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All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony DoerrMy rating: 4 of 5 starsAnthony DoerrAnthony Doerr was sitting next to a man talking on his cell phone, in a train heading towards New York. When the train approached the Penn Station, the signal dropped and the call disconnected much to the chagrin of the man who was talking. That made Doerr think about the things we cannot see - "the idea about all this electromagnetic radiation we can't see that's flying through walls and through buildings". (https://www.goodreads.com/interviews/...). Communicating through radio, and cell phones, bridging the huge distance that lay between the two ends was something that fascinated Doerr and he decided to write o... Read more
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Blogger: Sunaina
When Mohan emerged from the ramshackle hut, it wasn't just the roof that quaked. Vimla shook her head in disbelief while the little Sona jumped up with joy. Sahil stood stunned too looking at his father who was a picture of merriment, although quite a tattered one from here and there."What is all this buffoonery?" yelled the bewildered Vimla who was flipping the rotis on her chulha. She was about to burn one of them but Sahil warned her in time and she quickly lifted up the roti from the burning tava."This father-daughter team is going to make me crazy, Sahil." muttered Vimla. "Where were the two of you for the whole day? Don't you think you need to stop pamperi... Read more
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Image Sourceखोला नानी का संदूकरंग-बिरंगे ऊन के गोले की  तरहसिमटी स्मृतियों के धागों ने मुझे बाँध लियानिकली सफ़ेद रंग की क्रोशिए की शालऔर बिखर गयी यादों की गर्मीऔर खेत में लहराते सरसों के फूलों सीवो पीली दुशाला मन को गुदगुदा गयीएक जानी-पहचानी महक थी संदूक कीवो गंध जो कीड़ों ... Read more
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Image Sourceसब कहते हैं बड़ा मकान खरीद लो कब तक किराया भरोगे दो कमरे छोटे नहीं लगते क्या तुम्हे ?बच्चों को भी जगह चाहिए। ... नया घर होगा, नई खुशियां आएंगी मैं सोच में पड़ जाती हूँ ये दो कमरों का मकान घर ही तो है मानती हूँ दीवारें थोड़ी पुरानी हो गयी हैं पर वो जो लकीरें तु... Read more
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"Banza, I have nothing to give..." so says Serafina to her dog as he wags his tail and follows her. Serafina is busy with the daily chores she ought to complete. She has no school to go to, no time to play with friends either. But the faithful dog follows her, seeking only her love and affection. The elders tell her that a 'kind heart is the fanciest dress' and Serafina is kind. But she is unhappy too.Serafina's Promise by Ann E. Burg is one book that will stay with me forever. I read it in one go - a story in verse form. It revolves around the little Serafina, who grows up in the earthquake-ridden, flood-prone Haiti. Full of Haitian wisdom, the book makes a compelling read. Just w... Read more
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Blogger: Sunaina
The yellow notebook was filled with gray lines - contoured into alphabets that said something, meant something. People said that she had written them every single day of the last year. Those words that seemed meaningless, like a forgotten memory, were part of her life each moment of the last twelve months. But to her they seemed like shady shapeless figures, visible now but disappearing the very next minute.... like figures in the foggy mornings of chilly winter months. Each word dispersed an aura of emotions that was alien to her....She could smell not their scent as they looked like flowers blooming bright on the spring canvas that adorned her wall. They looked beautiful but emanated no fr... Read more
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Image SourceThis New Year,  I came across two brilliant posts on word of the year as blogger - one by Shailaja and the other by Alana, I wondered whether I should have one too. And if yes, what would that word be? Three words kept holding my attention - Joy, Promise and Light. I could not in any way decide on one and let go of the other. Then, help arrived. In the form of a sign. A surprise so unexpected that it filled me with joy and showed me the promise of future. A promise that lay in the endeavors I would make if I remained true to myself. The surprise was a book I received through the Costco Connection Book Giveaway wherein Costco members can enter for a chance to w... Read more
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 "Water does not resist. Water flows.....Water is not a solid wall.......But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it.......Remember you are half water. If you can't go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does." So advises Penelope's mother to her daughter. An advice that she understands not much at that time, but applies later in her life, while waiting for her sly, adventurous husband to return. Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiad  is a re-telling of the Greek myth but from the point of view of the muted, 'shrouded' queen Penelope who is plagued by suitors devouring her estate. Her son Telemachus is a patriarch-in-the-making, expecting... Read more
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I am writing this blog for #MusicDilSe Blogging Contest atwww.funkaar.inFor rules, and details, see this link http://funkaar.in/contest.htmlThe prompt I have chosen is Music is the language of love.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"You're too well known, Wladek. And you know what? You musicians don't make good conspirators. You're too...too musical."                                                                             &nbs... Read more
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Dear Zindagi,कहाँ से शुरू करूं ? Ruth Ozeki की किताब A Tale for the Time Being पढ़ रही हूँ।  कहानी में Nao , जो प्रमुख पात्र है, इस ही सवाल का जवाब सोच रही है और उसको जवाब मिलता है कि जहाँ हो, वहीँ से शुरू करो।  बात अच्छी लगी तो मैंने सोचा की क्यों न ये करके देखा जाए। तो नवम्बर की मीठी ठण्ड में सुबह ५ बजे उ... Read more
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Blogger: Sunaina
Touted as being the director’s most mature film to date, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil released to eager anticipation of Karan Johar’s fans across the globe. Not only was the film shrouded in a great deal of controversy but had a story-line which could put the director and his film in trouble due to its subject matter. Rumor has it that last moment changes proved to be the film’s saving grace.Unlike KJo’s previous attempts, this movie lacks the soft romantic fluff which was his trademark for more than a decade. This is more like a coming of age movie where love is not all sweet and romantic. It’s all those things but it’s harsh, it’s bitter and it’s sexual as well. A perspective on what... Read more
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Blogger: Sunaina
All singers and music-lovers, age no bar, are invited to participate in the #MusicDilSe contest being held by funkaar.in .Prize - Rs. 20,000 (or equivalent in local currency). The best part is that the prize money will increase based on the participation of the artists!A few words on funkaar.inNot everyone is blessed with a great voice. Anyone can be a bathroom singer but it takes a great deal of guts to actually sing your heart out without a care in the world. Some of the best talents often remain unrecognized due to the absence of the right kind of platform.However all that is a thing of the past. The internet has made life easier for everyone. All the time, you get to hear ... Read more
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कल सुबह जब उठो तो सुनहरी धूप की गर्मी में कुछ पल नहानानमी में डूबे गीले पत्तों को सहलानानए दिन की शुरुआत का गीत गाते परिंदों को सुननाबदल रहे मौसम के इशारे समझनागर्म दिनों में सुबह की मंद शीतल पवन से अंतर्मन को पुलकित करनापतझड़ हो तो गिर रहे पत्तों की बारिश में कुछ पल ख... Read more
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"I screwed up my life big-time, a lot of ways. Did a lot of stupid stuff. But at least I saw one amazing thing."------One Amazing Thing by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni2013 was a blow. It was a year that filled our lives with much sorrow. It was a time of emotional ups and downs. Two deaths in the family and a birth. My father-in-law's sudden death was followed by an unexpected calamity - the departure of my only brother. I was expecting my second child, my daughter, whose arrival I could not in any way celebrate. I became cold in many ways. I started forgetting people's birthdays, something I had been very particular about since I always liked to wish them on their special days. I would h... Read more
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 "What is that boy doing?" The little eager eyes were looking at a boy standing near a fountain in the middle of the park."He is throwing coins", her mother replied."Why?", she asked."It is a wishing well, dear. Some people feel that by throwing a coin in the fountain, your wish will come true.""Can I have one, please?" The little girl started jumping restlessly. Her mother fumbled through her wallet and took out a penny. The girl grabbed the penny and rushed towards the fountain and threw the coin aimlessly. As the coin plopped into the water, she squealed with joy. She ran back to her mother. Image Source"Did you see that, did you?" The look of pure delight in her eyes was pricel... Read more
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Image SourceShe stared at the pages of her diary. For the past fifteen days, this diary had been her sole companion. Something had happened to her lately. Nobody knew what. She woke up one morning without any memories. She knew not her name, and who she was. In the facility where the doctors were trying to treat her, people came and went. They would come with photographs and other trinkets with which they tried to goad her out of this oblivion. First ones to approach were a child accompanied with his father. The man claimed to be her husband. And the child's little hands craved for her motherly touch. She felt a pang in her heart as she reached out hesitantly to the boy and hugged her t... Read more
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When I was little, I used to have a dream. It was recurrent. In the dream, I would be walking on an unknown path and in front of me stood a red brick wall. It was shaded with beautiful trees. It would beckon me with its mysterious beauty. I would try to reach it but before I could cover the entire distance between me and the wall, the dream would end, and I would wake up. I don't remember when I stopped having this dream. I did not discuss it with anyone since I believed that if I do that, I would stop having the dream. It was as if I wanted to face that wall in its alluring charm again and again and again. I never tried to read into the dream too. My dad had a book about dreams and the... Read more
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Blogger: Sunaina
For this post, I have written on Write Tribe's #FridayReflections prompt Chaos — how do you feel about it?  I have done a Free Write as suggested by Suzy Que in a previous post.Image SourceLot of prompts have been doing a round lately, and some of them have been really good. But for one reason or the other, I have not been able to write- have been either exhausted or busy. This time, the Write Tribe prompt on chaos set me to work...What is it that attracts me so much to the word? I don't know. When I think of chaos, I think also of creation. That's how it has been, right? Out of chaos has come our universe. The universe that we are trying to kill by ... Read more
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Blogger: Sunaina
In 2012, I sat in front of my TV anxiously awaiting the judgement that would be meted out to Dharun Ravi, an Indian immigrant student at Rutgers University, New Jersey. He had through a webcam witnessed his room-mate Tyler Clementi's private moments with his boy-friend and later on had invited other friends and Twitter followers to witness the same through his web-cam. (The second part however never happened.) The entire incident resulted in Tyler Clementi's suicide.As I sat watching the trial on my TV, I was at loggerheads as to where my sympathy should lie. I saw Tyler's mom waiting for a fair judgement. Her son would never return. Her loss was irreparable. On the other hand was this boy w... Read more
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Blogger: Sunaina
Image SourceLast night, I finished reading Kristin Hannah's The Nightingale. After I put down the novel, I wondered what it was that glued me to war novels so much. What was it that made me want to read and re-read novels that talked of pain and misery and atrocity and injustice and what not? It wasn't that the pain I lived through with the characters made me happy. Then, what was it? In Hannah's novel, I seemed to find the answer - Love.It was the beginning and end of everything, the foundation and the ceiling and the air in between. It didn't matter that she was broken and ugly and sick. He loved her and she loved him. All her life she had waited - longed for - people to love her, but... Read more
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When my son's first grade was over, he brought home lot of material - like worksheets completed in school, journals written in the classroom, craft-work etc.... I always like to go through all that he has done, like most mothers. And more so, because it gives me a peek into his mind. The journals that his teacher made the kids write was all about the things that happened everyday. So, it was more like a diary. The best part about reading a kid's diary is that there is no beating about the bush. They write their mind, literally. There is no 'construction' of the 'self' for the reader. They are autobiographies in their purest form. There is no embellishment of any sort. There are words th... Read more
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"How are you Sonia?" Papa's tone was so confident when he asked this question. As if he already knew the answer. Mum had been a little shaky at first but she believed in Papa's decisions with the simple sincerity of a wife. "I am fine Papa" was Sonia's reply to both of them. Image Surce"I knew it", came the assured response from the other side. After a brief conversation Sonia hung up the phone. Papa had chosen the best match for her. He made sure that the boy was not just good-looking, something she too had wanted and also got. Papa saw the salary, the background, the home, the locality....everything. Like most fathers, he wanted his daughter to get the best. Like most f... Read more
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Soumya looked at them again. Then, she picked them up, and caressed them. The gentle grey and the soft pink colors played in her eyes, and perhaps in her memory too. She was in that room, but only physically. Her mind was transported somewhere else along with her heart. She was of slim built. Her hands were long, and her fingers thin and lean. In those slender but long hands, the tiny shoes looked even tinier. She hugged them, once again. Then, she lifted her head as if she was woken from a trance. She looked around. The room was scattered with clothes. Her four year old daughter was busy playing with some trinkets she had just taken out from the closet."Devika, can you come here, my dear?" ... Read more
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Image SourceRace for sovereigntyHe who is caught red-handedWins the race, but loses -Loses hand to gain the landCrushes might with mindThirst for the crown it is -Or a mark of bravery?Wisdom or foolery?Or manifestation of ultimate sacrifice?The prompt 'caught red-handed' has its probable origins in a Celtic legend. It had nothing to do with being caught in the act. It was used just literally - with blood on the hand. A king (some say he was Niall of the Nine Hostages, but it is debated) wanted to choose his heir. But he was unable to decide between his two sons. A race was held. Whoever touched the shore of Ulster would be crowned. The prince who was lagging behind, cut his hand and threw it... Read more
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Holding on to their fragile livesThey ran, they stumbledEtched in stone foreverHot lava turning coldLife's warmth sucked awayBut not the hopeStill they are thereStandingSlumpedResignedStill Clinging to their fragile lives Young and OldMaster and SlaveMother and ChildFather and SonPregnant thenPlastered nowBrought back to 'life'Shatterable LifeFrangible SculpturesFrozen in time....Image SourceThe devastation of the city of Pompeii in Italy due to the eruption of the deadly volcano, Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD, left behind a strange spectacle. Those who see it are filled with an awe, an angst, an unspeakable feeling. I have not visited the place but seen the pictures which stunned me. This poem ... Read more
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