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TweetToday we have Guest Post from Usha Narayan. She had a successful career in advertising, radio and corporate communications before becoming a full-time author. Her bestselling novels span multiple genres: ‘The Madras Mangler’, a suspense thriller; ‘Love, Lies and Layoffs’ (Harlequin) and ’Doctor Stalker Spy’ (Juggernaut), lighthearted romances; ‘Pradyumna: Son of Krishna’, ‘The Secret of God’s ... The post Guest Post : Usha Narayan the author of Prem Purana appeared first on Outreach. ... Read more
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Tweet The author has nicely woven the story around Keith. He is an aspiring IT professional who is too sweet to say no to his boss despite many things being done wrongly at office. He is good at his job and it is used against him many a time (Common situation for many of us). ... The post Be focused and work hard to makes dreams real for Big Switch appeared first on Outreach. ... Read more
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TweetOne of the biggest challenges that we have successfully passed despite so much apprehensions from our dear ones has been the recently concluded Hyderabad trip. What makes it more special is that we not only had fun but also our 6 months baby supported and had a nice time with us in all the outings. ... The post Traveling with baby is stress free with proper planning appeared first on Outreach. ... Read more
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Tweet   Check out the schedule here MY SINGAPORE FLING by Sudesna Ghosh     Blurb   Meet Dipa Basu. She’s a 30 something modern Bengali woman living in Kolkata and a successful writer. After many relationships and breakups, she’s decided that love is a waste of time. She’s always had these phases where she’s ... The post My Singapore Fling by Sudesna Ghosh appeared first on Outreach. ... Read more
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TweetEvery November, i used to see a lot of unshaven men. Well i never bothered to check with them why they do it, until this year one of my close friends formed a group before start of November. Usually November is a popular time for many men to sport facial hair as part of No-Shave ... The post Support the process to educate about cancer prevention : No-Shave November appeared first on Outreach. ... Read more
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Tweet As part of the ‘Author Interview’ series, today i would like to invite ‘Olivier Lafont’ to my blog.He is is a French author, screenplay writer, and actor living in Paris.  His novel ‘Warrior’ was published by Penguin Random House, and was shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize. He has just released his new contemporary romance ... The post Authors Interview Series – II – @OliLafont #SnowBound appeared first on Outreach. ... Read more
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TweetAs i got up today (10th September 2017), i was reminded by my friends that today is Grandparents day. As i look back into my life, i hardly was blessed with this virtue of spending time with them.   But when i look at the above photos, which my parents worship during different occasions, i ... The post Wish i was blessed to #LoveJatao for my Grandparents appeared first on Outreach. ... Read more
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Tweet   Print Length: 109 pages Publication Date: June 26, 2017 Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC Language: English Genre: Romance     Love comes in different forms. But in all its forms, it comes with various challenges. Only those who can combat those challenges are true lovers.The Untold Story is the tale of Vihaan ... The post How father combats fear in happiest moment of his life: The Untold Stories by Ridhi Drolia appeared first on Outreach. ... Read more
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Tweet Color is a influential and vital messaging tool used across centuries by different cultures to spread their religion message. Well today the political parties make use of it and social media platforms have chosen their own colors. Before we go into more philosophy, let’s consider how color plays an important role when you are ... The post Connect Easily with readers using color pallets appeared first on Outreach. ... Read more
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TweetAlso known as “city of bridges”, Venice is a perfect place to visit and explore by a pleasant walk. The city’s beauty and history is captured in its numerous bridges. Home to around 400+ bridges, here are some captures during my visit     here The post Photography : Venice is City of Bridges appeared first on Outreach. ... Read more
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TweetPhew. As i turned the last page of the book, i was lost and thinking what’s next. As i started realising my present and its surrounding,  i understood that the plot of the book had put me on a ‘time travel mode’ to pre-independence era. In this journey of 450+ pages, I had experienced the ... The post Love Journey of INA soldier during India’s independence movement appeared first on Outreach. ... Read more
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Tweet TweetAs I was walking through the famous botanical garden (lalbagh botanical garden) in bangalore, i just happened to glance through man made curves in architecture of the greenhouse building. But what caught my attention was the curves of water sprinkle/shower  before it. I was hoping that if water sprinkles/shower were heavy, then the look of man made curves at the backend of water would have made an interesting photo. I was amazed at Artistic flower design with colorful curves lalbagh botanical glass/green house As i walked inside the garden, i was amazed at the human made curves through the constructions(building) and man made flower designs. They not only inspired me but mad... Read more
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Tweet TweetAll of us get influence a lot by our surroundings. As our next generation grows up, they have so many touch points with outer world. Through this touch points next generation gets influenced and their action are determined. As a potter gives shape to mud to form a beautiful pot, these different touch points act as a way to mould the next generation. Also some things which surprise me are the facts that we ignore actuals and rely on undated things said by our ancestors. For instance traditionally occupations which people perceive should be done by female are actually ruled by males. 1.cooking – are dominated by males chefs. 2.cleaning: most laundry I’d done by males 3.... Read more
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Tweet Tweet  I always observed during my childhood that the laundry used to be done by my mother. But on a Sunday our dad used to ensure that all males (me, brother & dad) of the house helped my mom by at-least relieving her of her laundry. We hated it but at the same time we waited for delicious dishes (our mom’s way of rewarding our good work). But as a elder i lost touch with some of this habits mostly because the work was outsourced to washer. But after getting married, we used to do this work at home. Despite multiple pushes, i hardly helped my better half in doing the work. Though washing has become automated with washing machine, the machine had hardly seen my face... Read more
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Tweet TweetDuring my trip to Jaipur, i was exploring the ancient Indian forts. As I explored the beautiful architecture of the forts, the Sparse landscapes outside the fort astonished me. Rajasthan (Jaipur is located in this state) is home to India’s largest desert. The combination of this landscape along with human art is probably the best example of how our ancestors despite hardship were able to beautify some of the greatest sparse landscapes. Spare has many connotations: it can mean one too many, or sparse, or even to release something from harm. I’m looking forward to seeing your interpretations! Bonus points to those who tell the story behind their “spare” inspiration. Other ... Read more
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Tweet TweetImage credit : junglebook.wikia.com Sweet Childhood memories just flash back whenever i hear about Mogli (the popular jungle boy). The famous song with below lyrics start resonating in my head immediately “Jungle Jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai.. Arre chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai phool khila hai Jungle jungle pata chala hai, chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai Jungle jungle pata chala hai, chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai” The telecast of this show, was one of the most awaited moments in my house. Though Ramayana & Mahabharata use to dominate the television screens, the excitements and gossips in my friends group was definitely based on Mogli. Those were th... Read more
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Blogger: amar
Tweet TweetFrom last two months I have been actively searching for a good camera phones. One of my top requirement from the phone was to do a smartphone photography. But the existing phones were not fitting my requirement. This is when I got introduced to Asus Zoom by one of my friends. as I researched more about this phone, I noticed that it had a great specification along with amazing camera. Some of the highlights of this camera include World thinnest 3X optical Zoom, total 12X Zoom 4GB RAM, Intel PC level performance 13MP Laser Auto focus camera 4 Stops Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) 10P HOYA Lens   With this phone, I would like to relive some of my old memories and visit frie... Read more
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Tweet Tweet Planning can make a difference in people’s lives. There are multiple instances when I have been lucky to know about such people. Here are few of them Anand story tells how we can Change the Plan: Every month Mr. Anand felt that his salary was minimal after all the bills are paid. Other plans like saving for emergency seem like a real stretch. But according to Mr. Anand, a change in mindset is required to build wealth. Hence Mr. Anand has changed his plan to start saving for your financial goals first, paying your bills and then consider spending the money you have leftover.”  Another trap is putting your good money habits off till “later,” when life will get easie... Read more
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Tweet TweetGardening for me always was an activity that i enjoyed watching. But when the plants blossomed , i used to find a joy that was pleasant. But seeing the hard-work done by my parents/grandparents for a beautiful blossom, i always stayed away from gardening. However a strange thing happened when i threw a dried marigold into the ground. It sprouted without much of caring. That was my first trigger for taking interest in gardening. Today i would say, i have become much more disciplined in maintaining the garden that i have built in my balcony. Some of the plants that i have successfully managed to cultivate are Tomato – At present i can see small tomato on the plants after t... Read more
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Tweet TweetColorful windmills Colorful Flower decorations Peacock dance Other interesting photos of this week can be found here Vibrant Tweet The post Vibrant Photos – Attempt to lift spirits appeared first on Outreach. ... Read more
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Tweet TweetImage Credit L en.wikipedia.org Visiting Kerala has been the most awaited journey for us for last two years. But different commitments of life had put us in a back seat. Finally when we narrowed down the time to visit Kerala (last week of December 2015) the prices of the kerala tour had skyrocketed. Every quotes from different vendors was just pushing our dream vacation further. It as this time the quote from one vendor surprised us. On one side we were happy but on the other side we were skeptical about what experience we will get at such less price in kerala (we were biased since renowned vendors were charging high for good experience). But after talking to the team, we were ... Read more
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Tweet TweetBrowsing through google, i came across an interesting article “Why Women Make Better Leaders“. This article made me think if there are any peppy (lively and high-spirited) women leaders who can inspire others? Image credit : grandstandstore.com As womenfolk endure their upward flight in the business world, they have yet to be fully respected for the exceptional potentials and skills they bring to the workplace. It’s impossible to respect worth and respect great leadership if you can’t recognize what makes a leader great.  Because of this, the identity crisis that exists in today’s workroom is something that women leaders in particular have been facing for much... Read more
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Tweet TweetImage credit : health.spectator.co.uk The process of life navigation is separated into two main areas: accomplishment and importance. It is possible to experience accomplishment and still not feel important. Accomplishment without importance can be empty, even deceptive. Importance is the underpinning for eloquent accomplishment. As an adult there are eight areas where improvement is needed to improve life’s navigation skills:   emotive, physical, mental, interpersonal, monetary, nuptial, divine and professional. Developing the skills needed to successfully navigate life is an important skill needed in our life. In addition to a variety of formal skills development such as li... Read more
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Tweet Tweet Known as the Missile Man of India, respected APJ Abdul Kalam’s  thoughts and words of inspirational quotes are very famous among many people who dream of reaching new heights in life. With his child-like inquisitiveness, straightforwardness and cheerfulness, Abdul Kalam  is an exception person who is probably the first indian public figure to be associated with all sections of India. The impact created by him on Indian society will withstand for many years to come. This poor Muslim boy from coastal Tamil Nadu became a real icon of the varied, bilingual, multi-religious India of many layers and many varied elements.Starting with a humble beginning, his life story is rem... Read more
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Tweet TweetImage credit : www.garageart.com Music is the semantic of ambiance that has always captivated me. Many times I have spent hours discerning about music’s that are close to me. This list is my favorite and they will always be on my gadgets playing when I need them the most. Well music is there for almost any kind of temperament. Some music can be heard during the time of joy and while other music can be played during times when the mood is really depressing. Based on the music sometimes you can actually identify the mood of person. When music from songs like “Yuhi Chala Chal Rahi” is played I feel there is always a good mood ambience is in flow. While songs like “Zindagi Ka... Read more
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