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Hanuman Chalisa-The Hanuman Chalisa virtually Forty chaupais on Hanuman Chalisa may be a Hindu pious hymn (stotra) self-addressed to Hanuman. it's historically believed to possess been authored by 16th-century author Tulsidas within the Awadhi language and is his best illustrious text except for the Ramcharitmanas. The word "Chalisa" comes from "Chalis", which suggests the amount forty in Hindi, because the Hanuman Chalisa has forty verses (excluding the couples at the start and at the end).Hanuman may be a vanar (a monkey-like humanoid), a disciple of Ram, and one in all the central characters within the Indian poem, the Ramayan. folks tales acclaim the po... Read more
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Shiva-Shiva Says the Lord of gods Mahadev them, Bholenath, Shankar, Mahesh, Rudra, is also known by the name of Jay. Bhairav Tanta them in practice, also known by the name. One of the major deities of Hinduism. His name is in the Vedas Rudra. The individual consciousness that knoweth. Their Ardhadagini (power) is the name of Parvati. If his son Ganesh and Kartikeya, and Putriasok are gorgeous. Yogi Shiva as most cases are seen in pictures and sculpture Pujashivling and is both. Ensconced snake god Shiva's neck and hands are the drum and trident. Kailash is their habitat. This is the basis of Shaivism  Do this as a venerable all the power with Shiva.Lord Shiva is called the god of destru... Read more
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Shiva hears about many things, including some strange and some seem hostile to each other. Let us know their five features:Shiva took the walk-Just do not worship the god Shiva. Monsters, ghosts, vampires, and creatures of every kind have their worshipers. All of whom rejected & dash Ghosts, vampires, monsters, Monster & dash Shiva has adopted all of them.When they were married, it is said that every person who was not a body or a body, everyone attended their wedding. All the gods and celestial beings, the demon, monster, microbiology, demon and ghost-demon, all came to their wedding. Generally, these people are not built for themselves. But not everyone was present at the wedding o... Read more
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Lord Shiva Stories-• Shivpuran the major incidents occurred on the night of Shiva's life and work, this is because every night of Shiva Takes some Decision. • Shiva and mythology, including  Narada Purana, Shiva and Goddess Parvati other Puranas say that this pattern does not hold the world still remains desolated.Blue is night and every day, but every day there is a date Phagun chaturdasi. chaturdasi of particular importance because of the waning Maharatri ordinary night but not because it is the night of Lord Shiva's. It says the night of Shiva Maha Shivaratri.According to several major events in the life of Mahadev Happen on  Maha Shivratri night and this is because every ni... Read more
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Shivling in Makka-The pilgrimage to Makka in Islam world about him, some people actually believe that today thousands of years ago he was the pilgrimage site for Hindus. It is said that there was a temple of Lord Mahadeva Makkeshwar. Referring to the 'Ramawatarcrit's an extremely wonderful and rare in Yuddhkandprkrn context Makkeshwar gender' has been in, which often do not get in other Ramayana. Some people claim that there is still Shiva Lingam present. According to a belief that there is any Muslim country for Hajj this lingam as a kiss Shivling.Where is come here-Lingam, which sits behind the legend is that he is happy with the austerity of Ravan. Bholenath blessed to win the battle and ... Read more
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Shivratri 2016-Shivratri 2016 is on 7 March.The union of Lord Shiva and Maa Shakti is Shivratri mahaparva. According to the Hindu calendar, celebrated on Phalgun chaturdasi. Krishna devotees going to the Shivratri mahaparva desired fruit, money, luck, prosperity, progeny and soundness of providers about the way this mahaparva many mythological stories are valid, but the text of Hinduism, Shiva this auspicious date according to the law of mythology Vidyeshwar Mahanisha formless nature of God Bholenath sex symbol worship Brahma and Lord Vishnu first introduced by the due date, it was known as Shivratri. Maha Shivratri form of Lord Shiva is the destroyer in the time for the welfare of thei... Read more
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                       Name of Lord ShivaShiva has always been seen as a very powerful creature. Additionally, it is understood that the world is not very clever. Therefore, a form of Shiva is said Bholenath-Bholenath because he is like a child and Bholenath Means innocent  or  ignorant. You will find that most intelligent people become very easily fooled because they are small things, your mind can not. Very few people are smart and cunning intelligence of a wise man in the world can defeat easily. Or socially, in terms of the wealth that can be significant, but in relation to this kind of life is not important to win.We ... Read more
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How To Worship Lingam-If you worship the Lingam particularly mindful of these things, his anger is naïve because if Mahadev is not hidden from anyone because he Tridevo destroyer. Shiva is also worshiped  he should be in the right rules for you some errors may otherwise prove beneficial is destructive     We're going to reel the error did not say who told you to sit while worshiping Shiva.   Shivling not keep any such place where you are not worshiping in Hindu religion ever lingam at home if you do not keep the whole law and  not worshiped her, because if you do it in those so let's be careful because you are insulted Shiva and is inviting some catas... Read more
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Dakshayani-Dakshayani is the First Wife of Lord Shiva.Who Take another reincarnation of sati herself.in previous Life Sati name is Dakshayani. Then Dakshayani is born on Daksh. Daksh Is Son of bramha g. That’s Why Sati Is called Dakshayani. Dakshayani word derived from Daksh which The Father of Sati. Sati have 61 Sisters according to the puran. Then Sati does Promise that she doing marriage only Shiva or lord Shiva. Then  she does Prayer of lord Shiva Many years then shiva is happy with his Prayer and says yes to marriage with Dakshayani(Sati).What happen when sati death http://www.shivagod.in/2016/02/angry-shiva.html... Read more
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Angry Shiva-Earth Creation  By Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are all aware about the role. Brahma, the creator of the world, Vishnu and Mahesh ie Palnhrta Shiva is known as the destroyer of worlds. If talk of Shiva, the Destroyer of being the creation of the world, the world is not ending. Whenever there is an increase of sin on earth, ie, the destruction of all life on Earth by Lord Shiva once again to open the way for the creation of new worlds.Do the same thing if devotees of Lord Shiva, Shiva's devotees are detached from the world's natural Maya. Notably, these are worn by Shiva each have a sense of devotion to icons. The Shiva to be used by a mysterious story behind each ... Read more
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 worship of Lord Shiva lingam worship has its own significance            Typically, as is worship of Lord Shiva lingam worship has its own significance. Sriling Mahapurana various idols of Lord Shiva is said about worship.1-Kartikeya worshiping with idol Lord Shiva and Parvati all human desires is fulfilled. Man receives all objects of comfort, happiness.2. The idol of Lord Shiva in the legs, four arms and three eyes  and holding a trident  With the north and south side of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu sculpture. A statue to worship remains free from diseases and good health of all humans get.3. Three feet of Lord Shiva, the god Shiva statue... Read more
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we worship of Shiva on Monday.on Monday we concentrate on Shiva Pooja.on Monday We Need These Things Given Below.1-Belpatra  2-Milk3-Curd4-Honey5-Sugar6-Ghee7-WaterThis Pooja Start From Month Of Karthik.Karthik Start From (Mid November To Mid December) and on Shavan (Mid July to Mid August) In between These Month We worship on Monday For Lord Shiva.Process of Worship-1- Go To the Market and buy a new Shiva Shivling.2- Take The Good Bath and Wear new Cloth or Good Clothes.3- Mix All The 7 Things Which Are Given Above.4- And Burn The Lamp in Front of Shivling.5- And Offer Some Food And Fruit To Shivling.6- Chant This Mantra Om Namah Shivay or Mahamritujaya Mantra At The Time Of Worsh... Read more
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शिव की पूजा शिवलिंग के रूप में की जाती है अधिकतर लोग शिवलिंग की पूजा करते है कुछ ही लोग शिव की मूरति की पूजा करते है जब माता शती की मृत्यु हुई तब शिव जी ने तांडव सुरु कर दिया और पृथ्वी पर इधर उधर भागने लगे जब वो ब्रामनास पहुंचे तो बहुत गुस्से में थे और और उन्हें श्राप देन... Read more
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Meaning of Shiva is The Auspicious One in Hindi (Mangal or Achcha).Shiva is Name of Hindu God.There Are Many Meaning of Shiva Some are Given Below.1.Mangal2.Shubh3.Dhanya4.Mubarak5.Achcha6.SampannaThese are The Some Meaning of Shiva Name.All Name Mean in Hindi.But Shiva Have 108 Name These name I will Show You in Images Given Below.For About Shiva Visit www.shivagod.in ... Read more
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Shiva is a god of  Hindus.Who Live in Kailash Mount With her Family.Know More About Shiva.For More Wallpapers of Shiva click here.... Read more
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Shiva Story-Shiva Doing Some Magnificent Work For Earth And All The Gods of Hindus.One Time At Sagar Manthan When All Good Things Come From Manthan is Taken All Hindus Gods but when poison Come From Manthan Then No Body Else To take It and drink it but lord Shiva is doing this and safe the earth and humanity  by doing this.many Shiva Stories are Here About Lord Shiva.This Image Show You Some Image of Sagar Manthan.Here in this image we Show you Shiva is Drink Poison To Save the Earth And Humanity.This is all Taken by Hindu Mythology.                                           &nb... Read more
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शिवा के बारे में-शिवका मतलब है महादेव (महान देवता).ये कभी ना पैदा हुए और ना ही कभी मरेंगे इनको बहुत नामो से जानते है जैसे शंकर, महादेव,भोले ,महेश,नीलकंठ,रूद्र आदि इन सब नामो से शिवा को जाना जाता है वेदो में इनका नाम रूद्र है इनकी पत्नी का नाम पारवती है इनके दो बेटे है गणेश और... Read more
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Shiva is Swayambhu or self born. That he came into being out of nothing and nonetheless contains inside himself the flexibility and power to contain and management everything. Vaishnavites or the followers of Shiva Hindu deity are convinced that it absolutely was Lord Hindu deity United Nations agency was Swayambhu and Lord Brahma was born out of the lotus point chord of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva was born out of the Teja or energy from Lord Vishnus forehead. Are there matter proof to support the claims? Yes. indeed he Hindu deity Puran, the chief among texts... Read more
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Shiva wallpapers-Shiva is in Ardhnarishiva Ascept.Here Shiva is in Natrajan  Aspect.here lord Shiva with Hanuman And With His Son Ganesha.Here Shiva is in Narshimbha Roop.... Read more
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Shiva Mahamrityunjaya Mantra have capability to any person can get death free.shiva this matra have lot powerful then other mantra.here is mantra in sanskrit or in english and here is the mean of this mantra of shiva.                       In Sanskrit  ॐत्र्यम्बकंयजामहेसुगन्धिंम्पुष्टिवर्धनम्।     उर्वारुकमिवबन्धनान्मृत्योर्मुक्षीयमामृतात्।।               We show in image mahamritujaya Mantra in S... Read more
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