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Blogger: Rajeev Bharol
Rahu and Ketu (Lunar nodes) are going to station at 23 and 22 degrees in Libra and Aries from Middle of March 2013 to third week of June 2013. This would mean stress in various areas for those who have weak planets in odd signs and/or have rising degree of their ascendant between 17 and 27 degrees. Closer the degree to 22 degree, more the stress. You can find your ascendant and it's rising degree here : http://www.astroquery.com/services/ascendantonline.html... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Bharol
Saturn is entering it's sign of exaltation,  Libra on Nov 15, 2011. Here is the impact on various ascending signs:http://yournetastrologer.com/saturn_in_libra.htm You can find your ascendant here: http://www.astroquery.com/services/ascendantonline.html ... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Bharol
Lunar nodes (also called Rahu and Ketu) will be stationed at 20 degrees from now to end of December 2011. Anybody with rising degree within +/- 2 degrees of 20 degrees or a natal planet afflicted within +/- 2 degrees of by Lunar nodes are going to face tremendous stress in different areas of life! Some of us might already be feeling the effect.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Bharol
राहू और केतू मई जून और जुलाई २०११ में धीमी गति से २९ अंश  पर रहेंगे. राहू और केतु सभी लग्नों के लिए नुक्सानदायक ग्रह माने जाते हैं. इस चाल का विपरीत प्रभाव उन सभी लोगों (और देशों) पर पड़ेगा जिनकी जन्मपत्री में लग्न का अंश २४ अंश से ३० अंश या ० अंश से ४ अंश तक के बीच होगा.लग्... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Bharol
राहू और केतू नवम्बर १५, २०१० से लेकर फरवरी ४, २०११ तक धीमी गति से ८ अंश  पर रहेंगे. राहू और केतु सभी लग्नों के लिए नुक्सानदायक ग्रह माने जाते हैं. इस चाल का विपरीत प्रभाव उन सभी लोगों (और देशों) पर पड़ेगा जिनकी जन्मपत्री में लग्न राशि ८ अंश से ५ अंश के अंदर पड़ेगी. अर्थात वो स... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Bharol
शुक्र  ग्रह अपनी मूलत्रिकोण राशि तुला में १ सितम्बर २०१० को प्रवेश करेगा और वहाँ १ जनवरी २०११ तक रहेगा. प्रोफ़ेसर वी. के चौधरी जी ने, विभिन्न लग्नों में पैदा हुए व्यक्तियों पर पड़ने वाले प्रभाव का विश्लेषण किया है जो आप उनकी वेबसाइट पर देख सकते हैं. http://www.yournetastrologer.com/Venus_in_libra.htm  ( ... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Bharol
राहू और केतू मई १५, २०१० से लेकर अगस्त के तीसरे सप्ताह तक धीमी गति से १७ अंश पास रहेंगे. राहू और केतु सभी लग्नों के लिए नुक्सानदायक ग्रह माने जाते हैं. इस चाल का विपरीत प्रभाव उन सभी लोगों (और देशों) पर पड़ेगा जिनकी जन्मपत्री में लग्न राशि १७ अंश से ५ अंश के अंदर पड़ेगी. अर्था... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Bharol
Mercury is almost stationed at 8 and 9 degrees in Aries from May 6th to May 17th 2010. And it will be 8 degrees May 9th to May 14th. Mercury normally is a fast-moving planet. For Aries, Libra and Aquarius Mercury is Malefic while for all other ascendant it is a benefic planet. What it means is that if your ascendant is Aries, Libra or Aquarius and rising degree of your ascendant is within 5 degrees of 8 degree i.e., if it is from 3 degrees to 13 degrees, it may give you stress in different areas of life like health issue for you and/or spouse,  mental stress, trouble in foreign lands, trouble in business etc etc depending upon the ascendant and your natal chart. While for other ascendants, ... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Bharol
By Professor V.K.Choudhryhttp://www.yournetastrologer.com/jupiter_in_pisces.htmJupiter enters Pisces on 2nd May, 2010, and it will be staying there up to 8th May, 2011, except between 2nd November, 2010, to 5th December, 2010, when it appears to be in Aquarius in its apparent retrograde motion.Depending upon the natal strength of Jupiter the impact of Jupiter in Pisces with varying degrees of influences for various ascending signs is likely to be as under :1. ARIES - It brings the incidence of travel, expenses, celebrations and relocation in distant places. In some cases the move may be necessitated with a view of earnings. Businessmen may open their offices in foreign lands. Strengthening o... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Bharol
Mercury is going retrograde and slow in Aries from Approximately April 10 to May 25th. It will be almost stationed at around 17 and 18 degrees from April 13th to April 24th and at 8 and 9 degrees from May 6 to May 17th. This means trouble for those ascendants for which Mercury is Malefic i.e., Aries, Libra and Aquarius and good for other ascendants if rising degree of ascendant falls around above mentioned degrees where Mercury will be stationed.Visit www.astroquery.com for more information.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Bharol
Saturn will stay in Virgo all year. Jupiter spends most of the time in Pisces and some time in Aquarius during early and ending part of the year. Mars will be in Cancer upto May. Venus will spend last months of the year in Libra.To find the effect of all planetary transit on you, checkout yearly predictions on www.astroquery.com... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Bharol
Rahu and Ketu are functional malefic planets in any chart. In Systems approach to Vedic Astrology also called SATVA, we consider true nodes instead of mean value of nodes Rahu and Ketu are always 180 degress from each other. So if, say, Rahu is at 10 degrees in Aries, Ketu shall be at 10 degrees in Libra! They aspect 5th,7th and 9th houses from their position.Whenever Nodes aspect or transit over the natal and/or transit position of weak planets in ones chart, they create problems related to general and particular significations of the planets affected and houses of their placement. When we say 'Transit over' the planet that means it is within 5 degrees of the planet. When the aspect is wide... Read more
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