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Credited with the release of the first android tablet back in 2010, Samsung is a major player in the tablet market. In recent times, the Suwon based company has shifted its focus from premium high end tablets to entry level and mid-range tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab E is the South Korean tech giant’s latest entry level tablet. The new Tab E promises great performance and value for money. Priced at 16,899 Rs. the Galaxy Tab E is the best tablet under 20000 Rs. compared to other tablets under that price. However, this is not to say that the Galaxy Tab E cannot hold its own against its competitors.   Best Tablet Under 20000 Rs. : Samsung Galaxy Tab E Price16,389 Rs. BrandSa... Read more
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Blogger: AbhiN
In 2015, Motorola released not one, not two, but three flagship smartphone models, namely the Moto X Style, Moto X Force and the Moto X Play. The latter model, which is slightly affordable than the other two, is the subject of this review which is considered as the best phone under 20000 Rs. As you might have guessed from its name, the Moto X Play was designed for adventurous persons who need a battery than can keep up with their phone usage. Also, the handset was designed for individual who have a tendency of dropping their phones. Although the Moto X Play costs less than the X Force and the X Style, it can more than hold its own against the two and here is why.   Best Phone Under 2000... Read more
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Blogger: AbhiN
Xiaomi’s first ever tablet, the Mi Pad is a welcome addition to the plethora of budget tablets available in the market. Initially, the pad was only available in mainland China. Presently, the tablet is available in the global market as the Chinese manufacturer seeks to take on other budget Android and Windows tablets. Interestingly, the Mi Pad has emerged as a serious competitor to the pricey Ipad Mini. So is the Mi Pad best tablet under 15000 Rs. its manufacturer claims it is? Let us find out.   Best Tablet Under 15000 Rs. : Xiaomi Mi Pad Price10,999 Rs. BrandXiaomi Model NameMi Pad Screen Size7.9 inches ResolutionFull HD (2048 x 1536 pixels) Operating Software... Read more
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Blogger: AbhiN
Released in August 2015, the Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime is an improved version of the Xiaomi Redmi 2 smartphone. Xiaomi is a company synonymous with the production of high-spec, low-cost smartphones, and the Redmi 2 Prime is no exception. Entirely manufactured in India, this phone is one of the best phone under 10000 Rs. Also, it has more internal storage and memory as well as better performance than the Redmi 2. Thus, the price increment is justified. Nonetheless, the differences between the Redmi 2 and the Redmi 2 Prime are virtually unnoticeable.   Best Phone Under 10000 Rs. : Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime Price6,999 Rs. BrandXiaomi Model NameRedmi 2 Prime Screen Size4.7 inches ... Read more
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Blogger: AbhiN
HP laptops are known for their great performance and the HP 15 AF114AU is no exception. In a market flooded with low-cost budget notebooks the AF114AU is a cut above the rest. Therefore, although this is not the best performing notebook from the California based manufacturer, it is considered to be the best laptop under 30000 Rs. Additionally, given HP’s brand reputation the AF114AU is a reliable laptop that comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Now to the million dollar question, is the HP 15 AF114AU worth its 25,999 Rs price tag? The answer can be found in this review.   Best Laptop Under 30000 Rs.  : HP 15 – AF114AU Price25,999 Rs. BrandHP Model Name... Read more
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Blogger: AbhiN
With phone makers jostling for space in an already crowded smartphone market, finding a suitable cellular companion is no longer easy. Fortunately, getting your hands on a premium handset is now cheaper than ever before. Therefore, if you do not have enough cash to splash on a glitzy gadget such as the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy edge, there is a wide selection of affordable smartphones available on the market. Unfortunately, with so many phones to choose from finding the best is not easy. Fortunately, below is a compilation of 10 best phones under 10000 Rs. based on value for money, design and specs.   10 Best Phones Under 10000 Rs. :   1. Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime Xiaomi’s Redm... Read more
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Blogger: AbhiN
In all honesty the numerous laptop model and brands out there make selecting the most appropriate for your needs a tad difficult. And the complexity of these machines does not make it easier. Fortunately, laptops are classified into various categories based on price, brand and specs. To make your search for a laptop easier here is a list of 5 best laptops under 30000 Rs. that deserve to be on the list. These 5 machines have been picked based on value, power and performance and are classified based on their performance, design, battery life as well as storage capacity. So if you are looking for a laptop then you are probably looking for one of these laptops.   5 Best Laptops Under 30000 ... Read more
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The launch of the Apple Ipad back in 2009 was a sign of good things to come. And sure enough the current tablet market is flooded with all sorts of tabs from Windows tablets to the more popular Android tablets. Additionally, you now have the freedom to choose between Wi-Fi only and cellular tablet models. And although the Apple Ipad is still regarded as the best tablet on the market there are several android and windows tablets that have earned the right to compete with the Ipad on the same level. Below are the 5 best tablets under 10000 Rs. that are worth considering.   5 Best Tablets Under 10000 Rs. :   1. Micromax Canvas Tab P480 The Micromax Canvas Tab P480 is a voice calling... Read more
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Blogger: AbhiN
Xiaomi Mi 4i is a premium mid-range version of the Chinese company’s flagship Mi 4 handset. In true Xiaomi fashion, the Mi 4i has all the specs that you would expect from a premium mid-range Smartphone but costs 50% lower than the likes of the Samsung Galaxy A7 and HTC Desire 826. So is the Mi 4i a best phone under 15000 Rs to buy? Let’s find out.   Best Phone Under 15000 Rs. : Xiaomi Mi 4i Price11,999 Rs. BrandXiaomi Model NameMi 4i Screen Size5 inches ResolutionFull HD (1920 X 1080 pixels) Operating SoftwareAndroid v5.0.2 (Lollipop) CameraRear: 13 MP, Front: 5 MP Processor1.7 GHz + 2nd-gen Snapdragon 615 64-bit octa-core (Octa Core) RAM2 GB Inte... Read more
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Dell’s Inspiron laptops has always raised bar in terms of original value, thanks to its mid-range processors and gaming dedicated graphics cards at reasonable prices. It offers everything from configuration, excellent build quality to decent performance which you need to get work done on a budget. These features makes it to be considered as the best laptop under 40000 Rs. Let us know more about these features in detail.   Best Laptop Under 40000 Rs. : Dell Inspiron 15-5558 Price38,989 Rs. BrandDell Model NameInspiron 15 5558 Screen15.6 inches, HD LED Display Operating SoftwareWindows 8.1 Processor2 GHz Intel Core i3 (5th Gen) RAM6 GB Storage1 TB Gra... Read more
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