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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
I have lost my poetry..dgo keat em tiwh oyu,espla...... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
GOD!!Sometimes we get punished for sins we never do,after one full year...seems I am just standing in the same place......guess it is MY MISTAKE all over again...... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
I woke with the traffic,Freaky the day was,Chopped ladies fingers,Fried they are by my mom,now;Turned on my PC drinking oat milk after so long,one of my favorite.logged on to Facebook,Sent few inspiring quotations to few of my friends,Little did I know that they could be irritating as well,Watched some videos,randomly on philosophy and science,Hearing those I placidly swept the floor,... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
It's been too long,The journey has taken all of my energy,Left me exhausted,deprived,exhilarated,I am just too tired,Too tired of running for so long,Too tired of chasing, I am just too tired of being here,I can go longer,though I wish I could,maybe I was too naive..so very stupid.Now that I am  too tired of being here,I think it is the time for me to let go,For a matured heart,... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
Those days are long gone,when I thought I belonged to the world of Hogwarts,Those days are long gone,when I thought I was a princess,Those flimsy fancy fantasies....Those naive me...I wish they were totally gone.But part of me is still naive,part of me is still a kid,part of me still is in love with Harry Potter,part of me still believes that every man loves just one girl and marries... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
It's really hard to pursue when ignored,It is really hard to meet the reality without expectations,It is really hard to accept a lie as a truth,because it is the liar whom you love. Harder it is to "ACCEPT" when "EXPECTATIONS" are not so far,God!Give me the resistance to fight back my tears,Give me the courage and strength to remain as "ME" for ever,So that no matter what happens,I... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
There had been times when I didn't understand,There had been times when though I understood I pretended as if I didn't coz I never knew what to do next. There had been times when though I understood I pretended as if i didn't coz of my selfish reasons..There had been times when I didn't really understood..There had been times when I had been so stupid..  for all those minutes....for all... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
With days the silly pointless dreams vanish,Hmm..the silly-ness that once I really enjoyed seems so pointless.A lot has changed.A lot of growth.Maturing is the right word.Maybe there comes a day where I will not be silly at all,who knows and who cares?Whatever I am Surya,sensible and simple.Maybe I am not perfect,Maybe I am just another typical girl who comes along now and then,But... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
Despite all the traffic,there are beautiful places.Despite all the chaos,there is tranquil  minutes.Despite the crowd,there are people unheard.Despite all the shit,Life is beautifulhttp://www.slideshare.net/zubairmasoodi/madness-64804... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
Told you it hurts,Told you it kills,Told you it's a brusie that stinks,Told you it's my all.You said it was strange,Said it was like some super natural phenomeana.You said "it was the past".If so  I said get lost.You held me,said the past was blurred..Like an unconcious dream ...You said why look at the past,Rejoice the happy moments.Believeing you again...Hoping to have a fresh... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
The waves keep roaring..But despite the sound of the waves,The roar of the wind...The magic of nature missing.There is a dumb silence.The moon and the star keep shining,No more stories does it tell..Still the silence prevails.The calm cool gentle breeze blows,Where it should have been the embrace of love,In me nothing does it invoke.There lies the teddy bear,Nothing but a huge little... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
 Here I am confused... There is nothing much to talk, but I don't want to lose touch...what am I to do...?... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
Nimu,Tomfla,Carfla and those others sooo close yet left unnamed,It appears as if it is so long the day we met,You all were so very strange then,Everything was new,Yup! even the whole of the world,Hmm...I was soo small then weren't I?Yup! Too short,plump..With an oily hair that curled soo much that it always it sweats..Hmm..lots of changes in me and too little in you folks...Hmm..Hmm...... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
You infected me with the cancer,Thought it was fun,didn't you?Did you think I was strong enough?Didn't you know I am naiveNaive enough to believer everything you say,Didn't you know I am a childWaiting with legs crossed with my lil palm supporting my chin,with my curious eyes keenly watching every move you make,With my ears sharp for all that you say,Waiting on so that you'll turn around... Read more
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Blogger: Chakresh Surya
  There was a little boy with a little boy heart...Soft and tender it was..All that it wanted was..To get closer to me..Whenever the shy little heart sensed my presence..It put on a weak feeble uncertain smile..Not knowing what my little heart was..Days rolled...The boy was slowly losing control of his little heart..As far as me..My brain just stopped functioning when it was that little... Read more
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