, it feels so good that i start wondering this world will be so different if world was packed with such good people. I met one such person on 27th Dec during our vacation in kerala – “Our Humble Tour Guide – Vinu Vj Vj” Our plan to take jeef safari in thekkady reserve was unplanned. As we inquired, we found that apart from nature reserve beauty there was nothi... Read more
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Blogger: amar
Tweet Tweet The Grand story of Mahabharata has a surplus of personalities, each with a story of its own. Each personality of the story is proficient enough to tell the story from his or her own viewpoint. Author Vikas Singh has picked up the voice of Bhima, one of the strong Pandavas. In this short volume, Bhima is the single storyteller who has voiced his views as an epilogue. The story knits around Bhima’s desire towards his shared wife into all occasions since the day of marriage till the great war and final expedition towards eternal peace. The author has tried to portray Bhima feeling for his wife. In addition he has endeavored to impart some important life lessons with the help o... Read more
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Tweet TweetI am going crazy because long awaited “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has finally released. The fans around the globe have gone crazy. Who wouldn’t! Are you? Seemingly foraged from the debris of the second Death Star, HP’s new laptop brings dark side believers the battle-scarred Stars Wars chassis that many people have been waiting for. Loaded with rare content from the Star Wars archives, it unleashes the power of the dark side with the Star Wars Special Edition Notebook from HP. With a full HD display, Intel® Core™ processor, red backlit keyboard, audio by B&O PLAY, and a Galactic Empire-inspired design, it revels in its galaxy-spanning power. Be prepar... Read more
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Tweet TweetImage Credit : www.theguardian.com Plenty of people from many walks of life choose not to go to the authorities about sexual assault Sexual assault survivors, unlike sufferers of other wrongdoings, are often unwilling to report attacks to many authorities. They frequently panic that they will be accused or distrusted. They may also know the attacker and want to shield him from severe penalties such as eviction or detention. Sexual assault is probably the only wrongdoing where the same person can be told that not only was the attack their own fault, but also that the wrongdoing itself probably never even happened. Add in accusing victim, typecasts about sexual assault survivors, l... Read more
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Tweet TweetImage Credit : ndtv.com One of most sought out cosmopolitan city in India, Bangalore officially known as Bengaluru is known as the “Silicon Valley of India” because of its role as the nation’s leading information technology (IT) and also called the garden city of the country. Bengaluru is blessed with a generous climate and it is one of the best places to experience the modern face of India. Home to many Indian technological organizations and demographically diverse city, Bangalore is no doubt the fastest-growing major city in India.  Ranked fourth in India by overall GDP contribution, the IT hub of India’s is definitely India’s most progressive city. Thoug... Read more
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Tweet TweetYou don’t need to wait for an event to relish the sweet and creamy dudhi ki kheer or bottle gourd kheer or lauki kheer recipe as it can be prepared at home in just few minutes. It does not require any proficient culinary skills. This sweet Indian dessert is made from bottle gourd. Bottle gourd is known as lauki in hindi and dudhi in Marathi. Hence this Indian dessert is known by the name lauki ki kheer or dudhi ka kheer. People often make this dish using different veggies such as carrots or beetroot or lauki. But with lauki the taste of this sweet recipe goes to next level. On top of that with the help of sweetener “Sugarfree Natura” and generous amount of dry fruits this d... Read more
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Tweet Tweet As the famous saying goes “Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students”, my behavior today is mainly due to what role my teachers especially Principal Stephen sir has played. My first interaction happened with him when I met him for admission. My Dad had just managed a transfer from Assam and he wanted to get me an admit to the best school. Stephen sir talked to me and asked about the experience in Assam for half an hour. For me the whole interaction seemed good but then he asked me to go outside and told my dad that I should first perform well in another school in the city before I come back. It became an important in my dad’s life and he kept reminding me. F... Read more
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Blogger: amar
Tweet TweetPainting of 3 Women Broken History? Other interesting photos of this week can be found here https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/trio/ Tweet The post Three unique formations that form a good click appeared first on Outreach. ... Read more
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It was one of those weekend during summer holidays when I was at home and relaxing. It was almost lunch time and Mom was feeling week as she was suffering from bad health. I was lazy to go outside. The excuse with which I convinced myself and others in the family was that it was too hot outside. It was almost 12.30pm and dad was about to come home to have lunch. Worried I decided to help Mom in anyways I could. Well, I just knew how to eat but i hardly learnt/explored cooking steps. I talked to my mom and offered any help. She smiled and asked how can I help?. I said mom you know me better so why not we cook a dish that is simple and healthy. I just ran across neighboring grocery store an... Read more
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Lately I often talk to lot of people about their aspiration and their related interest of field.  With the available of google and so many websites the search has become very easy. But when you are filled with much information it becomes difficult to choose which the best is. In this regard I recently got a chance to explore Collegedunia.com when I was searching for Top MBA colleges in Bangalore. Though there are many hits in the google search I found that relevant results were only available on this website. http://collegedunia.com/ Home Page As i scanned through the website, i was lucky to find 212 top MBA colleges in Bangalore top MBA colleges in india I always preferred to stay in a cit... Read more
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One of the best things that i am awaiting this year is to be part of #BNLF conference. So when i was exploring my options of staying in Mumbai, Stayzilla online booking service was an option that i decided to explore. With more than 30000 options spread across more than 4500 towns, Stayzilla has gone beyond the realm of just hotels by providing a well-balanced diet comprising of all manner of “Stay” options that includes lodges, homestays, guesthouses, etc. Founded in 2006 by Yogendra Vasupal, Stayzilla.com provides an end-to-end managed marketplace model and is based out of Chennai. As i spend maximum time on my mobile, i decided to explore the features of Stayzilla through the mobile&... Read more
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Boundaries impose limits on us, whether they’re social constructs or real, physical objects. They’re there to stop us from doing or saying what we actually want to. But they also give structure to our actions and frame our movements. In photography, they help our eyes make sense of what we see and convey a sense of visual narrative. They constantly invite us to push against them. Here are some photos which depict boundaries   The place where Tipu’s body was found is close to the northern fringe of the fort. The road from Masjid-e-ala ( the mosque with minarets you see as you enter Srirangapatna ) towards the Water Gate passes by this point Tipu Sultan, also known as the Tiger ... Read more
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One of my favorite serial is Crime Patrol. It is an Indian crime reality television serial that comes 3 days on Friday/Saturday/Sunday at 11p.m. Though there are plenty of crime related serials coming on different channels, I like the way the story is told in this serial. The real cases from the police files are presented in a story telling form that closely resembles a fiction drama presentation. The interaction with different stakeholders in this case is treated with the viewer’s interest point of view keeping it only as much as essential to the story telling. In addition, this show goes beyond the drama of police action in a crime situation and look into the “why” behind a... Read more
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There are many variations of the basic colours. The paler versions, which are sometimes more appropriate for covering the walls within our homes, give us the same qualities as the bold colour but in a gentler way. When decorating an area – the complementary colours, and their variations, should be remembered and combined with our main choice of colour by way of soft furnishings perhaps, pictures etc. It is also helpful to take in to account the aspect of a room. For example, should you require a calming atmosphere in a north facing room, which may well be one of the colder rooms in your house, remember to use some warm colours (i.e. variations of the warm colours of yellow, orange and ... Read more
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My initial introduction to the world was through my dad. Ever since I was a little kid, I remember being fascinated by the things that were part of my dad’s life. He could go to lunch whenever he wanted, and eat whatever he wanted! On top of this, I wondered they paid him salary for the full day that he spent in office. I thought, I was sitting whole day in school but i wasn’t getting anything in return! It sounds funny today. However, my career progress and day-to-day interactions can be attributed to advice that my dad gave me throughout the years. I’ve compiled some of the best advice he’s ever given me ‘Always remember you’re unique… just like everyone else!R... Read more
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Have you heard the famous quote "a simple hello can lead to a million things". Well if not then i guess this is the first time for you. Many times in our life the quotes leave an impression. But today i recollected this quote as i was commuting back home in the train. Below is my story. The evening travel to home in the train is always a challenge since people rush and crush each other to find a place to sit or stand.  A couple pushed through the door in time but dropped their tour maps in the rush. They picked up the maps, split up and the women managed to catch a seat next to where I was gazing through my mobile alerts. The woman began to see if she had got all the items in her bag and b... Read more
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As photographers, we often envision grids over scenes we’re shooting to hone in on that just-so composition — goodness knows we’ve talked enough here about the rule of thirds, one of the simplest and most effective ways to use a grid to improve our photographs. Some of us also use grid overlays baked into our cameras and phones to help. This week, let’s take the humble grid out of the shadows, and make it the star. Behind the gates lies the famous – Toutes les Gloires de la France   Lines of Grape Cultivation Apples protection Net Other interesting photos that captured photographers from across the world can be found hereFiled under: Photography Tagged: france, Germany, gr... Read more
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Comedy Hunt : LiveinStyle Have you heard about Kapil Sharma or Russell Peters?. Well if not , then they are some of the popular stand-up comedians who enlighten my mood whenever I hear them. There have been times when I wanted to visit their concert in person but could not make it. The presence of online videos has solved my problem and I can access this videos whenever I wish to.  However Stand-up Comedy is an art which needs to be appreciated. Let’s first talk what Stand-up Comedy is. Well Stand-up comedy is a witty style in which a comedian performs in front of live spectators, usually speaking directly to them. The performer is commonly known as a comic, stand-up comic, stand-up comed... Read more
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Flora Setting Sun customer service branch of bank   Other interesting clicks of this week can be found by clicking hereFiled under: Photography Tagged: Monochromatic, monochromatic images, Setting Sun, Weekly Photo Challenge ... Read more
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Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. This ride started by providing low end IT services almost three decades ago. However the journey of three decades has made the Indian technology sector companies as major global players. These companies have transitioned to the demanding and fast changing technology cycles. Today India is one of the front leaders in innovative digital switch with the power of multiple digital marketing startups and advanced technology companies. Many digital marketing companies are part of India’s growing digital industry and fighting with the global digital tech companies. Over the years, many global technology specialists have studied the globa... Read more
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Image credit : http://www.airtel.in With India’s flourishing smartphone market, a number of customers are likely to spend money on high-speed internet on mobile devices for a better user familiarity specifically since video observing is anticipated to be the next big data feeding opportunity. Airtel, India’s prominent mobile operator launched Airtel 4G plans in India providing services in major Indian cities. Airtel 4G will deliver high speed wireless internet services which is supposed to be ten times faster than any of the existing speeds. In the increasing competitive Indian internet market, the Airtel 4G data plans provides different variety/options as per usage of customer.  T... Read more
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