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On July 29—the Indian cyberspace was full of hot debates between supporters and opponents of Yakub Memon’s hanging but suddenly—‘Brahmins’—started trending on twitter. Soon, twitter was full of strange tweets some blamed Brahmins for forcing Sita—the heroine of epic Ramayana—for setting herself ablaze, some said they forced Draupadi—heroine of epic Mahabharata to sleep with five brothers without her will—some said that others are jealous of Brahmins because they have all the grey matter. Twitterati kept on pouring their ideas, some having fun, some showing anger, however how any individual who lives now in year 2015 can force any Sita or Draupadi who lived—or were imagi... Read more
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"बात तो सिर्फ देखने की हुई थी", एकदम निश्छल मासूमियत पर बच्चो सी संजीदगी से, कहा था उन्होंने।फिर अपनी गर्दन घुमाई। दोनों की नजरें मिलीं और दोनों मूस्कुरा दिए। बस मुस्कुरायें कहा कुछ भी नहीं और ढेर सारी बातें कर ली।बात बस इतनी सी थी की उनसे प्यार कर रहे थे। उनकी पीठ बड़ी प्... Read more
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Way back in 1946 — Chetan Anand’s movie ‘Neecha Nagar’ made it to the Cannes Film Festival, though unfortunately it was not released in India. In the film the main antagonist, Sarkar, constructs a hospital for residents of Neecha Nagar. By doing so, he benefits these residents, who have suffered from various diseases due to a ‘nullah’ passing through their locality.Ironically, this ‘nullah’ too was diverted to Neecha Nagar by Ooncha Nagar residents — a town built by Sarkar, the builder. The diversion of nullah brought Sarkar great profits, as the real estate property prices skyrocketed. Sarkar diverted the nullah from Ooncha Nagar to Neecha Nagar despite protests from local... Read more
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“This is my bat. I am not out. If you want to play, accept it or get lost,” was the common refrain of a dear childhood friend who owned a bat, months before we had one.Every time he would lose his wicket on a duck, he insisted he didn’t, and we kids used to accept it unwillingly, after all we had to play.Courtesy googleToday I really want to say a big thank you to Mr Arvind Kejriwal—he has literally reminded me of my childhood days—that old forgotten friend—the hours I spent playing gully cricket and the electricity pole of my narrow lane which served as wickets.I thank him for all the overwhelming nostalgia I am feeling today.Honestly speaking I have never been a good sportsman ... Read more
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महेन्द्र गुप्ता‘फाइंडिंग फैनी’ अपने प्रेम काे खोजने निकले पांच अधूरे और अनसुलझे लोगों की यात्रा है। दर्शकों को इस कहानी का रहस्य इन किरदारों के जीवन में ही तलाशना होता है। इस सफर में फर्डी (नसीरुद्दीन शाह) अपनी उम्र के आखिरी पड़ाव में अपने 46 साल पुराने प्रेम काे खोजने ... Read more
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महेन्द्र गुप्ताफिल्म देखने के 15 मिनट बाद ही मेरा यह पूर्वाग्रह खत्म हो गया कि इस फिल्म की स्क्रिप्ट विकिपीडिया पर मैरी कॉम के बारे में उपलब्ध जानकारी पर आधारित होगी। दरअसल, इसमें उस मैरी कॉम को दिखाया गया है, जो कैमरे की नजर से गढ़ी गई है। घटनाएं, पृष्ठभूमि और रिश्तों क... Read more
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I never had faith in the common phrase that love can be found anywhere, until one day I stumbled upon it in scrap papers. Yes in scrap papers which were hardly a minute away from being thrown into a dustbin I found love in one of its cutest forms. It was a real discovery for me, like those viruses which could survive in extreme temperatures of volcanoes, I found this specimen of love which I believe could bear the burnt of today’s high paced life, that too in scrap papers ready to be thrown into a dustbin.Recently I shifted to a new flat which was earlier inhabited by a married working couple—neighbours say they were hardly seen together, as most of the time either of them would be out o... Read more
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महेंद्र  गुप्ताTaken from googleएक्शन फिल्मों की वही पारंपरिक कहानी बताकर राेहित शेट्‌टी काे चलता कर देना इस बार मुश्किल होगा। फिल्म में हवाओं में कार और गोलियां उड़ाने के साथ-साथ उन्होंने अपनी कहानी को मानवीयता का एक धरातल भी दिया है, जिसमें एक शहीद ईमानदार पुलिसकर्मी का गरी... Read more
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(Story is based on a real character, names; places have been changed to conceal identity) With the first proposal (which is the last till today) of love at an early age of 7 years Sukhen Da (Full name could be Sukhendra Banerjee, Mukherjee or any other Bengali name which suits the acronym) sailed off on his unending expedition for love. It is quite obvious for most of us to forget the experiences of our class 1 but people like Sukhen Da can’t afford to forget.“It was a sheet taken from English notebook, that four line notebook which is prescribed for improving handwriting in lower classes— where she wrote, ‘ami tomake bhalo basi’ (I love you in Bengali),” Sukhen Da said.  &n... Read more
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उस दिन,उस गरीब को जब कैंसर हुआ,पता था उसे,बस पता भर था,वो ला-इलाज नहीं,पर वो तो टि बी होने पर भीमर जाता।उस दिन,उसे जब पहली बार,प्रेम किया था,खुब रोया था मैं।उस दिन,जब मैंने उसकी चोटी बनाई थी,पहली और 'शायद'आखरी बार,पता है मझे,वो यक़ीनन आखिरी था,पर फिर ये  'शायद'क्यों ?उस दिन,उसे ज... Read more
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I don't know the person who wrote this letter. I was in class XI at that time when casually I sent a story to a local Hindi newspaper Sanmarg which was having some story contest. They published it and gave me a prize, but it was only through this letter which came  in response to the story, that I came to know that my story was published. It was only two days after I got this letter, that I received a money order of Rs 250 from the newspaper, that was the prize money.  Since then, (2001) the letter is with me with time its withering so just to preserve it I made it digital. I will ever remain thankful to the author of this letter who took pains to write back, she was pursuing her g... Read more
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नहीं सवंरती थी वो मेरे लिए,कभी रूठा जो मैं,तो मनाती भी नहीं थी,न खुद के रूठने पर,मेरे मानाने का इंतज़ार करती थी,  न मैं उसे प्यार  'करता'था, न वो  मुझे प्यार  'करती'थी,असल मे,हम कुछ भी नहीं 'करते'थे,एक दूसरे के लिए,पर,अनायास ही,सब हो जाता था.  ... Read more
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A mesmerizing Bedni performing Rai dance at  Kareela Fair in Ashok Nagar district of MP  ... Read more
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आज इस रोगग्रस्त संझापार्क के एक कोनेइस दिन भर तपे पत्थर पर बैठकरसोचता हूँ मैंकि तुमने अच्छा नहीं कियासोचता हूँ मैंकि स्थिति परिवर्तन यही होता है शायदकि तुम ब्राह्मण हो गए और मैं दलिततुम्हारे प्रेम ने इतना बदला मुझकोकि अभी-अभी पार्क में आई एक युवतीमुझे कितनी सहज लग र... Read more
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Blogger: amarjeet
Some news are not published but they really don't need any publication to serve their purpose.I got a call from a desperate father who was struggling to take her daughter home from hospital which was not allowing him due to non-payment of bills. He was the father of a girl whose both the legs were recently amputated. He was a paan vendor but he set an example in todays' era when male children are considered privileged, he choose to make her girl pursue MBA instead of his male children, because his limited income as a paan shop owner could only bear the expenses of one child's study. But destiny had more tests in store for him.I wrote a story but more than that I wanted to assure th... Read more
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बहुत बोलता हूँ,क्योकि उसे पसंद है,सुनना नहीं,बहुत बोलने वाले लोग,पर इस कहने-सुनने के शोरगुल में,अकसर,Taken from googleचुप ही पाया जाता हूँ मैं,या,चुप करा देता है,उसका, 'कीमती हेडफोन',और, मै बोल नहीं पाता।... Read more
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जानता हूँ उसे,सहेज के रखेगी,वो मुझे फेंक नहीं पायेगी,पर मैं खर्च भी नहीं हो सकता,क्योंकि,उसके बटुए में पड़ा,मैं सबसे बड़ा, नोट हूँ,पर फटा हुआ... .... Read more
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आजमेराकुछखोगयाहै, कलभीखोगयीथी, वोतुम्हारीकालीकलम, तुम्हारीकहरहाहूँ, परजबखोईथी, तबवोमेरीथी, तुम्हारीकहरहाहूँ,क्योकिउसेखोनेसेलेकरअबतकभीबहुतकुछखोगयाहैमेरा, अक्सरमेरीचीज़ेंखोजातीहै,तभीतोदेदेताथा, तुम्हेअपनेसारेजरुरीकागज़, सहेजलेती थीत... Read more
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सर्दी अभी पूरी गई नहीं थी, बसंत की शांत सुबह थी। श्रीमतीजी चाय रख गई थी, चाय में उनका प्यार कम आदत ज्यादा थी, ऐसा नहीं है कि प्यार नहीं है हमारे बीच, पर प्यार भी शायद एक आदत ही होती है।खैर, बिस्तर पर बैठे-बैठे, बाएं हाथ में चाय की प्याली थामें, दाएं हाथ से, तह किए हुए अखबार के ब... Read more
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(ये मेरे एक बड़े भाई तुल्य कवि की रचना है, यहाँ मैं कवि कह ले रहा हुईं क्योकि उनका नाम, उनके कहने पर नहीं दे पाया वरना वो इसके लिए भी मना कर देते, कविता कुछ ऐसी है की मैंने जब एक बार पढ़ी तो दोबारा, दोबारा पढ़ी तो फिर एक बार पढने का मन किया, हर बार एक नया अर्थ ले कर आती है)चतुर को... Read more
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