Blog: Corruption in Oil Companies.

Blogger: pankaj khanna
(This blog post is for Indiblogger/ SunSilk Contest on Recharging hair:http://www.sunsilk.in/  )                                     गंजे भाइयों के लिए खुश-खबर!(You too can flirt with the women of your age at last, thanks to Sunsilk!) For a Brunette, a Blonde or aसुकेशिनी , it is  very easy to justify the need to recharge her hair. Why even a baldy can justify for them -without much ado- the need to recharge their hair; as I did in just 180 odd words in the ... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
( This blog post is for Sun Silk/Indiblogger contest on Recharging hair. http://www.sunsilk.in/)  Nice hair gives a person confidence to live life to the fullest. The term “Bad Hair Day” has been used since eternity to signify this fact. Everyone gets just one lifetime to live so it becomes imperative that life is “lived” and not to just pass time till death.This is especially true for Girls/Women who feel glorious when they know that their hair is looking good. They are immensely proud of their long and silky hair-And why not? Even beauty pageants reward the proud owners of beautiful hair. Since time immemorial, lustrous hair has been considered an integral part of a woman... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
(This blog post is for Indibloggers/WeChat contest on ‘How would you inspire and mobilize India's youth to vote in the Indian General Elections 2014 using social mobile apps?)                                                        There are several issues in effective and actual inspiring and mobilizing India’s Youth, for example:(1)   Who inspires the youth?(2)   Why does s/he inspire?(3)   &... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
[ This blog post is for Indiblogger- Lenovo Contest on Lenovo Yoga Tablet ( https://www.facebook.com/LenovoIndia)]Everyday life with a Tablet? Fortunately, being healthy I am not required to pop up any tablet or even do the strenuous yoga I hate to do. I can recall only one outrageous experience I had with a Tablet -a medicinal tablet containing Metronidazole- when I was studying in College. Due to its rare side effect of skin rashes, it became extremely painful for me to micturate. On one occasion, I wetted my trousers and some of my friends noted it too! It was not because of incontinence but because of shaking due to extreme pain! It continued for a week or so and I had to develop a ... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
This Blog post is for Catch the Flavor(breezerindia.com) Contest at Indiblogger.in.                                                           This continues from the previous entry for the contest in which I have explained in detail about my experience with Rums and Drums; glorifying the drinking part in a bid to justify the ‘spirit’ of the Competition!Considering the nature of this competition and the Socie... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
This Blog post is for Catch the Flavor (breezerindia.com) Contest at Indiblogger.in.(Prerequisites to read this Blog Post: Dear Indibloggers, first of all ‘Catch the Flavor- Jamaican Passion’, have sips,   read this blog slowly and listen to Calypso Music following the links given below. And then you will realize what Jamaican Passion is and how it is miles above other flavors! Non Drinkers may too enjoy the Music if they imbibe the spirit of this blog!).        We three friends studying in SGSITS Indore in early Eighties, were introduced to Rum- (Old Monk) in 3rd year during College Annual Function better known as ‘Carnival’ in Indore. Ou... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
At least 23 Contracted workers had recently died in a Fire Mishap in Vishakh Refinery in August 2013. The accident was largely ignored by the Electronic and Print Media at the National Level.Now, OISD ( Oil Industry Safety Directorate) has faulted the Management of HPCL for the grave fire tragedy of FIRE in Vishakhapatnam Refinery.Kindly go through the link given below: Oil Industry Safety Directorate faults HPCL management for August 23 inferno.The level of Safety in HPCL, a fortune 500 company, has been abysmally low historically. Had  written a self explanatory letter to various Govt. Agencies about Corruption and Lack of Safety Standards in HPCL and other Govt. Oil Companies. K... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
As mentioned in the the Introduction - "About Me" in the right hand side column down below; one has been  fighting against corruption in Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited for the past 12 years.Have exhausted all the options available with the Government except Media, Social Media and the Courts of Law to ensure  that corrective action is taken against the  corrupt Top Management of HPCL.The option of Courts is out of consideration  as one is aware of the massive Financial/Legal Power of a Fortune 500 Corporation like HPCL! Regarding Media,I have made efforts in the past ( in 2005 and 2006) to draw attention of Media by sending various CD's containing all th... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
( To read the Fiction from start, kindly click on the link Promotion-Promtion.) If you are more interested in knowing how a Fortune 500 and Navratna HPCL works and how it 'encounters' a whistle blower; please read this email following all the links.)========================================================================To, S. RoychoudhuryChairman and MDHindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited17, Jamshedji Tata Road, Mumbai  400020.Subject: (1)   Non receipt of experience Certificate.(2)   Non receipt of long pending dues. (3)   Deliberate defamation- through hate emails-of a whistle Blower.Get well soon Mr. S. Roychoudhury. I am yet to receive experien... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
( This is email dated 2/12/2011 addressed to all concerned)About Scam of Scams and ‘Corporate Encounter’ by the ‘Sarkari Oil Magnates’ of HPCLTo,                                                                                           &... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
Email dated 7/3/2010 in Public domain addressed to all concerned.Third global conference on Emotional Intelligence by TISS and HPCL.This email is about Emotional Intelligence being practiced by a whistle blower, sender of this email, who has worked as an Officer in HPCL, a Fortunate 500 company, for 22 years and has been nominated for Manjunath Shanmugam Integrity award consecutively for three years. (It will not be out of context to mention that no other Officer from Oil Industry has ever been nominated for the award since its beginning though the award is in the name of the Indian Oil Sales Officer Late Shri Manjunath Shanmugam who sacrificed his life fighting against corruption in Oil Ind... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
Click here for the Email dated Email dated 29/12/2009 addressed to HPCL Management, Ministry of Petroleum, CVC, & PMO. An open letter to all who want to know about Safety and Corruption in Oil Industry.                                                                                   &... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
 The following email dated November 10 2009 was sent to :CMD and Directors of HPCLSubject:Request for (1) NOC for dehpothecation of car (2) Experience Cerificate (3) Payment of the balance duesDear Sirs,I have sent several requests to HR Department in Delhi and Mumbai in the past two years for the Experience Certificate for having worked in HPCL from December 1984 to October 2006.Regrettably, the same has not been received till date on the pretext that the matter about me is decided at the highest level.Hence this request is being sent to you directly. Kindly arrange to send the same through the concerned officials at the earliest please.Secondly, I had taken car loan from HPCL in Feb 1... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
{Continued from the Article (2A)- Internal Oil Mafia}Suren Chor first opened his Office and Sales Counter behind Bandhu’s dhaba .The sales zoomed beyond expectations due to the price differential and Suren Chor’s marketing skills. He opened another Outlet, on the eve of Republic day, just in front of LPG Plant’s Officers Residential Complex on the Highway. Within a month, daily Sales Volume of TPC reached 4000 litres of various Products.Bapu, the Safety Engineer, was the only person who had problems with this arrangement in front of his flat. He could see the empty and filled oil cans of various sizes in different colors swaying to and fro for the whole day. Bapu complained to Reno and... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
 ( Continued from the first post Promotion-Promotion!)   Tapri village, made famous for heat and lust by apolaustic Reno and callipygian Butterfly, had three Oil companies: SPCL- Superior Petroleum Corp. Ltd, GPCL-Glorious Petroleum… and NPCL-National Petroleum. Mami, Tandi and Butterfly were Contractor /Transporter Topi Pissoo’s employees. Mami and Topi Pissoo had worked in all three Companies since the time the companies were owned by the Americans and the British.Many Taprians, like most Indians, were incurably attracted towards white skinned women. Butterfly was the White legacy of the past. But nobody knew about the type of legacy- Superior, Glorious or National? ... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
(Continued from the Previous Article: ‘Flash’ Players and ‘Flesh’ Players of Eighties. If you are visiting the blog for the first  time, please start from the first Post Promotion Promotion.) Techno Tandi, Butterfly’s true lover, had grown Mint leaves & green chilies in a small area in the perennial ‘wet-land’ below the eternally leaking overhead water-tank constructed by Topi Pissoo on single quotation basis. The ‘wet-land’ was exclusively used by Butterfly, Reno, Tandi , Chucker Batti and some lesser employees for cultural activities like rain dance and frequent local food festivals. The whole local ‘wetland’ had a large no. of land / terrestrial ... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
 ( Continued from the previous Article-- An urge to emerge as a winner.If you are visiting the blog for the first  time, please start from the first Post Promotion - Promotion.)On that eventful day, when Changu conducted fire-raising ceremony outside LPG Plant in his endeavor to be a shining star like Mangu Mapia, but could manage to become only a dead star; a lot of curious events took place inside LPG Plant also.   The life of Workers/Officers was quite normal despite the bosses’ arrival at Nachpur. Almost all of them were on duty without Uniform.The Local Union leader DM Yadu, dressed in broken white Kurta Pajama and a sparkling white Gandhi cap, was issuing sermon... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
The nine micro- fictions posted earlier,links given in the right hand column, have been consolidated here as an ongoing Novel. The future micro fictional articles will also be added here in the ongoing novel.( The readers not interested in the Real Fiction may kindly see the real fight against Corruption by opening the link: An open Presentation to PM. or by going through various links given in the right hand column below the Introduction, 'About Me'.)=================================================================                                   &nbs... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
(Continued from the previous Article: Biking -An Urge to surge ahead.If you are visiting the blog for the first  time, please start from the first Post Promotion- Promotion.)Chabi was son of a rich farmer in Chamoli region of UP Hills, now a part of Uttarakhand. His father wanted him to be an engineer. Chabi too was very much interested in automobiles and biking. While he could not be selected in a Govt. Eng. college in UP, his father ensured to send him in a Private Engineering College in Central India by paying a huge Capitation fees as per the prevailing trend in late eighties.For Chabi life just meant biking. No body was interested to know his real name. He always had his bike key... Read more
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Blogger: pankaj khanna
(Continued from the previouspost(7) A dancing pro becomes a P.R.O. ).If you are visiting the blog for the first  time, please start from the first Post Promotion - Promotion.)Biking may mean differently to different people but essentially, it is just an urge to surge ahead; for good or bad. Whether a biker is a young one, a pick-pocket, Oil Mafioso or a Spiritual Baba; the urge remains the same. There was no dearth of this holy urge in Tapri Oil Complex too. Internal and External Oil Mafia- all of them were into bikes and biking; predominantly because of free availability of petrol for them at Tapri Oil Complex.For Reno, the Hero, biking meant an urge to merge with Butterfly on his bi... Read more
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