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PM gave back-to-back speeches in British Parliament and Wembley stadium.The clarity of his words and vision resonated throughout the country.Yet,he still had to face the toughest questions on Gujarat riots.That too after being issued a clean-chit.If the issue still is a stain on him,this entirely owns its allegiance to the media.Media believes that even though Modi has been left,doubt lingers own.And whether there is any way to remove that doubt.Yes,of course.If you keep on electing the leftists and the media agenda remains fulfilled.So strong is media's conviction against Modi that even if The God appears to give a clean-chit to Modi,media will simply ask prove that you are not a Hindu God.... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
A girl from an unknown village in the inaccessible North-East of India decides to make a career in boxing.In spite of every possible government apathy she goes on to conquer the world not once or twice but five times in a country where the God rivaling cricketers could manage the feat only twice.She never demanded any priority due to her regional or religious status hailing from a Christian family in Manipur.Instead of providing her a helping hand,the sports administration and referees indulged in what she calls a regional and racial bias.When an entertainer like Shahrukh Khan faces a similar bias in United States it hits repeated headlines and causes what could best be described as sentimen... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
                                  बुंदेले हरबोलों के मुँह हमने सुनी कहानी थी,                                  खूब लड़ी मर्दानी वह तो झाँसी वाली रानी थीBetween this couplet by freedom fighter and one of the most famous poetess of Hindi literature Subhadra Kumari Chauhan and the Vogue video with Deepika Padukone over women empowerment,I don't know whether the girls have progressed or have bec... Read more
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Today is death anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.Although sixty seven years have passed since his death still the Mahatma is being remembered as usual.But after the historic elections to the Lower House of Indian Parliament,one man who is being remembered earnestly is Nathuram Godse,the assassinator of Mahatma Gandhi.Situations have become so grim that today hardly any tributes have been paid to Mahatma without invoking Godse's name.Most of the people are busy pointing towards the attempt by Hindu right wings to honour Nathuram Godse.They are pouring hate towards Godse without having any serious love for Bapu.The thing is that they want to use the situation to beat black and blue ove... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
" history is written by the victors "Some great king,politician or poet said that.May be Napoleon,may be Churchill.Exact source is quite unknown.But one thing is for sure - he was great.He was great by the shear magnitude of his words.Coming to the Indian context,not only history but also the signboards of all the famous monuments and universities have been written by the victors.The Independence of India is seen to be the magical of a single party,with 'The Family' at its helm and Mahatma as its spiritual guide.So much so,that the role of Indira Gandhi as the head of Monkey Brigade has now become legendary.I too heard the story as a child.But what you don't get to hear in Independent India ... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
वारेन एंडरसन की आज अमेरिका में मृत्यु हो गयी । आर्थिक वैश्विकरण के बाद देश में आए उद्योगीकरण और उससे जुड़े पैसे एवं खुशाली की बयार में लोगों ने इस मनुष्यरूपी दानव को भुला दिया । किसी नेता ने कभी उन मासूमों के हक़ में आवाज नही उठाई । कोई नेता इससे आजाद भारत के सीने पे सबस... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
जो अब भी चैन से सो रहा बेकार उसकी जवानी हैजो अब भी नही खौला वो खून खून नही पानी है कृष्ण राम के भूमि पे रोज़ पद्मिनी चिता चढ़ रही हर तरफ मोहम्मद गज़नी की ही जयजयकार मची खोया पृथ्वीराज का सपूत है जयचंद ने है सत्ता धरीकब तक ये जड़ता सह लेंगे निर्बलता से मुह सी लेंगे ... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
Mahatma Gandhi is said to have uttered 'Hey Ram' as his dying words.For a man,who spent all his life reading Quran sitting in Temple,his association with Ram can be best defined as an ideal administrator.He believed in the idea that present-day Uttar Pradesh indeed harboured what was once the Ram-Rajya described in Ramayana.As with all the attributes attached to his persona(Maryada Purshottam),the kingdom of Ram,Ayodha too like him was perfect.Invoking this sentiment was quite important in pre-independence India to show the derogatory effect of British Administration in India.Four decades into Independence,and still successive governments were promising Ram-Rajya in every election.The fifth ... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
Its Valentine's Day and the year is very special since all politicians and political pundits are claiming we are going to witness a historic General Elections.Mixing the mood,lets have some romance flavoured with political discourse.Beginning with the front-runner in PM candidature Narendra Modiवो हँस के मुझे कहती है गुडबॉयइस बार चुनाव में मोदी को ही लायेइस बार भी अगर लड़की से मिली मारतो हो जायेगी नरेंद्र मोदी कि हारComing next on the line is the latest revolutionary Arvind Kejriwalइस वै... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
Tipu Sultan forever remained a silver lining in the modern history as the only ruler in modern Indian history who not only challenged the might of imperialist Britishers but was also able to snatch some glorious victories from their jaws.A defeat,ultimately,merged with his death in 1799.He did not led down his arms until he had breath,holding the highest ideals of bravery and kingship being followed in our country through ancient timesAnd his death was not only a result of fate but by the collaboration of mighty 'traitors' Maratha chieftains with the British Army.Apart his deewan too was bought by the Britishers.This as much is the recorded history of at least his last period,sufficient to e... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
After AAP's super-success show in Delhi,writing anything except positive about AAP is like playing with fire.Hands will be burnt at best.Best,because the growing clamour of AAP and Arvind Kejriwal in media,both corporate and social,is bound to even burn the face of anyone speaking anything below the level of worshiping.Social media neither can be blamed nor need to be blamed.All political parties enjoy that cult supporters to shut down any critical stand.About corporate media,you can not be as lenient specially when you know some media channels have the perpetual habit of denying straight face the development work in Gujrat and taking back the state to post-riots era.No doubt,the same media ... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
The political battle for Parliament has become hotter in December cold with AAP sweeping Delhi.Alright,not sweeping,but becoming a considerable player and ultimately forming government at the Legislature.Whatever media has to say about the revolution,for a twenty-four-into-seven coverage,from bathroom to metro is giving the feelers of a Quit India movement or closer still the political drama of post-emergency in 1977,the corruption eradication revolution is unmistakably a revolution based on knowledge,past its prime.The more important matters of real ground-check is being seriously avoided by all,from politicians to journalists.May-be debating Delhi,Modi and Kejriwal will fetch more viewers ... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
कभी आता है कुछ यादकभी कुछ भूल जाते हैवक़्त के पहलु मे अक्सरजज़्बात कही खो जाते हैये किसके लिए रोते है हमऔर किसके लिए जिए जाते हैयहाँ कौन है अपनाजो हम रिश्ते बना लेते हैकाँधे पे सर रखदिल तो बहल जाता हैपर रोने का मन करेतो हालात बदल जाता हैहाथ मे हाथ हो तोज़माने को खटकता ह... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
किसी को लम्हात रुलाता है किसी को ख़यालात रुलाता है मेरा तो ये हाल है हमनशीं साथ लम्हात का ख़यालात रुलाता है किसी का प्यार दूजा हो गया किसी का प्यार पूजा हो गया मेरा तो ये हाल है हमनशींप्यार पूजा,मैं दूजा हो गया नाकामयाब मेरे इश्क़ कि मंज़िल हृदयघात अपने ... Read more
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Major Dhyan Chand has not been considered for the first Bharat Ratna for excellence in sports.He did not deserved it,of course.The criterion for awarding the Ratna was to narrow to accommodate a sports-person in its preview.No complains.Period.And,Dhyan Chand was a true Ratna (jewel),not just for the nation but for the whole hockey and sports world as well.What he alone did for Indian hockey was magical.His records and number stand even six or seven decades later.Apart,he was the sole brand ambassador of hockey.Football had Pele and Maradona,cricket had Bradman and Sachin,but for hockey he was the only man to be remembered forever.To come more pointedly on Indian context,he was the arch... Read more
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India,as a nation,if it really existed at the times of Ashoka the Great upto Akbar the Great was always cosmopolitan.The country,as Fahien wrote,was so proud about all its aspects of life,from science to economy,that it cared little about the thronging religious practices rampant in any other country.The culture of Hinduism was so much bifurcated with regional difference that any new religion hardly proved to be significant.Buddhism came and conquered without a single noted muscular opposition.So did Jainism,with its too rigid practices,Judaism originating from Israel and Christianity.After the advent of Islam,both Islam as well as Zoroastrianism came and thrived together in India.All r... Read more
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State of Bihar is again at cross-roads.The improved roads of Bihar since last decade has already ruled out Bihar out of media bad-light but a new political dilemma has brought it under shudder review.Political pundits are crying hoarse over the outcome of Lok Sabha elections but the fact remains that people have no real choice.Exactly speaking,no clear-cut choice as in 2009 elections.And a more dangerous situation lingers.Bihar may again be a marginal player in nation politics if it does not plays a big role in formation of next government at center.Apart from number game,many startling changes linger high upon the political moral of public.The blue-eyed boy in the center of storm is certain... Read more
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तन्हाई  में आज भी जो एक आवाज ढुंढता हुँतेरी तस्वीर में अपने लिए जो प्यार ढुंढता हुँकैसे कह दुँ ज़िन्दगी है तुम बिन अधूरीतुम्हारी यादों में ही अपनी ज़िन्दगी ढुंढता हुँवो लाल लब मैं जो कभी चूम सकाउस शबनमी गालों से मैं जो खेल सकाचोरी-चोरी जो हम तुम मिले सनम... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
At the pinnacle of Mayawati's Raj in UP,something innovative really took place with the idol-worshiping of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar in Indian politics.Literally,with tens of hundreds of his statues coming in UP,he was one of the few leaders from that era challenging Mahatma Gandhi's stature as a statue.A journalist commented in one of those very few esteemed weekly that the power and pole of Ambedkar in drawing votes in our times is even greater than Mahatma or Nehru.Hero-worshiping in India is not a new trend.Historical evidence suggest that rulers have issued coins bearing their pictures.Just a blatant display of authority,you will say.The fact is they wanted people to relate with their rulers.Ever... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
पायल पैरों में तेरी छनकती हैमानो दिल पे बिजली सी गिरती हैमुस्कुरा के जब तुम जाते होसारी क़ायनात को रुला जाते होसमझ नहीं आता इंक़लाब करुँ या सत्याग्रहया लगा दुँ उम्र भर नज़रों का पहराजुल्फों की बदलियाँ चेहरे से सरकाओदीदार-ऐ-हुस्न से अब न तरसाओइन होंठों से बह... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
हाल ना पूछ दीवानों काना शमां जला परवानों काबिखरी हैं मोतियाँ मोहब्बत कीहै हाल बुरा राजकुमारों काहाल ना पूछ हवाओं काना बही पुरवैया मौसम काबिखरी है मंझदार में नाव है हाल बुरा किनारों का हाल ना पूछ मतवालों काना छलका मदिरा प्यालों काबिखरी है झंकार पायलिया कीहै ह... Read more
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A variety of problems play hide-seek with the great Indian dream of being in the proud club of developed countries by 2020.What will the consequences,exactly put benefits,of being in the elite club,I don't know.A lot is being discussed upon the tag.What will future India look like,the challenges it faces and the distinction it will make for itself is as yet unknown.We had strange mathematical calculation on poverty levels and life expectancy.The year 2020 seems to hold in itself all the solutions to our infinite list of drawbacks from education to infant mortality rate.This belief in dream India,its wrong to suggest completely unfounded,but as yet far fetched.The crisis are just too many to ... Read more
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Blogger: Supreet
किसी की चंचल शोख़ अदाओं मेंमुस्कराहट बन हम ही बसे किसी की तिरछी नजरों के जादू में क़यामत बन भी हम ही बसे किसी की तरसती लरजती बाहों में चाहत बन हम ही बसे किसी की शामों-सुबह के पूजा में दुआ बन भी हम ही बसे किसी की सरकती रंगीन आँचल में हया बन हम ही बसे ... Read more
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प्रिये आज दिल बड़ा अकेला हैहर तरफ़ अँधेरा ही अँधेरा हैसुनी है शहर की गलियाँमौसम भी उमस भरा हैमधुर चाँदनी बिखरी पड़ी हैमानो आसमां पे दिया जलाता हैपर दिल इतना वीरां क्यों हैमानो बादलों को तरसता हैभिगने का अब भी वही बचपना हैपर आँखों से बरसात बरसता हैधुंधली पलकों को उठ... Read more
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The center of the storm Juvenile Justice Act was instituted so that any minor is not treated harshly for any mistake.Below 18 years of age,a boy or girl has not yet developed requisite wisdom of taking all decisions correct.So,his case must be seen under the frame-work of a mistake rather than a crime and he must be provided a chance to reform.But is rape just a mistake.There are numerous youths who desire to satisfy their libido but are under-control due to stringent laws of country and society.If at an age of under-eighteen,and how the age is ascertained,by the school-certificate of an illiterate,one can have the girl of their choice,we should remove all veils of shame and start participat... Read more
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