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Blogger: Rajnish Ranjan
SAHITYA AKADEMI REVOLT & MY 25 QUESTIONSReturning of Award by awardees in recent times has raised few questions in my mind and I wish to share it with you, maybe I will be able to find the answers with your help. The Sahitya Akademy was formally inaugurated on 12thMarch 1954. Though the Akademi was set up by the Government, it functions as an autonomous organization. It is registered as a society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The Akademi gives 24 awards annually to literary works in the languages it has recognized. It also gives 24 awards to literary translations from and into the languages of India. As per the information provided by the Akademi, these Awards are given aft... Read more
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Blogger: Rajnish Ranjan
The falling fourth pillar of Indian DemocracyWhile browsing through the social media sites, I came across a trend #iStandWithRavishKumar  which made me curious to know as to what happened that people had to rise up for Mr. Ravish Kumar, a media personality currently associated with one of the leading media company of our country. What took me by surprise is that Mr. Ravish Kumar had informed his followers that he will be away from the social media sites for a while & the innocent followers were of the view that he is taking a sabbatical because of the trolls who might be abusing him or questioning him on his posts and views. However, the reason as per my understanding is different a... Read more
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Blogger: Rajnish Ranjan
Elections 2015: Can this be the beginning of the end?As Bihar goes to poll next month, Biharis must analyze before casting their vote, the way the political stalwarts of Bihar have contributed to the ill-fate of Bihar. In a democratic setup, it’s the citizen of the State, who by his power to vote can build his destiny. Our constitution has bestowed upon us this powerful right to vote and elect but the irony is that this can be exercised once in 5 years (or earlier if there is no government in majority). Hence, if we fail to choose the right political party, we will have to repent for another 5 years just watching the remaining States of India rising to greater heights.Bihar has an area of ... Read more
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