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Poverty Discourse--------------------------Today is Sunday – Time about 7:30 PM. I am in front bedroom sitting on bed in blanket. This is winter season & it is very cold outside. Since last few days after falling snow in Himachal and J&K, Delhi has become quite cold. I was reading in morning newspaper that 44 persons have died out of cold. Truly the rigor of any weather – winter, summer or rains falls more on the poor people which is very gloomy & killing. They are not in a position to protect them full. Many people live on footpaths & in shanties simply because they are poor, and cannot afford dignified living because they earn very low wages or are unemployed, and are u... Read more
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Brighter Side......................Everybody imbues in daily problems, never is a static timeMany are perturbed being there, few able can see beyond.Life is absolute engrossing in few daily mundane-trivial affairsOne can’t become enlightened by remaining in such deluges.Have you not seen actor-performers on screen-plays theatersThey make you laugh, weep, gale, sorrowful, revealing or so.They are also human beings going through all up & downsAlso are  prone to all failures & daily mischiefs by others.In media leaders are rebuked by all good & bad bites sortsBut not-wavered, hardy man goes on working, bearing all.Surgeons  in operation theaters so attenti... Read more
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Brighter Side......................Everybody imbues in daily problems, never is a static timeMany are perturbed being there, few able can see beyond.Life is absolute engrossing in few daily mundane-trivial affairsOne can’t become enlightened by remaining in such deluges.Have you not seen actor-performers on screen-plays theatersThey make you laugh, weep, gale, sorrowful, revealing or so.They are also human beings going through all up & downsAlso are  prone to all failures & daily mischiefs by others.In media leaders are rebuked by all good & bad bites sortsBut not-wavered, hardy man goes on working, bearing all.Surgeons  in operation theaters so attenti... Read more
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Filial Duties----------------Let me connect to roots, they are my necessities alsoCannot ignore the dear ones, plus have born in them.There are surely filial duties, though at times we opineWe take others are uninterested, why then to 1ststep in.They also think similarly, have own judgement to countWhen mutual-response lack, we diminish in own ghettos.Life is short, ignorantly we simply do away living onesAfter man is permanently passed, we even cannot blame.Can fight with even strong in front, with weak is cowardlyStrengthen relations, one is always in some position to help.Many fields are of dear ones, some live pathetic in penuryWe can help bit but doing nothing, only wish insufficient.Co... Read more
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Blank Dairy -----------------How I pass time in spare moments, is it full use or just time passIn this life people do amazingly, I have not much reflected yet.Office duty hours are same for all; but limitation in personal useWhat I do when free, enough time available for self-development.Much song is embedded in, but not coming out because of inactivityReading poetry couplets or some book & posting a few is what I do.What BIGGEST can think for self, often docile in before sleep-hoursWhy don’t achieve cherished goals, projects in hand not completed.Just one rejection or turn down & sitting silently, how will move aheadPublish Kalidasa work immediately, besides Kadambari typing ... Read more
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Leveller World--------------------World is an amazing apparatus, encompasses many realms in Being a great equalizer, slowly soothes hard agonies of times.All good-bad happens around always, we're mere mute spectators Unable to react realizing much beyond, remain in tight situations. Then we are not expressive, just meditate what best can be done Sometimes frustrate, over-react, but that is counter-productive.But 2 great virtues patience & courage lead to face adversities Optimism that can tread difficulty & no situation is permanent. If good days always don’t remain with, bad ones will also pass Time’s wheel experiences all types; beequanimous in all situations.No situation ... Read more
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Self- Reflection.............................What is a readable, people on social media like short posts Often don’t have time, just scan & read full when interested. Long anthologies are available, but men cut some parts & post May be relevant parts taken, one needs time for bulky material. Very few are able to churn crux from large texts by connoisseurs Only serious readers are able to underline & take appropriates.Short couplets of greater authors become popular over the time Ordinary have scary reading habits, groped in daily affairs of life.Reading demands to be minimum curious & seriously inclinedWe only know self by study others, yes each one is same i... Read more
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Cosmos Person---------------------What to wait for, none comes for rescue or takes liabilities.This life is entity & fieldwork, and grows if you're serious.Kabir says it a precious diamond, you turn into cowrieWhy to belittle it by ill-acts, when can make marvelous.People do great works with this life & grow into superbThey use every iota purposefully with big goal in mind.What you want to be in future, give some thought over itAlready attained 50 years age, half past is not small period.How can you be silent on issues crucial to society & selfAnalyze & clearly speak, though see mood of waves also.How much youth is realized in self, what activities speakMake mind-body quite h... Read more
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Challenging Limitations--------------------------------What we need to do to bring out best from our inner depthsPearls are laid in deep inside, not fully benefiting from them.We've wealth but unable to utilize, spending ability is freedomHaving knowledge but not sharing, results in dying natural death.Some resources definitely are given, but how do we realize themSome external or in-built in thoughts, both quite complimentary.All have blessed wealth by almighty, may be of one type or otherFew self-worked hard to strength & enhance whatever little had.In first instance self-help is best, just make up your mind to excelNone can be in your shoes; wake up & self-win world’s ... Read more
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Noble Call---------------How does world reverberate around, how do I react in that?All times have pros & cons, but adjustment is main concern.World passes through good & bad, present also sees all aspects Large - spread enormous, divided in many states & nationalities. Several ruling systems in vogue, yes more traces of democracy But few don’t lose tyrannical tentacles, see many despots around.Nobles gave good ruling systems, but from below humanity cries Rulers often work for business elites, who in exchange nurture them.Rich become more riches, wealth & power accumulate in few hands Election are just intermittent events, otherwise rulers roost world.Rulers think world as ... Read more
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Debate Culture --------------------People are of often fixed beliefs, have no time & energy to questionEvent is just an almighty’s act, and all should unhesitatingly accept. What is this fixity in populations, questioning is always discouraged Son can't question father’s conduct, even if family is handled inaptly.We just believe in sayings of forefathers, or written in holy books, and questioning makes us non-conformists, being strongly snubbed.We should encourage healthy discussions, many thoughts surfaceDebates on all issues should happen for checking all pros & cons.A democratic decision is always good, and nobody feels the losingEmphasis should be on ... Read more
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Encouraging Richness-----------------------------How to become financially free; let us meditate on the subjectPeople become wealthy over period, many just hand to mouth.Birth with rich parents not in own hand, a God-given or situationalIf already on strong foundation, one starts erecting superstructure.Learning from family background is easy, faster in an environmentHe picks habits of rich near-dears; success got with a bit seriousness.Definitely it says for incumbent, born with silver spoon in mouthNew born in Birla family could not be same rich, if had born poor.One can say it is luck only, but many things are found in set orderYou are to just start from already cozy state & simply st... Read more
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Creativity Lessons-----------------------Creativity - an excellent quality, if we involve self, can rise to great heights Generally sui-generic, intentionally-evoked, efforts make possible motions.What is this creativity, how & in what pursuits a person involves self How much interest is taken in affairs, deeply diving into mind’s layers. Enormous thirst for precious nectar, but self-tryst, not disturbing othersOne’s own play-field, action constantly required, self-directed for cause.If one is a creative, he can evolve into like Michaelengo or da VinciAlways in dialogue with self, some big purpose in mind to act upon. Requires no directions from others, own thirst is more than anythi... Read more
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Cognitive Tools What is our cognitive Toolkit and wisdom can it fillWhat steps one needs & life comes above mediocre?Cognitive means intellectual relating to mind’s workingTools mean ways, lessons, guidance or thought- process.Definitely there’re wisdom paths, one needs for benefitWe remain quite unenlightened, darkness around & aloof. How giants use this most important apparatus called mindWhat scientific steps are taken to reach some conclusion?Specialists think on a particular theory for outcome great That may too be overridden over time, but try to their best.That perception is debated in scholars, pros & cons checkedDiscuss on all facets, before spreading to common masse... Read more
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Owning Self------------------Today is holiday being Good Friday, the day of crucification of Jesus Christ, who will resurrect after 3 days on Easter Sunday. This is the day perhaps to remind us that good cannot be killed. This is the spirit that people should continue doing good even if failed in in-between struggles. Spirit of winning good sees things in a long perspective and empowers man of surety of good results if deeds are pure for humanity. Although we all think always doing only the right things but inside or in core of hearts, know that we do wrongs many a times. We simply fool selves that we are right; however, the concept of righteousness is comparative as it varies from person to... Read more
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People’s Lives and Morning Prayers----------------------------------------------I have just now finished the story 'अरमान' from the book 'गूंगेसुरबाँसुरीके' by Sh. Pannalal Patel, a very famous Gujarati story-writer. This is a compilation of stories translated in Hindi by other persons. His style of writing is very much touching. He goes deep into human psychology and tries to explore the best. He emphasizes that people in general are very innocent, and a vibrant life is filled in ordinary peoples’ lives. Further they are able to correct selves if sometimes there are mistakes. They enjoy life, feel it, weep it and ... Read more
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Responsible JourneyI am feeling well and happy. Since morning only, I was thinking to pen today & bring the self a little closer. Apparently I am with me all the times - in walking, working, eating, doing chores and even in sleep but there is a vast hiatus between intrinsic & outwardly feelings. We are told that a great empire or treasure exists inside which fortunately we can realize but such experience has not occurred to me so far. At times, there are few ecstatic moments while brooding or good reading when I feel closer to self but at other times, only vast gap is seen. Path is endless which at times I try to traverse by taking few paces but that is only when in some brooding pro... Read more
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Philosophy Present....................................What is life’s philosophy, how can I say living own lifeOr just passing in a mental scape, mired in self’s deeds?Some reading is fine but what firm convictions eruptedNot believing just as projected, but mind conceives right?Others may profess incorrect; you can be in their shoes Reasonable is when self’s elevation finds one platform.What world’s best minds construct, profess for general useElse they think without fixed ends & length in-between?In general in daily lives, we react as per our inclinationsCan they be compiled though difficult, depends on situation?How one behaves in a fixed way, is his life’s philosophyAnd... Read more
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Elevation---------------How do people enhance in careers & what ways do they adopt?They’re scholars, artists, writers, scientists, technocrats, businessmen or so.How do they germinate ideas for creativity & innovation?And dare to eye on big goals, do everything to attain them.How do people ready them to run the marathon races?Know it very tough, demanding & exhausting to large extent.How do people determine to scale difficult peaks of mountains?And dare targets which perhaps might not even be thought. How do they aspire to visit the icy north & south poles?And dare to dive into oceans, even knowing dangers several.How do they think of revolutions against mighty Earth... Read more
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Passing Life------------------Life is moving fast with little time for reflectionWhole day remain busy in office & other chores.We need to capture moments for own soul’s sakeMeticulously develop it also along with body and age.Body growth or ageing are mere phenomenon physicalBut soul’s growth leads to real sense progress.We just don’t remain fluffs in wind of lifeBut gain some mass to settle & think substantial.Not to just pass time in idling & worldly tasksBut see closely we do & whether really required.Everything is in cycle but requirement is realizationWe are infant, child, juvenile, youth, middle & old age. But phases culminate in passing away of this body,By ... Read more
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Some HopesThoughts come to mind of ways to progressCan communities suppressed for centuries have some hopes?When there’re many suspicions in some ways or others,They think selves as deceived without much of their faults.When they become just carriers of development measures,and benefits in actual are delusory and keep them devoid.When admittedly many faults are fastened to them,and they don’t selves much clamor for progress.Reason may be not seen better world ever, so remain glued to immediate past with no recluse.Recently some light came by country’s democratic set upFreedom brought noble thoughts & humane ways of treatment.When people became focus of development measures,and some... Read more
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MeditationsEarly morning, I am awakened since last 45 minutesSomething mysterious has risen from deep slumber.Though not much anxiety yet mental agitation is abound,Thought it better to stay with self than to just roll in bed.How can one sleep when there is so much to do,and keep self-aloof in myriads of requirements ?When darkness is all-around, apparent is not light,Heart’s lights are off and nothing is in sight.When efforts are required to light up the scene,and keep some illuminations to self-reveal.Great souls have definitely tried self-journeyIt is like to centre of Earth, or jetting beyond gravity.Or like diving to the Mariana trench,and bearing heavy ocean weight of 11 Km depth.I d... Read more
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Poetic Dilemma | Best Poems... Read more
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Poetic Dilemma-----------------------Sounds of paper movement and running of ceiling fan, Roaring of plying vehicles, and whistles of road van. Holding pen, diary on desk but with void brainTrying to find some ways for motion of self-train. Deficiency of words, and lacuna of ideas, Hindering to move ahead, though desiring for media. Finding it difficult to open closed doors of enlightenment Apparently satisfied, but inside only disenchantment.Enough age has already passed, but not done much significant Just look busy day & night, but not found fine  track.This is morning time but mind is still not fresh,Motion is very slow, body & mind need refresh. Needing all contriv... Read more
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Creators--------------How are epics created, from where the material comes How much is one prepared and big plot is created?How is a book written what chapters to be imbued,and one thinks beyond his time & ideas are generated?How does he decide purpose and dares in forward direction,collects necessary ingredients & finds source of great enthusiasm? How do people see simple events & convert into great stories,and elevate writing standards & readability joined?How does one rise above limits & climbs on giants' shoulders,and able to perceive methods so as to create marvels?How does one maintain equanimity & smooth flow is possible,and amazements are added with ... Read more
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