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Click to view all posts selected for Tangy Tuesday.I wrote this poem long back, and I love it. I would like to dedicate this poem to all mothers, would-be mothers, those who recently became one and to their lovely daughters. Most importantly this poem is dedicated to the wonderful and unmatched relationship a mother and a daughter share with each other...Special Dedication to My Mom and my late Nani (grandma)! As my mom says that our relationship is so much like she shared with her mom. And every mother goes through similar fears and dreams for her daughter irrespective of the era she is living in. Needless to say that I love mine a lot. Here is the write up: मैं तेरे आँग... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
Elections are over. Results are out and with that, a hazy picture of political orientation of Delhites has become clear. While a good majority of people in Delhi opted for BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party- winning 32 seats), AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) is leading on second position winning 28 seatsand Congress with only 8 seats came third in the race; others won only 2 seats in the Vidhan Sabha elections held on 4th December.Arvind Kejriwal emerged as a Giant Killer by defeating Sheila Dikshit (former chief minister of Delhi) from her constituency. Indian politics took an interesting turn in last two years. Constant news of corruptions by the ruling party followed by Anna Hazare’s Anshan (fast) – a n... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
एक आदमी कब से खड़ानगाड़ा बजा रहा हैशायद बाहर मुझे बुला रहा हैमैं अभी गहरी नींद में हूँमुझ तक उसकी हर आवाज़ आ रही हैपर आँखें किसी सपने को बहुत देर से चबा रहीं हैंवह कुछ देर और चीखता हैबेबस होकर फिर थोडा झींकता हैमैं, अब भी अन्दर बंद हूँखुद को महफूज़ महसूस करते हुएइस शोर स... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
After spending two good days in Kausani, we started from there to explore Almora. On our way one of our travel mates shouted" wild fox" I was in dilemma whether to take out my camera lens or get a glimpse of that fox. I chose the latter. A red colored little animal with a long broom like tail was crossing the road into the forest. Our driver stopped the car giving us the opportunity to take in the scenic view of the landscape and then guess what we discovered? Marijuana leaves! Since our driver was a knowledgeable man, he shared some insights about that very plant with us-Marijuana LeavesThe Cannabis plant's leaves share resemblance with the leaves of marigold plant. It is believed to be a n... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
The temple of Golu Devta is one of the very intriguing places for a tourist in Almora. Golu Devta is believed to be the God of Justice. People of Uttarakhand have ample faith in their God and instead of talking to him, they make their wishes or complaints in writing. I haven't seen this method of praying anywhere else in India. If you are a devotee this may motivate you to write a letter to God, in your own language be it Hindi, English, Hinglish (a mix of both) or any other. If you are an atheist or agnostic, it can be one of the top 100 things in India that can amaze you. Most of the believers wrote their wishes on the affidavits of Rs. 20/- and hung them in the temple. If any wish comes t... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
For the previous post on Kausani click here! Luckily next morning at Kausani was beautiful with clouds seemingly performing a show and provided us a new view every ten minutes. A spectacular and mesmerizing view of some of the famous Himalayan peaks- Nanda Devi, Trishul and Panchachuli was treat to the eyes. Mahatma Gandhi termed this place as Switzerland of India- it indeed was beautiful. Cloud waves rising from bottomTrishul Mountain Range!Loved the Sky AboveOur Halt, Sky, hidden mountain peaks and vegetation below! I found this bird hunting for small butterflies.Little Pied Flycatcher @ 7.00 AmClock Flower and buds aroundAfter taking breakfast we visited Anasakti Ashram (Mahatma Gand... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
Wishing everyone a very Happy Deepawali.This year instead of one, we had three Rangolis to flaunt. While I was busy in making one, my sister- in her Picasso Fits- created two wonderful Designs. So between three rangoli designs there was scarcity of space to walk but who wants to walk much in an Art Gallery! We all want to savor the artists' works in artists' paradise. Here are the photographs- the way I search for ideas each Deepawali, these may inspire you for the next one. Happy DiwaliThis is what I made this year! My Sister's WorkA modern and very creative Rangoli- I wish we had kids at home to really enjoy this one!   The Tribal ArtFor last years' Rangoli click here.... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
A week after Fatehpur Sikri, Uttarakhand happened. We explored 3 main places in Uttarakhand in our 4 day trip- Kausani, Almora and Nainital. We got up in the wee hours of memory and got ready by 5 a.m in order to catch early morning Shatabdi from Anand Vihar (Delhi) to Kathgodam.After reaching Kathgodam (at 11.30) we hired a cab and reached Almora (at 5.30 PM). On our way to Almora we took in glimpses of Bheemtal lake and offered our devotions at Kainchidham.BheemtaalBheemtaal- Taal means LakeWe stayed at Almora for the night and next morning started for Kausani -a three hours road drive. It was a scenic journey- the serpentine road wrapped around lush green hills and with Kosi river flowin... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
 Doodle DiariesClick on image to enlarge it!Happy Monday People. Stay technologically advanced.P.S. Oh I am not giving any Ideas!!! Have a great week ahead.;)... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
It was 2nd of October, Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday and a national holiday. We planned to pay a visit to the city of Fatehpur Sikri near Agra, along with one of our cousin who was in Agra at that time.Fatehpur Sikri (city of victory, Fateh means Victory) served as a capital of Mughal empire during Emperor Akbar's reign for 13 years. The construction started in 1571 and was completed in 1573 and is made of red stone. It is considered to be one of the best heritage of Mughal architecture.I would recommend the place to those who enjoy beautiful architectures or have historical interests. Especially for people living around Agra- it can be an interesting weekend getaway.Some of the monuments amongs... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
A Random thought on what will happen when a few civilizations will emerge a century after Doomsday and they will find something during excavations!Click on the image to Enlarge it.P.S.  Author believes in God and doesn't intend to offend anyone's beliefs. Though she is against the wars happening between religions. Religions are the teachings that can only guide us to follow a righteous path and hence should not be the subject of superiority or to suppress any gender/caste/creed's right of living.... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
From Doodle DiariesHappy Monday Folks, have a great weekend ahead.P.s. : Any views on this?P.P.S. Click on image to enlarge it!... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
From Doodle DiariesRecently Realizing how monotonous and disastrous Mondays seem, I have planned to post doodles on this blog especially on Mondays. Of course till the time I can! Hope you find them InterestingJust a way of wishing Happy Monday Folks!... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
She turned twenty-three. Postman delivered gift from her best friend living faraway. Unwrapping it, Sarah recieved her favourite - a book, classic this time. She hurried to her room and fastened the door. After reading few initial chapters, she desperately wished her life to be different. She looked at her fingers and a thumb and wished they were her wings; her black Burkah, her long tresses. She didn’t dream to walk or run today and get liberated from her prosthetic leg. Instead she wanted to hover high, breaking all the barriers around her leaving world underneath the vast galactic sky.Image Courtesy: Tumblr P.S. This is Author's first attempt at Drabble.P.P.S. Sarah is Urdu word that me... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
I read the blog post by one of my dear friend Shine titled 'Gold Filled Broken Trust'Most of her posts compel me to contemplate on the subjects related to life and philosophy and this one was no exception.There she talked about broken trust that can be re-established and made more beautiful with reference to the following quotation she read online.Being an optimist she tried to mend the trust that was broken for years by somebody, she talked about failing in the same.After reading her post, I thought some of us might be going through the same phase i.e. being hopeful and putting efforts to mend something that has been broken. Though probability of setting things right is more when the person... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
People often go through times of change in their relationships. Hustle and bustle of everyday life and/or emotional issues cause stress in the relationships. We all have stress in our lives, it could be job-related, financial, marital, or parental.Are you 'the Agony Aunt' or 'the Agony Uncle' to many? Do you feel people around you need you while going through ups and downs in their personal lives? Does your advice do the magic in their lives?According to psychological studies people who are good at solving relationship problems of others normally have difficult time in dealing with their own relationship issues. Is it really true? If it is, have you wondered why?  While solving d... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
Caught at work!A Bee collecting nectar ... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
Have you ever wondered that we might be like various blocks of a puzzle and our world when united  is one solved puzzle as a whole? It just happened to me a while ago during my fits of contemplation. Read on and see if you agree.We are like the pieces of a puzzle. Neither perfect nor complete. So there is one block that completes either one or multiple others. There are some people who complete us or many others at once. Sometimes we are the middle piece of that puzzle requiring many people to complete the space and meeting the requirements of them too and sometimes we are the side blocks requiring the support from just a few other incomplete pieces. Here by completing the requirements ... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
I was thinking what exactly people wait for in their lives?  My neighbor says she most eagerly waits for her husband in the evening- but I see her in a cold feet when her maid is late by an hour- I guess more than her husband she awaits her house maid. One of my friend claims he has been waiting for a hike or a promotion. And when his phone bell rings, he cribs he needs peace of mind- so is he actually waiting for a promotion? Another guy tells me he is looking forward to get settled, but when his girl calls up & complains (she often does), color of his face changes- I wonder if he is really waiting to get settled? So somebody awaiting his promotion, somebody is waiting to buy a new... Read more
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Image Courtesy: http://www.myzeo.com1. You count till Boredom. Or start solving mathematical problems and invent the light bulb, some cool gadgets and of course, the time machine.(or think about why the 'Orange' fell down).  2. You go online during odd hours to find other insomniacs and update status message and wait for someone to like. When no one likes you cant go to sleep worrying about what you just updated. 3. You take a walk around the house- then open that cold Pandora's box to find some hidden treasure to munch on!!! 4. You tend to call a friend probably overseas to catch them alive and alert and talk to them.5. If you are creative, you think. then you think about what you jus... Read more
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