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Blogger: vikram pratap
what i write? how i write, when there are so many thoughts, hovering over my mind, when there are so many questions appearing in my mind, when my faith in everything has sunk to such low point, when my life has turned down by none other than the person i chose to be my life.who i blame?you?i?or family?situations?but in all of this, the losses have been mine, my life got destroyed, my dreams got shattered, my home got burnt down in to ashes.i gave you candle to lighten my house, and you burnt down my house, which i made only for you. thank you my dear. thank you very much. thank you for all the pain you have given me and still doing all of this.thank you life.sometimes i think i should end my... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
I asked, "what is the reason of so much un-satisfaction?"He replied, "Because we all are slave of our limitless cravings and desires....!"... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
The little problems of life make us worried and agitated. We have no patience at all. We need everything just now. Mind has become the warehouse of worries. Not for a single moment we are free. What has happened to us?I need to find a long term goal to overcome the fluctuations of the little failure of life. I have to attain calmness. This too shall pass...! I have to set my priorities. My long term goals in life to sustain the cyclone of short term failures in life.No one but I am responsible for all my destiny. I am fortunate to get this human life and I should not waste this on mundane worries. What will happen? Today or tomorrow we all have to perish. Today or tomorrow we all have t... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
The stark reality is that There is no purpose of life...!!Success or failure, Today or tomorrow everything becomes so irrelevant....!!!We often cling to certain things at a point of time.....but someday when we look back at those cravings....we find that they were so mundane yet they consumed our happiness. ... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
   Those risks, I didn't take,whole life in eyes, I repent,helpless on death bed.... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
It does not matter, how intelligent you are, It does not matter, From how high lineage you belong to,It does not matter,How much ancestral property you have.If you loose vision,you loose discipline,you loose a aspiration,and if you mock Life,Life will mock you harder. I dread opening my Facebook account. A wave of frustration, jealousy and hopelessness drown me every time I open my FB.Being a hardcore Capricorn, who aspires to reach high and higher, but being stuck at nowhere makes me wonder why I can't leave this place.Benefit of a Coveted elite engineering college, I got Campus Placement  in one of the most coveted Job (Hyped that time) PSU (Govt. Company) job. And... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
How I am liable, Promises I never made,Punishment you gave.                                        - VP  "नादान"... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
लाख दीये जला लूँ , रोशनी से भर दूँ, आशियाना अपना। वो खालीपन, वो सन्नाट अँधेरा, दिल में जो बैठा है घर किये।  तेरे जाने के बाद, दूर करूँ कैसे, ये तो बता देते, जाते-जाते । - VP  "नादान "... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
अब भी तेरी यादों में ये दिल मेरा तड़पता है,तुम कभी तो आओगे,आखिरी बार मिलने को,बस इसी आस में रास्ते को यूँ ही तकता हूँ।                                        - VP  "नादान"... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
 लबों को खामोश कर दिया,पर आँखों को कैसे रोकता,की कभी तो पढ़ लोगे,तुम मेरे दिल की हर दास्तां,ना  हम कुछ कह ही सके, ना चुप रह ही सके।  ... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
 उलझन थी, मिलने की पहली बार में,जाने तुम्हे क्या पूछूँ, क्या बोलूँ  अपने बारे में?मिले हम तुम,ना  तुमने कुछ पूछा, ना मैंने कुछ कहा,आँखों ने ख़ुदबख़ुद सारी बातें कह डालीं। ... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
और सुबह की पहली सुनहली किरण,जब तेरे प्यारे मुखड़े पे पड़ी।कुछ यूँ  ही रह गया देखता मैं,तुम सच में हो या देखता मैं स्वपन कोई। तेरे गुलाबी अधर, बंद पलकें।चाहा बहुत रोक लूँ ,  ना रोक सका खुद को।  बस हलके से लबो से छुआ,कहीं तुम मीठे सपनों से जग ना जाओ। ... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
Hello Friends,Finally I am on Facebook. Be my friend at: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014947114096Join My blog page at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vplostsoul/... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
Day by day,I rambled,and you keep talking,sharing,and caring,watching me,growing,and maturing,as a person,and as a blogger.Like you always said,keep it up, open your emotions,pen your thoughts,And best of luck,for all endeavors in your life. This is just Heartily Gratitude,to all fellow bloggers,to all unseen strangers,who became friendsin the journey.I wish,I could have thanked you as in person,But, Again Thank You all.From,VP (The Lost soul)... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
And he replied, " I can answer you in two contradictory ways"1st:  The God doesn't exit, man is the master of his own destiny, it's mere imagination of mankind, because he fears to give all credit to himself.2nd:  There is nothing but The God, the almighty, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and mankind is mere the puppet of his hand.Which one should I follow?He smiled, "I can't answer you that. But what ever belief you choose, hold it till the end. And you will find your salvation".... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
And He replied: He, who expect nothing from any body, is truly happy !!!... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
I Asked, "What is the theory of evolution of Human being?"And he replied:Initially You were never different than animals,food, kill, fight and reproduction.Yes! you were the same to same As the other living creatures in this world.  Then One day You became curious,and you began to analyze things around you,and you began to fear about certain things,and you began to discover things to full-fill your needs.But still you are same to same,As any other living creatures do, Moving around in herd,for security, unity and shelter.I became Impatient.Then When and How?And He smiled,The day You generated emotions,The day you started empathy,The day you believed in the almighty,The day you... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
And he replied:"Either have a courage to make your dreams true, or don't dream too much. They are not for weak persons".... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
Why do I feel like, I am close to no body. Hiding even the tiniest emotions and thoughts from everybody. Independence, no boundation, no stings, no back links, like completely alone in a whole crowd, like a stranger in a town fair, faces of different colors, people of different types, but I don't know them, or avoiding them, or ignoring them. What has happened to me. I hadn't wanted to end up like the way I have become.Yes, change is the need and law of the world, with time every thing changes, but I am not even having control over myself, the way I have evolved. Alone, aloof, and the worst part is I don't want to change myself, even knowing that this is drowning me inside.Perhaps I have los... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
At the end of the day, everybody is going to the same place, that's 6 feet underground, with none of the material possessions he has craved for, lied for, fought for and collected. All remains here, and he goes empty handed, they why there is so much fuss about all the materialistic achievements?When none of these are permanent, none of the relations are with you forever, then why you are proud of yourself. Why proud, jealous or even craving, when today or tomorrow, everybody you love, everybody you hate, everybody you crave, everybody you ignore is going to leave you any way."Then what is the purpose of life?", he sounded confused."To love yourself truly, validate yourself. because througho... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
Day by day life is getting more complicated. Am I taking life too seriously or really it is getting harder and harder? The biggest loss is I have lost my dreams. No dreams at all. I fear having a dream. No dream at all. No expectation. No goal. Nothing from life, world or person. A saddening loneliness prevails in my mind. A habit to live alone has kept me so deep that I fear even intermingling with people I don't like. It's like i don't want to put mask on my face, It's like I have become straightforward and don't fit in the rules of world. to be pretend to something else. May be world has moved so fast,  People are more practical and I am being too childish or idealist I don't know.To... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
pcA newbie is born due to love...and People spread love for that !pcAn old dies and again the people love and pray for him more and more ! Then in between...PCwhat happens to world, to people, to Human being, that they spread hate, despair and disturbance in place of Love, happiness and peace????... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
Sun was going to set down, far, very far, beyond the horizon. He was on the top of the hill, on a large rock and below his feet, just one step further, a vertical slope, almost 90 degree, so that the base of hill can be seen, so that from there he can see very far,  his power plant, his township, villages, cluster of trees, green fields. He sees chimney ejecting the smoke and witness of changing them in to black clouds, taking strange but familiar shapes for some moment, which were similar to rainy ones, but they were having no water, in their heart, they were having the ashes of coal, blackness, dryness, CO2 in scientific language. Human being has changed everything, even clo... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
PCEmptiness has prevailed in my heart. Complete emptiness, neither love nor hate, neither optimism, nor pessimism has any place in my heart.Am i alive or living without a life ?What is the purpose of human life?PCJust to born, get education, get job, get married, become parents, earn money, create wealth, become old and die, and after 2 generation no1 will ever remember that I ever existed in the past?Do this all true purpose of human life?Do I think in such way or every body else?Is it philosophical attitude or I am  running away from reality???Am I going insane ????May be, may be not.....!... Read more
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Blogger: vikram pratap
pcFrustration, anger and hopelessness is consuming my life. I am stuck, stuck, life has become stagnated.I see, people are going ahead in life, but i am like the second needle of wall clock stuck, trying to move, but it doesn't get ahead.Something is wrong with me or situations are wrong. I try hard, had, harder, but somehow, all my efforts are getting in vein.I don't want everything from my life but at least kuch  to mile, jiske liye main apna full effort de rha hu.Some times I think, all is written, Some one is playing  and messing up with our life, we are all toys, actors of his play, like he knows what will be outcome, but we don't.All my dreams are shattering like broken glass... Read more
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