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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
Lets createsomething for goodI will be the CRAFT andyou be the WOOD.Let me uproot youfrom the trunks oflong-run mellowed treesthat divide intobranchesbeyond the reachof the purlinsof the kirk on high,leaving your originsinto the soil stung rootsbehind.Let mewedge you in the backwith a cut abouttwo inches deepso that you,with soft windsto natural inclinationsfallsplittingyour xylem ringsand memories ofageless time.Let me be your Masteras I axe youwith my power blows,screening youthrough your dividelet your bark and sheaths bestripped asidefor Ihave a glimpse into yoursap and heartwoodbe my soul and guidemy handsthrough your resinsor let the reflexes ofmy muscles memorythrough.Let me feelthe w... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
Incompatible worlds that thrive on my facets poach on meVagaries that breed todisarray mesmother reality Infectious peace retracts for prodigious expectationsself reacts to selfDivided along asymmetrytorn along rift zonesflows the molten me Empty for obsidianplates siftedwill it ever be me again?~ A... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
Hoofs of a young fawn at daybreak spedBright sunlight strained on a lime-sorbetNature soothing the cause of life on all-clearSenses now spins to destinations off-near A while ago everything was confused freshQued seasons were unpredictable insteadAnd then the manner of life for memory's sakeStale flesh from free range to broiler instead. Reticenct  pleasures sentenced to agony's bestHope giggled in a frenzied child-like zestFurtive desires from under the blanket peepAs dreams embodying my life undress. ~ A... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
Resplendent pleasure and painFestivities in religious ardourAmulets of LoveRiddled righteous passionFragrance of AlistoniaCrazing the lazy daybreak hourDe-greased‎ hides, suedes and FeatherDhaki rolls the Kathi fervourReds smudge hems of feetCinnabar brow-smearsLal-paar tasseled anchalsDurga in her valourChakra, club, conch, lotus, arrows, spears, thunderbolt, tridentSHE isStill in an eighteen-armed blow To the two armed Mahishasur..piercing his heartTrinkets of blood in the fallingTiger clawing the wounded-asurIs breached by the stillness of festivityMahishasur Mardini exudesShrieks of joy, Sounds of clankingConch-Naad, Bells and VersesSorrows and Joys are blessingsCrimes of Love bestowin... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
The kinetics of ClockworkA pendulum in full motionSwingingGaze fixed to oscillationHypnotic fruitificationStimulus to its countlessness Haste............. I find it.It spins a webBringing many collisions to actionI flow in its fulfillmentSmuffed in its admirationSmothered by its potencyI submit....It was Just a wandering thoughtSteeped in Love For your adoration..~ A... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
It does not touch me nownor does it probe into my sense of being.It does not declare me alivenor excavate a sensory fossilfrom the crevices of day dreams.It does not lavathe heat from the corenor does it benumb me into the hollowness inside.Its no more a cause of habit nor does it ask me to asunder purpose-truths of this shallow life.It does not call for pardonnor makes me guilty of my days. Its not in the passing nor in the waiting is it Its an age gone byand I do not care..~ A... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
Tepid madness of life expressedSqualls for me and thing suppressedI trembled on each step I tookTo stand where the poet stood.On untouched turf he oft rodeFor rhymes in spoors and every nestMany with endearing hearts appearAs flames within the breadloaf disappear.Wayside along the winding roadsA thread of Frost, a scribbled trailWhich rode amid the hearts and wordsAs spirited horses in autumn woods.Through rusting leaves an hour spentChuckles of gnomes hushed in breezeWhile riotous cicadas on crickets rodeThe spell of this wayside shrine.  Winged dreams from a poetic crestWill always find a branch to restThe Road not taken poignant thoughStood speechless on a paths so known.Only an unto... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
ComeAnd be a companionIn my mindFor the nights are listlessAnd the days do not leaveMemories in a nameTo which I belong.ComeAnd be a companionIn my mindFor my body only obeysNature's instinct imbuedIn the trenches o' my heartFor me to war or follow.ComeAnd be in unityIn my anonymityFor names stir expectationAnd the cycle of Love is drawnTo destinations all knownPain peace and solitude.ComeAnd let your youth ascertainThe demeanor of my ageMy path into silent timesAnd a caducity wherePassions free forever fleeTo many breaths.ComeAnd let's shine for no reasonfor stars cover the helpless nightBeyond the beings forever.~ A.... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
The Real ME...I am not, the Complete me,The Truth of me is past,Firmed in the Breeze,Chiding clock's stutter, And the Real is yet to be.But am told the Real you,Is drifting in the passing too.Layers of  time, In chambers of certitude containAn incognito in the presentDecoy of past and Yet to be.~ A... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
Brash gust of musicon languid mornings pourchiseling somnolent breaths to a sigh.Eyes closedgrips awake to your touch.Hoary memoriesin tense calculated controlledpectoralis excitement reside.I feel you through your cold seamsyour sheenfine crafted metallic sleepy cold.Clasps firm on the holdsthe carnal withinawakens to a hold- a press and a lift.You are racked againprobably ready for another try.But I am doneglistening in sweatI heave a sight.~ A... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
Is the Pain-Truth there to stay?or is the animateever changing, perishingbeing and becoming?Gripe is a definitethat vacillates betweendesire in its becomingand fulfillment perishing.Journeys never endThe seas and desertsthough pass in a measureI and they remain.Breath empties to fresh gaspas hankering and gratification.each in its stancechallenge my Peace.~ A... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
You came to meIn different agesAll clad in colours... Of formationsWhich dispersedInto the nature.. Of happeningsPure and contagiousThe instinct of PowerShining throughVarious associationsIn contrasts of distress and...  Un-breached LoveFor a commitmetIn constructionAND yet I needyou more and moreNot just everytimeThe clouds gatheredAnd breeze swept... My sleeping bodyTo DelightfulnessO! Power,O! MotherO! Aspect of LoveReverenceHappy Navratas!!~ A... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
And it was not deficientEVER !With the shortness of breathIt came through deathThe sense of Life.The sense of LifeAlways brewedOften in disguiseMuffled - untold.When you were not thereI felt the pangs - ah! anotherWhen I was missingIt went past a huggingThat my deprived eyes beheld.Just that pain did not realizeThat within the cloak ofEvery hour deprivedBrewed through solitudeA cry unrealizedAnd through moments unspent with you,It was not Life always I chooseIt was You.~ A.... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
...... andwhich partof your bodywillmy kissadorn best ?should it be the navelor the thighor the deep set clefton your chinor the partingwhere the buttocks meetand where on our last meetingwhen I nibbled,you had shriekedorshould it bethe way theage old ritual beganwhere my lipspondered all overguided by thesight of smelldiscovering the fragrant striationsas they varied andintensifiedhelping my way to your lipsfrom whereI could fix my bewildered gazeinto your deepdark eyes.~ A... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
There are actsEntangled in the depravityOf memory's cravingsWhich the BodyAnd the Living mindOften refuses to attestAndWhich do not reflectOn the living consciousnessAs any event of substanceButWhich are librariesOf echoing blissWhen observed-relivedIn solitude.Its the impedance of reflectionThat is a passionAnd notThe acts of ignorance.~ A.... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
In the solitudeOf your shadeInterspersed withThe Light of SunFocusing my sightInto abstractionTo break the sonanceOf hum drum aroundInto rainbow of tonesWith individual soundsDistinctly heardBy fixing a focusOn one at a time.My mind has slowedBy a bit toAid perception.I am yet not able toHear the sound of windAs it frills around theDried leavesStirring the bladesOf grass and entwiningThe warmth of my skinWith a caress, a touch.~ A.... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
While those reciprocating,fiddle the ensnared stimuliand the dead-to-acts,declare, that its justall a loose, concocted,combined chemical andmechanical processesenmeshed consciousness-proddingis what we knowas LIFEandWhile the dead-to-actsunwind the flawless-entwinesmatter-consciousness-manand dispersing-disappearspace-memory-time andwith the writs of breath rejectedignite, enthralled in a dimensionbody-less, time-less, friend-lessoften known as death isLIFE AGAIN.~ A... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
In the transience of constant changeIs the impermanence of ME best heldThe circumstances around best holdThe needed inner reflections of SELF..I looked around to find the balanceLife brewed best by restless STILLNESS And each LIFE situation an agencyTo one reality - ME amidst the MANY.~ A... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
Floored with the stupor of coloursI touch them with my sightDo'nt know how to paintWhile my fingers steal a feelGluey-sticky tubes chargecant hold them steady anymoreunnerved I gaze the flow of coloursunmoved I hear the echoing concept.The stillness within simplifiesthe groaning desires to inactionsight and tears now witnessthe fear of deliverance.Quietude steadied with hopehappiness was just a space withoutwhich occurred to the loss of feel an abject refusal to see the pain within.~ A... Read more
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Blogger: Anand Khatri " Sufi Benam"
The pain I gave you o beloved! is a great awakening.My separation from you o beloved! is a great learning.This unaccomplished life I live o love! is a great stirring.My feeble limbs, still, curious, impatient to an all new measure.The debt of life I owe you Amanda ! is certitude and awakening stir.My sordid life tracing a pace uncharted till limbs strengthen.Accepting Self as in a destined unfolding is a Great Renunciation.~ A.... Read more
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