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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Hello,HackVenture Readers !Today I am here to introduce a newnotepad trick "Dancing your Keyboard light".In this trick your keyboard lights flashrandomly and produces dance effects.So are you ready to do this trick ....Here are the simple steps .....1) Open your Notepad.2) Type the following codeSet wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")dowscript.sleep 100wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}"wshshell.sendkeys "{NUMLOCK}"wshshell.sendkeys "{SCROLLLOCK}"loop3) Save this file as hackventuredance.vbs.Here .vbs is a format of file.Now click on this file and enjoy this trick.Wait the game is not over....If you want to stop it.Open your task Manager .By pressing (Ctrl+Alt+Delete).Go to process.Fi... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
HiHackVenture Readers!Today I am telling you a trick to show"Matrix Effect". This is a simply notepadtrick.Here are the simple steps1) Open your Notepad2) Type the following code.3) Save this file as "hackventurematrix.bat"4) Click on this file and see the magic.Now enjoy the matrix effect on yourpc.Thank You!+Muzammil Khan... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Hi,HackVenture Readers!Today I am telling you "How to use 2Whatsapp Account In A Single Phone"OGWhatsapp is a modded versionof Whatsapp messenger for Androiddevices .It is used to use 2 whatsappaccount in one single androiddevice i.e. dual whatsapp accountfor whatsapp dual simOG Whatsapp doesn’t require toROOT your android device. [NONEED OF ROOT]2 whatsapp account in one device(Android Device)Whatsapp dual simFacility to backup and restoremessages and dataSelect app iconand many more…Simple steps to follow .....1. First take the full backup foryour messages and data beforegoing through OG Whatsapp:2. Clear whatsApp data:3. Go to /sdcard/WhatsApp folderand rename it to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
HiHackVenture Readers !Today I am telling you "How to Avoid FriendRequest Block ?" in FacebookWe often send so many friend requestsand if it's not accepted it is kept inpending.If  there are lots of pending requestsit may lead to block.  So this is a simple way to get thoserequests cancelled and protect youraccount from being blocked.Here are the Steps ....1) Go to account Settings.2) Select "download a copy" option. 3) Choose `expanded archive` from thenext page opened and enter yourpassword and click continue.4) Select `start my archive`.5) After a few hours you'll get thedownload link in your email.6) Download the file `facebook` andunzip it.7) Open the folder html and then... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Hi,HackVenture Readers!Today I am telling you "Android Lollipop Trusted Places"Unlock Your Phone At Home AgainJamie Condliffe, Gawker MediaGoogle's new version of Android, Lollipop, is wonderful.And now, one of our very few niggles-that its smartunlocking features didn't also react to location-is fixed.You probably unlock your phone a lot, though youprobably find there are places, like at home or maybe inyour office if you trust your co-workers, where you'drather not have to. Which is why Android 5.0's SmartLock now allows you to add trusted places. Define alocation as safe, and your phone won't present its lockscreen when you're in the vicinity-it'll just let you getstraight to Facebook or ... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
HI FRIENDS I am back with new coupons as always.Freecharge after a long time again back with amazing offer. Just use below given coupon code. Using this offer you can get upto Rs. 150 cashback in just Rs. 50. This offer is valid only in Android App and valid only for Debit / Credit card payment. You have to do recharge of Rs. 10 and you will get Rs. 30 as cashback and you can use this coupon 5 times to get complete Rs. 150Steps To Get Rs. 150 Cashback:- Download Freecharge Android App.- Login to your account.- Recharge with Rs. 10- Apply this coupon - ILOVEFC- Now pay for the amount via Debit / Credit Card.- You will get Rs. 30 cashback.- Use above code 5 times to get Rs. 150 in just Rs. 50... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Hi,HackVenture Readers !Today I am telling you a notepad trickthrough which your computer say"I love you"....Here are the steps .....1) Open your notepad2) Write this codeCreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"I love YOU"3) Save this file as "hackventurelove.vbs"You have done it ....Click on file and see the magic...Thank You!+Muzammil Khan... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Hi,HackVenture Readers !Today I want to share " How to make your pc talk"Here are the simple steps ...Step 1) Open your Notepad.Step 2) Write this text .Dim msg, sapimsg=InputBox("Enter your text","Talk it")Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")sapi.Speak msgStep 3) Save this file as "hackventure.vbs" withoutquotes.This will create a VB Script file.When you click on this file it will display a message"Type your Text"Type Hi HackVenture and press OK.You will hear that you typed.This trick is working on XP, Windows 7/8/VistaThank You!+Muzammil Khan... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Hi HackVenture Readers!Today I am telling you a trick "How to Hackany Computer Connected to a Same LAN".Here are the simple steps .....1) Open Command Prompt by Press "Win+R".2) In CMD type net view.This appear like this ....               C:\>net viewServer Name                  Remark --------------------------------------------                    \\ hackventure                     \\ avengers                     \\ xyz    &nb... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Hi HackVenture Readers!Today I am telling you a "Call Forging" Technique.In this technique we will call someone from their ownnumber or any number.Here are the simple steps ....Step 1) Go to http://www.mobivox.com and registerthere for free account.Step 2)During registration, remember to insertVictim mobile number in "Phone number field".Step 3) Complete registration and confirm youremail id and then login to your account.Click on "Direct WebCall".Step 4) You will arrive at page shown below.In "Enter a number" box, select your countryand also any mobile number(you can enter yours).Now, simply hit on "Call Now" button to call yourfriend with his own number.Step 5) That's it. Your friend will ... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Hi HackVenture Readers!Today I am telling you a cmd trick"Chat with Friends Through CMD Prompt".Here are the steps ....1) The very first thing you need is yourfriend's IP Address.2) Open Notepad & Copy this code as it is ...!@echo off:AClsecho MESSENGERset /p n=User:set /p m=Message:net send %n% %m%PauseGoto A3) Save this file "Messenger.Bat".4) Open Command Prompt.5) Drag this file(.bat file) ovr to CMD Promptand press Enter.6) A window will appear like this.7) Now, type the IP Address of your friend's computeryou want to contact.A window will appear like this8) Start Chatting with your friend typeyour message and press Enter....Enjoy a new way of chatting with thehelp of CMD Prompt.Tha... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Now the Kaspersky 2015 key is hackedThe Serial key isFPCXU-SD473-HKDXB-9HD4CKaspersky Internet Security 2015Expiration date: 12.09.2015Thank You!+ Israr Ahmad... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Hii,HackVenture Readers !Today I am telling you a Facebook trick"How to Trace Your Facebook ProfileVisitors"...How many people visit on your you can seehere...Here are the simple steps...Step 1) Go to your Facebook Profile Page.Step 2) Now Press Ctrl + U from your keyboard for see source code of your profile page.Step 3) Now press Ctrl + F from your keyboard to open search box.Step 4) Now search this code {"list":Step 5) You find some Facebook Profile Idsare like shown below.Click on example image for zoom.Step 6) There are some Facebook Profile Ids of yourfriends who visited recently.Step 7) The first one ID's are showing visits the most number of time.Step 8) Now if your want to findout, O... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
HiiHackVenture Readers!Today I am going to tell you a trick to make Unlimited freeCalls From Internet to mobile Phone#HackVentureSTEP 1: Sign In to Your Yahoo Messenger ByUsing Your Yahoo Id And Password.STEP 2: Configure Your MIC or Headphone InYahoo Messenger..STEP 3: Inside Your Yahoo Messenger dial+18003733411 then STEP 5: After That An operator greets you with arecorded welcome message along with anadvertisement and asks you to select one of theFree411 service. Just hear the services optionsuntil they say the last one as “Free Call”. Whenyou hear this, don’t press any number on yourkeyboard and instead SAY “Free call” loudly onyour microphone connected to your PC.After this vo... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Hi friends, Mobikwik is  offering free Rs 200 Mobile recharge and DTH recharge only for Rs 100 , that is you will be getting more than double recharge benefit that is only spending with Rs 100 and get total 200 Rs in you account back. How to Get double benefit recharge with Mobikwik : 1. Download Mobikwik mobile app Android | Windows | IOS 2. Login to your account or create a new one [Offer valid for both new and existing users] 3. Add Money to your mobikwik cash wallet Minimum Rs 100 to get double 4. Navigate to Accounts >> Redeem coupons >> Apply Promo Code : ULTIMATE100 5. Voila !! after success-full transaction your money will be shown as Rs 200 6. Enter recharge detai... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Hello Friends ,Quikr App is giving away free Rs. 30 for downloading there app. We have previously shared similar apps like Gaana and in future we will keep on updating new apps which will give free recharge. Steps To Get Free Rs. 30:1. Go to - http://www.quikr.com [Android Default Browser]2. You will see above page where a popup appears.3. Click on that popup, it will redirect you to Play Store.4. Download Quikr App.5. Now wait atleast for few hours, you will get notification related to free recharge of Rs. 30 Terms & Conditions:- The coupon will give you 30 Rs instant discount on 50 Recharge.- Offer valid till 30th November 2014,- Offer valid only once per user / email / mobile num... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
HiHackVenture Readers!Today I am telling you a  Paytm Trick Codeto recharge your mobile.Paytm users Get Rs.10 cashbackon recharges of 30 & above use code: CB50So enjoy this code and have fun!Thank You !+ Israr Ahmad... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Hi,HackVenture Readers!Today I am telling you a trickHow to Access blocked website in college or school.You can access without any restrictions using the proxy server.What is Proxy?Proxy server is some kind of a buffer between your computerand the designated internet destination. When you use aproxy server , your computer will send a request to the proxy server,then the proxy server will send it to the destination(for example a website),the destination will answer the request the proxy has sent and finally theproxy will return the data to you computer.Reasons for using proxy servers:Proxy server is able to increase or decrease the speed of your connectionto the Internet depending on the loca... Read more
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Blogger: Shahid Ajnabi
Freecharge is again back with another Freefund coupon code which is also working on Freecharge Credit payment. This promocode is working only on Freecharge Android App and only once per mobile or email but there is one twist at the end Steps To Get Free Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge:1. Open Freecharge Android App. 2. Do a recharge of Rs. 50. 3. On payment page apply this coupon - GETFC504. Now click on continue and you will get Rs. 50 recharge plus Rs. 50 instant cashback in your account.5.You will get your cashback on valid payment via net banking or credit/debit card.... Read more
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