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Paneer Shashlik Sizzler(Paneer shashlik served on methi coconut rice with makhani sauce and French fries)Ingredients (Serves Two)Methi coconut  rice Coconut milk powder                                     2 tbsp Warm Water                                                  1 cup Ghee                                                      ... Read more
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Rendezvous with Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar Meeting celebrity Chef RanVeer Brar of Masterchef fame was an excitement of another level. It was a meeting discussion, exploring some of his recipes and his valuable insights and tips. To see him cooking just in front of us was very exciting. Actually he does not look very photogenic on the TV or in photographs but in reality he is very handsome, lighter in complexion and looks much younger. On screen he appears to be somewhat rude and while talking he looks as he is chewing the words. Believe me it was fake on the show. I found him full of life, gentle, soft spoken, well behaved. He was aware of the fact as others that ladies talk too much but we... Read more
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Blogger: Rachana Dixit
Exclusive recipes by Harpal Singh SokhiAs promised in my last post here are some recipes shared by Celebrity chef  Harpal Singh SokhiAMARANTHA ALOO TIKKIINGREDIENTS:Potato (boiled, peeled, mashed)                                                  1 cupLal saag leaves (blanched, squeezed and chopped)                      2 bunchesOnion  (medium sized, finally chopped)                     &... Read more
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Blogger: Rachana Dixit
            Celebrity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi It was a wonderful summer afternoon. I was quite excited to meet him like others. When I met him, I found him very normal person like we all. He was not behaving at all like a celebrity. It was a great experience to see him cooking in front of our eyes. He demonstrated some quick recipes on healthy food. It was healthy tadka with some Indian twist.Healthy as we all know means consuming less fat. But chef was not of that opinion for himself being a Punjabi.There was lots of fun, discussion, interaction, lots of namak shamak, memory lane with bebe, school tiffin, friends. And last but not the l... Read more
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Blogger: Rachana Dixit
Stuffed BrinjalRaw Small BrinjalsStuffed Brinjals RawStuffing Stuffed Brinjals in gravy while cooked Cooked stuffed BrinjalsStuffed Brinjals after platingIngredients for filling:Small round brinjal (egg sized)                             6Gram flour 1 tbspDry roasted de skinned groundnuts                    1/4 cupRed chilli powder                                                  1/2 tspGaram masala -            ... Read more
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Blogger: Rachana Dixit
Crispy Corn Kernnel Ingredients:American corn kernnel        250 gmOnion fine chopped            1 smallCapscium fine chopped      1 smallTempura flour /corn flour    4 tbspSalt to tasteBlack pepper powder          2 tspMethod:Mix corn flour salt as required 1 tsp pepper powder well.Wash the corn.Take a bowl, put corn and dry ingredients shake well till all dry material coats each and every corn piece.If it is too dry sprinkle some water and coat again.Heat oil in a wok. Take small batches of corn. Deep fry corns till crispy.Take out on kitchen towel. In a bowl mix crs... Read more
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Blogger: Rachana Dixit
Instant Raw Mango PickleIngredients:Raw mango                        1 bigOnion                                 1 big (smaller than mango)Sugar                                 1 tbspRed chilli powder                1 tspSalt to taste     Method:Peel the mango and grate it.Peel the oni... Read more
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Blogger: Rachana Dixit
Kernel  connectionIt has the bragging rights to brighten your one of those dullsville three hours inside the theater. Did you know  popcorn can also be the best buddy for your body?Popcorn is a 100 percent unprocessed whole grain which leads to a lean body.Contains inflammation fighting antioxidants that lower the incidence of serious health issues like heart disease and depression.Popcorn delivers polyphenols that prevent diseases like osteoporosis cancer and diabetes.The only stipulation; avoid  the microwaveable varieties and try popping unvarnished kernels in your own kitchen also olive oil is a better substitution to butter for tossing t... Read more
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Blogger: Rachana Dixit
Apple and Nuts DelightA mouth-watering dessert that's sure to be a hit with the family, whether served hot or cold.Mixture as described in step 5  Mixture as described in step 7 after sprinkling of topping Baked dishPiece of the cakeIngredients:(Serves 6)Apple                                3 medium sized and cubedCondensed Milk                1/2 TinMilk                                   3/4 CupButter                     &nbs... Read more
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Blogger: Rachana Dixit
RingletsIngredients:(Serves 2)Large round brinjal         1 noBesan (gram flour)         2 tbspRed chili powder           2 tspTurmeric powder         1/2 tspChaat masala               1 tspGaram masala              1 tspKitchen king masala      1 tbspDry mango powder        1 tspSalt to tasteOil                            1/4 cupMethod:Cut brinjal in thin round slices.Keep oil separately.Mix rest of the ingredients in a plate thoroughl... Read more
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Blogger: Rachana Dixit
Baked pasta with pineappleIngredients:Boiled penne pasta                              2 cupsWhite sauce ( Béchamel sauce)           1 cupTinned pineapple (cut in small pieces 100 gm For white sauce (Béchamel sauce)Melted butter                                      3 tbspMaida   (All purpose Flour)                  3 tbspMilk                                   &n... Read more
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Blogger: Rachana Dixit
Daal baati churmaDaal and BaatiChurmaChurma LadooIngredient for six servingsFor DaalDesi Ghee (Clarified Butter) 2 tbsJeera (Cumin seed) 1tspHeeng (Asafoetida) pinchDhania  (Coriander) Powder 1tspHaldi (Turmeric) Powder ½ TspLaal Mirchi (Red chili) Powder ½ TspHari Mirchi (Green Chili) 2Tamatar (Tomato) Medium sized) 2Adarakh (Ginger) finely chopped 1TspHara Dhania (Fresh Coriander) Chopped ¼ CupSalt to tasteUrad Ki Daal (split Black Gram) ½ CupMoong Ki daal (split green Gram)¼ CupChana Daal (split Bengal Gram) ¼ CupFor BaatiGenhoo Kaa ataa (Wheat Flour) 4 CupsSooji (Semolina) 1 CupDesi Ghee (Clarified Butter) 1 CupBaking Powder ½ TspSalt to tasteFor filling of Baati(Ubla aloo) B... Read more
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Start should be easy and smooth. I am sharing the simplest but look wise amazing dish which can be served as anytime dessert, the same age old Rasgullas with some twist.Jelly MoonsIngredients1 pkt Jelly (Red Coloured)6 Nos Rasgulla (sponge Chhena Rasgulla)MethodPrepare jelly as per instruction given on the box.Squeeze Rasgulla a little.Put the Rasgulla in the serving bowl.Pour jelly in bowl.Cool set and serve.You can use Rasgulla as a whole or cut in halves as per your choice.Enjoy... Read more
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Blogger: Rachana Dixit
This is my first post to my  food blog.The idea of starting my food blog is not only to share experiences and recipes  but also my thoughts on healthy food and healthy eating. Another thought for starting the blog is to share pictures of dishes, I usually make at home.My aim is to encourage readers to step out of comfort zone and try out different things as a means of  celebrating  the wide variety that exists for food. I will try to incorporate traditional Indian recipes as well as  recipes from other countries but yes vegetarian dishes only. I would love to make good food part of every ones family life. You may also find here some twists in some of the authentic di... Read more
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