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Source: Times of India, Kounteya Sinha, TNN | Jan 29, 2012MANDLA (JABALPUR): More often than not, you've heard of government nurses making a beeline for private hospitals.But in a reverse brain drain, 30 nurses from private hospitals in Madhya Pradesh quit last year to work in government-run sick and newborn care units (SNCUs) in Shivpuri, Burhanpur and Khandwa.More applications are piling up in the state health department from private nurses wanting to work in the public sector in MP.The catch: the state raised salaries of nurses from Rs 10,000 in 2010 to Rs 15,000 in 2011. It has proposed to increase their salary to Rs 20,000 from April 1. "Around 12 nurses from a private hospital ... Read more
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Health care is crucial for the well-being of children and women. But just how important is equity when it comes to the subject of health for all? Our Debate brings together Dr Cesar Victora, President of the International Epidemiological Association, Dr Janet Vega, the Director of the Centre for Epidemiology and Public Health policy in Chile, and Dr Mickey Chopra, UNICEF's Chief of Health to tackle this issue and elaborate on why equity and health care must go hand in hand.Uploaded by UNICEFInnocenti on Jan ,2012 .... Read more
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Source:UNICEF Innocenti Research CentreProf. Sofia Gruskin, Director of Program on Global Health and Human Rights at the USC Institute for Global HealthThe Countdown to 2015 for Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival monitors coverage of priority interventions to achieve the child mortality and maternal health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). A June 2010 Lancet article summarizing the report offered welcome news to those of us concerned with the rights and health of children. It noted the need to go beyond the MDGs to truly impact newborn, child and maternal survival, and emphasized work underway to develop measures that "include elements that are indicative of social determinants of healt... Read more
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A group of 4 National Media from TOI, Amar Ujala, Prabhat Khabar and Bag Radio recently visited Mandla Tribal District in MP on 19-20 January under the IGNOU-UNICEF Partnership on Routine Immunization. The media persons visited the SCNU, the Malnutrition treatment center and interacted with AWW on Routine  Immunization.                                      Anil Gulati/UNICEF India/2012From Left to Right : Mr. Nitin Kumar, Senior Editor,Amar Ujala with Mr. Santosh Singh, Prabhat Khabar and Mr. Kounteya Sinha, Senior Editor (Health) ,Times of India visited village in Mandla District, Madhya Pradesh under the IGNOU-UNICEF Partnership on Routine Immunization... Read more
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Source: Press Information Bureau , Government of India .Dated: 16 January,2012India has declared year 2012 as the year of intensification of routine immunization. The present full immunization coverage of children is 61%. The key objective of this campaign is to improve full immunization coverage and reach all children, particularly in remote, inaccessible and backward areas as well as in urban slums. The strategies that are being deployed include: Updating of Micro plans to cover all villages and hamlets in the country; Special immunization drives in pockets of low immunization coverage; Intensification of immunization activity by observing immunization weeks in low performing states; IEC ... Read more
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Contributed By: Mr.Santosh Durdarshi, Prabhat Khabar... Read more
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Map showing Vaccination Coverage in Various Districts of Madhya Pradesh*(Source * : DLHS Survey 3 (2007-2008))... Read more
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