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लक्ष्मीरंगम - Laxmirangam: अंतस के मोती: पुस्तक ऑर्डर करने के लिए निचली लाइन पर क्लिक करें. पूरा लिंक खुलेगा. उस पर क्लिक कीजिए तो खरीदने का पोर्टल खुल जाएगा फिर View cart, Go to c...... Read more
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SWACHH BHARATDuring my service period about 15 years back I have constructed a house in a remote locality with my house being the last one in the row. A couple of plots were vacant even before my house in the row.Front row had only a corner house. For all practical purposes my house was the last house in the area and I was fearing for any theft may take place in my house. God Bless nothing of that sort has happened in the past.Now that I am retired and landed to the same house for settling, as is expected entire row is packed by houses except one in a row in front and at the back. My house now needs quite a good attention, calls for repairs of developed cracks and choked drains. Added to it ... Read more
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ATTITUDE AND MOTIVATIONThe two topics dealt with in this article are attitude and motivation.A.    ATTITUDEThe very common phrases heard are Positive attitude and Negative attitude. TODAY Attitude is taken POSITIVE if it is considered favourable by the person considering it and NEGATIVE if otherwise. The words positive and negative are relative in itself. Therefore the reference is all the more important. Going by absolute terms – positivity of an attitude can ascertained if it helps the achieving the goal or reaching near to the goal providing a positive progress. With this definition building a wall is positive if construction is on and negative if destruction is on. Moreo... Read more
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SUICIDE & EUTHANASIACommission of the crime is more serious than attempts of the same – How much surprising is this ? Suicide is the only crime where commission is not punishable but attempt is. This is because if you succeed, you are beyond all laws. Recently there was  a news that Suicide is getting decriminalised.In July 2014 dealing with a situation, The Supreme court of India has desired a nationwide debate on the issue, while accepting that the jurisdiction of finalizing the issue is with law makers and not with the Court of law.In India recently the topic of Suicide came for discussion in parliament and it is stated that the Law Commission of India in its 210th report ... Read more
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On War Footing.In the recent past there were two shocking incidents of cricket. On one incidence, a batsman was hit by a bouncer and collapsed during medical attendance. In a second case, an umpire was hit by the ball,  off the bat. He too collapsed. Two lives lost in very short span. This is not the first incident of its type. There were a few before, but we didn’t learn from the occasions. Recently Brian Lara and also Virendra Sehwag have stated that bouncers should not be banned in the cricket. This will pull out charm from the cricket.I don’t know whether we are playing on war footing or of fighting a war on the sports ground. Doing things on war footing doesn’t mean waging a ... Read more
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Blogger: एम.आर.अयंगर
IMPOSITION OF HINDI IN INDIAFor a Tamilian by name Iyengar as fore-fathers stayed there some times, an Andhrite by birth and a Chhattisgarhi by brought up, at least two languages came as birth assets - One Telugu as mother tongue and Hindi the language of childhood vicinity. Though sometimes it feel ashamed but fact is of having a better command on Hindi than Telugu. The place of stay Bilaspur in Chattisgarh is largest revenue earning division in Indian Railways for quite many years. It used to be the second Head quarters of the South Eastern Railway  having just an overnight journey both sides to and fro Howrah ( Calcutta – where the HQ was stationed). Therefore many of Bengalis from... Read more
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Marriage - My Views.Almost every time, I meet a new person or get into a gathering of whatever type – one question is very common – why didn’t you marry. Any fresh introduction calls for where is your family… I had to replay the CD which auto-starts. So I thought it worth to pen down the philosophy of marriage as I understood it. Individually I have taken a decision and feel it worth that everyone takes a decision based on one’s own situation and not influenced by other person’s decision. There may be thousand and odd differences in circumstances, reasons responsibilities and conditions. So don’t replicate. Every case must be decided on its own merits.I was advised to make the ... Read more
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PERTINENT ELECTION ISSUES.In every political election - notwithstanding what type of elections they are – Money is spent – I won’t call it is invested. Immaterial who spends it, but naturally it is ultimately from National exchequer. Who bothers???Should these NGOs calling themselves a watch dog, not take note of all these activities and raise questions and issues regarding this? The question is why?Answer to the question is - Because of the following reasons:-1.           They form parties and contest elections but then switch over to another, post elections for may be some personal benefits – disregarding the public mandate given to... Read more
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Job SatisfactionI heard my elder friend being told by his father, I am not a professional in the field you are desiring advice. Only what I can do is to take you to my senior colleagues in office who may be in a position to advise. The query may have to be raised by you after the introduction and it is you to understand from him /her. On a later date I came to know that the query was a basic confusion--- which of the job offers to be accepted. The condition was that there were many offers in hand which have been shortlisted to two. He was utterly confused to decide between the two to arrive at the final conclusion.His opinion as told to me was to go for the job in which he fits as per his ac... Read more
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Supreme Court has handed over charge of present IPL 2014 management to Sunil Gavaskar -  the little Master of yester years. All Other activities of BCCI have been entrusted to other president nominate.While Gavaskar is in charge of IPL activities he alongwith his team shall be concentrating on the game – may be with venue managements, ads, facilities for players etc. --- but with this he will not have any control on betting for which earlier president has been asked to vacate.  I am sure that the management will be of a better class and with his confidence in the others (involved team members) and vice versa, no one will look towards the betting groups. Neither those in managemen... Read more
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MY FIRST JOBThis is an old article from :Young India"and this is my fresh attempt t recollect and present for freshers.I am sure many will find it happenning with them... FIRST  JOB – FIRST EXPERIENCE.A child at birth is without any credentials except the parentage. The baby gradually gets aged in seconds, minutes and hours. Then in days, weeks , months and years. Suddenly “the youngest”  tag goes to some other baby very soon even in the joint family.The baby may be youngest or the only one in the family, gradually grows learning the things like crawling, walking running etc. Then starts talking and at a later age starts going to kindergarten and then to s... Read more
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                                                                   I want to go back to the time,                                   When getting high meant – on a swing,                                    When drinking meant apple juice,                            &nb... Read more
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This is my new blog and I wish to consolidate english articles here. Kindly respond if this msg reaches you.... Read more
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