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उसकी उँगलियों में उँगलियाँ डालेसर से उसके सर को सटाएबिन बोले पर होठों से हीएक बात कही थीवो बात कहीं तो रुक गयीहमारी हया के सामने झुक गयीवो बात अधूरी रह गयीउस रात अधूरी रह गयी रात जो लंबी लग रही थीबंद आँखों में भी जग रही थीवो रात सहर के आने से जैसे डर गयीखत्म होने से पहले ... Read more
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 In the contemporary turbulent times when the whole world is undergoing multidimensional transformation, which have given a new direction to the way human history was being written, one cannot but help thinking what is it that he wants to see changed or more specifically what is it that he could change?A simple look at the front page of a newspaper will give an indication that world is falling apart, from the corruption in our own country to the miseries of an African, to the state repression in middle east, to the relative unemployment among even the employer nations, to the climate change and the list does seem to have an end. While the scale of the problems is intimidating,  perhaps tha... Read more
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 The Supreme Court(SC) recently passed four judgments which were long awaited for, by the common people and intelligentsia alike – 2G, Army Chief’s age raw, Vodafone and Ramdev. All of them were related to corruption in some or other manner. The judgements passed were expected to leave a historical impact on the way Corporates, Politicians, Governments and ‘Aam Aadmi’ work in this country. There were similar  things on in the neighbourhood as well as in Western World, we’ll take a look on the events taking place there also. The SC has lately started sounding ambivalent in its decision, some sort of finding always the mid way. It has also formed a love-hate relationship with the g... Read more
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 आती है जो दिल से आवाज़ उसे हम अनसुना सा क्यूँ करते हैंरुकने को चाहते पर चलूँ चलूँ करते हैंइस पल की तो सुन लो आवाज़ कि कहीं वक्त रुसवां ना हो जाएएक पल तो ठहरो कम से कम, ये पल खुशनुमां सा हो जाए किस्से सुना रहे हैं तब से, फिल्मों के, अख़बारों केअफ़साने से कुछ सुना रहे हैं, हम बीती ... Read more
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 To start with, a mass drive to encourage people to join NGOs can be initiated. They can be made aware of their responsibilities towards the society and individual and collective capabilities of how a transformation in the society could be brought at personal and local level.The recent ‘awakening’ of the nation was no less than a miracle. At one point of time it seemed difficult that Indians, could come together for one issue, rising above their self interests, and taking out  some time from their highly busy and ‘productive’ life. But it happened and it happened magnificently. ‘The People’ behaved very responsibly following all principles of a peaceful revolution while asserti... Read more
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 इस राह कि ये बेबसी है यहाँ अकेले चलना पड़ता हैहमसफ़र कोई मिले तो भी अलविदा उसे कहना पड़ता हैहम थोडा और साथ चल पाते तो सोचो कितना अच्छा होतातुम थोडा और रुक पाते तो सोचो कितना अच्छा होता बस अभी तो अपनी बातों में गहराई सी कुछ आई थीबस अभी तो तुम्हारी मुस्कान में मैंने हंसी अपन... Read more
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 The on-going global '”Currency War” has its roots deep buried in the history of monetary system and the economic practices followed worldwide post Second World War. Men’s experiments with money loosely started from bartering during river valley civilizations and extends to the currently prevalent fiat money system. It started with a promise to solve trading problems, which barter system could not solve and has evolved into the cornerstone of modern economics, driving and determining country’s trade, economic prosperity and its relations with the world outside. This certainly imposes a necessity to think about (mis)use of this system as a weapon to fight power games while suffocatin... Read more
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 We are passing through times of despair when everything around us seems to be nothing but just hopeless. The political phantasmagoria which used to be entertaining once upon a time has become source of infusing pessimism in the common man. People have just left any hopes of a society based on morals and ethics, sometimes wondering whether anyone actually wants a corruption free society because we have been beneficiary of it in some or other way at any point of time in our lives. The sleazy ways have been legitimised. Morality and conscience have taken a plunge.The most astonishing thing among all the things going wrong on political front is the image our PM has in our hearts, All of us hav... Read more
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 जब सूनी तन्हा रातों में सब खाली खाली लगता होगाबात किसी से करने को जब पास न कोई होता होगायाद तो मेरी आती होगीदिल में टीस तो कोई उठती होगीपत्थर दिल तो तू भी नहींदर्द तुझे भी होता होगा राहों में देख कभी मुझेतू भी घंटो सोचती होगीतकिए में छुपा चेहरा अपनातू भी घंटो रोती होगी... Read more
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चूने सी, दीवारों से झड, हाथो में कभी आ लगीबैठ सिरहाने तकिये के, तू रातों रातो संग जगीऔर बैठ कभी घंटो ऐसे ही, बातें तूने मेरी सुनीपर तन्हाई, तू भी तो कुछ बोल कभी, क्यूँ ऐसे खामोश खड़ी समझ न पाया साथ तेरा, खुदा कि रहमत है, रुसवाई हैएक तू ही सदा से संग रही, बाकी दुनिया हरजाई हैदुः... Read more
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 The global journalism entered into a new phase 4 years ago with the birth of WikiLeaks. The journalism became ‘participative’, an element it always cries for in the governance. The WikiLeaks was launched like any other wiki site, editable by all, irrespective of his technical knowledge but with a rather catchy slogan – “We open Governments” . Later on it moved to a non-wiki framework. It shot to fame with release of documents about Iraq War and recently with the leaks of about quarter a million US embassy cables. The revealing of dirty diplomacy played by USA has once again raised the issues of ethics in foreign policy.Let us look into this issue.  Wikipedia defines foreign poli... Read more
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 Media in the past one month has been gifted a series of scams by our politicians. While the scam thing has become a way of life for us, it still generates a feeling of disappointment deep within us, wondering what the future will be. The main problem is we don’t see a way out of this problem. knowing its almost impossible to defeat this leviathan System, which has the blood of corruption flowing in its veins.The questions which come to my mind are where is the start of this chain of corruption? What is the root cause – is it really the plummeting ethical standards of society or  we need to find answers the Marxist way – through economics? Is this only Indian society which has been p... Read more
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 आँखें मूंदे सुबहो सेसोती  जगती रातो सेकरते, हाँ करते हैं बातें तेरीख्वाब जो इतने प्यारे हैंमिलके हँसते सारे हैंकरते, हाँ करते हैं बातें तेरीभीनी से जो, ये शामें हैं, आती रहेधीमी सी जो, ये राहें हैं, चलती रहेहवा का झोंका कोई, उड़ा के तुझे लाया है ग़मों कि धूप में, खुशियों का ... Read more
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(This is an extension of poem already posted here)जब चाँद फलक पर आता हैऔर तारे गुनगुन करते हैंजब बागों में जाकर भंवरे कलियो से भुनभुन करते हैंजब हवा भी शांत हो स्तब्ध कहीं रुक जाती हैऔर हल्की सी आहट भी चौकन्ना सा कर जाती हैजब मौहल्ले के चौकीदार की आवाज़ भी गुंजन लगती हैऔर दूर जाती रेल की छुकछुक भी मनो... Read more
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 Well, there is something about her, you will always find her on the opposite side of the majority view. She has become the Goddess of Small Things in her own way. Pick up any issue may it be Naxalism, Kashmir, Sardar  Sarovar Project, Indian nuclear policy, death sentence to Afjal guru and so on, she will always oppose the India as state. Her opposition does not seem to be anti government but anti state in its basic premise.While speaking for the Kashmiri independence, I doubt she has given a thought regarding the history of region. Moreover let us put the issue whether it belongs to India or Pakistan aside for a moment, and think deeply, is Kashmiri independence really a solution to anyo... Read more
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 हाय रे काजल तेरा  काजल….. पल पल जो ये झपकती हैंहँसे जो तू तो संग हँसती हैंबरसती हैं तेरी बातों के संगमुस्कान के संग खेला करती हैंजिन आखों की हो गई सारी दुनिया कायलउनका पहरेदार, तेरा अनोखा काजलहाय रे काजल तेरा  काजल….. चुप रहती है तू पर बातें ये करती हैंदिल में तेरे क्या ह... Read more
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This is a temporary post that was not deleted. Please delete this manually. (ee8cd319-a8fa-4cec-a446-23cd377198dc - 3bfe001a-32de-4114-a6b4-4005b770f6d7)... Read more
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 क्या हुआ जो विजय नाद है आज धीमा पड़ाक्या हुआ जो विश्व सारा, है मुंह बाएँ खड़ाक्या हुआ जो पराजय के प्रेत हर ओर नाचते हैंक्या हुआ जो इस भंवर में तू अकेला है खड़ा कौन चलना सीखा है आज तक गिरे बिना बता क्यूँ पंगुओं के हास्य से फिर तू डरता है भलाजीवन पथ पर आगे चलना ही देख तेरा धर्म ... Read more
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 चांदनी उस रात में जब बहारें झूम रही थीएक पल में अचानक चाँद कहीं खो गयाऔर अमावस सी स्याह हुई थीवो रात, जब चाँद भी था सो गया हुई रात वो काली इतनी हाथ को हाथ ढूँढता रहारास्ते वहाँ थे भी या नहींनहीं किसी को पता लगा सालों से सहेजे ख्वाब बिखर गए जो ठोकर खाईख्वाब टूटा ऐसा कि नीं... Read more
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