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Read From Beginning Dear Lovers, First of all thank you for reading all my Lies, keeping believe in me and forgiving me for my unprofessional writings. Today, before i tell you about “Confusion and Doubt”, what they are meeting, would like to ask, Have you ever written a break up letter before love letter..? No? Hmm good but Confusion, Hero of my  lies, he had.. Why and How is the thing would like to share with you. (If you don’t know Confusion and Doubt please click here to read from beginning. Another Lie_1 ) Confusion, a careless guy with worst fate was trying her(Doubt) number from morning onwards, first network didn’t allowed him and when network worked Doubt... Read more
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Blogger: sunny kumar
A week before i read about Milap initiative on IndiBlogger. The Hope Project, a campaign by Milap to inspire urban masses towards empowering rural women through small contributions. What makes this project special is that the women in this case are ex-Devadasis and the possibility of self-reliance through entrepreneurship is a ray of fierce hope for them. I have not heard of Devadasi before but after reading different web sources i came to know about Devdasi System. It’s An ancient practice in India, the Devadasi (meaning: ‘servant of God’) system involved dedicating a girl, as young as 5-6 years of age, to the temple Goddess. This meant that she would spend her entire life servi... Read more
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Blogger: sunny kumar
[I have observed these guys and also supported once when they were not involved in politics (may be they were but not pubclically), but now they have a new team (The Jhaadu Wallas), new opinions(Where and When To Do Strike) and they also seem that they compromised with so many things and worst about it that being in politics they can't share such things. But what what I am thinking about India's new political party AAP, that they are just running behind the glamour. For me it does not matter that they had already created history and most of us are appreciating them. What i wanted to know about them is here, hope you will get..] हम है हिन्दुस्तानी, आप त... Read more
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Blogger: sunny kumar
Should i forget this world, or just myself..? o please tell me, where to go when, you’re not next to me..? Should i stop dreaming, or just living..? o please tell me, what to do when, you are not near me..? I know just before, we were together, lived my dreams and reality altogether.. Don’t know why, what happened, that you left, after spreading love in air.. ... Read more
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Blogger: sunny kumar
रिश्ता बनता है भावों से, बिन भाव के रिश्ता मत रखो. जहाँ भाव नहीं बस मतलब हो, उनका नाम ही रिश्ता मत रखो.. —————————- Rishta banta hai bhaawon se, Bin Bhaaw ke rishta mat rakho. jahan bhaaw nahi bus matlab ho, unka naam hi rishta mat rakho.. Keep Joker’s Attitude – Smile and Make Others Smile http://www.jokers-diary.com https://www.facebook.com/JokerDiary ... Read more
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Blogger: sunny kumar
  Joker’s Attitude : Smile and Make Smile Others ना जन्नत की ख्वाहिश, ना ज़हन्नुम का खौफ़.. है  दुआ मेरी रब से, कि बोल मेरे चुभे नहीं, हौसले कभी थके नहीं, जो जिद है मुस्कुराने की उसे नजर जमाने कि लगे नहीं.. ना मिलन की आस, ना जुदाई का गम, है दरख्वास्त मेरी ये अपनों से, मुस्कराहट अपनी कभी खोये नहीं, और रिश्तो क... Read more
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Blogger: sunny kumar
Narendra Modi दोस्तों! २०१४ का लोक सभा चुनाव कुछ ही महीनो में शुरू होनेवाला है और देश के दोनों बड़े दलों के साथ साथ क्षेत्रीय दलों ने भी तैयारिया शुरू कर दी है, वैसे में क्या आपने अपनी तैयारियां शुरू की है? यह चुनाव देश के आने वाले पांच साल तो तय करेगा ही बल्कि यह भी सुनिश्चित करेगा... Read more
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Blogger: sunny kumar
This is for you my magical bujji हसरतों की ना पूछो तुम, ख्वाब सारे ही टूटे है, ख्वाहिश जिनके साथ की, वो हाथ हमसे छूटे है. हसरतों की न पूछो तुम, ख्वाब सारे ही टूटे है.. सब्र मेरी ना पूछो तुम, उसके इन्तेजार में जागे है. उम्मीद उसके लौट आने की, जीने के बचे बहाने है. हसरतों की ना पूछो तुम, ख्वाब सारे ह... Read more
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Blogger: sunny kumar
Here are some properties of the blood group B Negative: 1. People who tend to be blood group B was curious and interested in everything. 2. They also tend to have too much passion and hobby. If you’re happy with something they are usually the passionate but also get bored quickly. 3. But usually they can choose which is more important than the many things on to. 4. They tend to want to be number one in many ways rather than just be average. And they usually tend to neglect things if focused with the flurry of others. In other words, they could not do anything in unison. 5. Their image of being bright, cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic. But actually it’s all completely different on the... Read more
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Blogger: sunny kumar
Everyday I Think Why I Am Still Here..? Why I Am Disturbing My Closed Ones..? And Why Do I Need Them When They Don’t? Why I Am Trying To Please While They Got Irritated? Why I Am Saying Sorry Without Thinking I Am Not Only Responsible..? Why I Am Believing Those Who Have Convinced With Their Doubts..? How Many More Days Shrimad Bhagwad Gita’s Reading Will Cure..? And When do i get permanent solution….? Is my mistake that much big and only Suicide can repaint it..? O Krishna Please Show Me The Path..Or This World Will Say I Was A Coward and you too will be blamed.. Krishna Bless Us. ... Read more
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