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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
One of the Bollywood song says……Chudiyan banti hai dukano mein Jodiyan upar aasamano mein (चूड़ियाँ बनती हैं दुकानों में जोड़ियाँ ऊपर आसमानों में ) But, there are some places where matchmaking is done. In the Mithilanchal region of Bihar, the 'Saurath Sabha', that is, the fair of brides, has grown from ancient times. This tradition continues even today. The debate over its importance in the modern era has definitely increased. Saurath Sabha is located on 22 bighas of land in Saurath, Madhubani district. It is also known as 'Sabhagachhi'. Saurath is a name similar to Saurashtra in Gujarat. Like Saurasht... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
It is widely believed that Dogs can sense death beforehand. The famous novelist Thomas Hardy had a pet dog Wessex.The dog was very fond of Hardy’s friend William Watkins. One evening when Watkins appeared Wessex, instead of greeting him with his usual enthusiasm greeted him with whines. The dog followed the man to Hardy’s study where Wessex kept up a continuous whining. Several times, Wessex put his paw on Watkin’s hand only to withdraw it.Both the man were puzzled. They examined him fully to find any possible injury.The dog was physically fine.The next morning Hardy got the news of Watkin’s death.Dogs’ premonitions have saved many a life. Redsey, a bitch loved to go fish... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
Lobsang Rampa was the pen name of an author Cyril Henery Hoskin who wrote as many as 18 books on paranormal and occult themes. He claimed that his body hosted the spirit of a Tibetan lama going by the name of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa,who is purported to have authored the books.The name relates to a claim according to  his famous book “The Third Eye” that the Tibetans are named after the day of the week on which they were born.He dedicated one of his book “Living with the Lama” to his pet Siamese Cat,Mrs. Fifi Greywhiskers. He says, ’Cleopatra and Tedalinka,the most intelleligent Siamese cats have shown great understanding and sympathy. Don’t ever say her ’dumb animals’. Tha... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
Like human being all animals have psychic powers. In some it is developed and in some it is dormant. Domestic animals being closest to us are easier to observe. Famous controversial writer Lobsang Rampa has illustrated some examples.Frau Moekel was a German housewife.One evening she was helping her child with mathematics. The child could not add 122 and 2.To put her to shame Frau Moekel asked Rolf, their dog how much is two plus two. When Rolf tapped his paw four times, Fau was flabbergasted. Recovering, she asked again how much is five plus five and got the correct answer.Soon Rolf was extracting square roots. His mistress taught him German alphabets. Within a short time he could communicat... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
The old Banyan TreeIn my villageFell with a thundering noise.People ran helter-sheltermany made a profitAnd to many it saveda month’s fuelthat was all.The greatest Banyan treeOf the country The Mahatmafell or rather was felled it was 1948that was not at all.Till date his burnt-up limbsare used and reused as fuel in all our politician’s careerto keep alive their cooking flameA proverb comes here :“Dead or alive An elephant is worthA thousand gold sovereigns.”... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
The obscure sky shadows My reckless efforts And  I stumble again Hitting against the Hard rock of fate The wound is rawThe heart broken Yet I gather each fragment with much care and solicitudein case a tear may block my vision ... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Not a leaf stirredwinter sky standing stillin an unbearable silencelike the burdened soul.Distant thunderthreatening to unleashthe torrential downpour,any moment.How will  I face youafter years of placidity,desolationI am so used tomy limits of solitudeyour domainspreading to eternityso much freedom,so much space.I feel lostlike desperate hands grapplingwith uncontrollable wavesof the vast turbulant oceanand time stood still like the overcast winter sky.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
When I fell in love with booksfell madly, passionately in love,you didn’t tell me thatI can’t live without books.When you made the introductionsthat I was committed to the little kitchen setin my toy trunkthat it was only a matter of ourgrowing up.Now that I blame you,but it’s just that bookcases don’t fit in kitchensandit’s a long walk to the library. Besides,who doesn’t know thatlove and loyalty can be tiring,tearing,when they are different.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Often a childish desireComes to my mindAlas! It may be  much  pleasant If we could delay childhoodfor some  years!Parents rather think their children  grow upand take some breathof their responsibilities.I remember of my twin niecesWhenever I visit herFell asleep After, a tired journeyThey, played with my hairs putting rubber in itextend their imaginationto the next gen artsI rather try to hide my face.Imagination where comes to these kidswhy not to the eldersI surprise often.Had god given wingsto the kidsFlying in the distant skythey rather realizeSky is not limit.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
The more I thinkThe less I act,thinking is coeval with actionand coterminous with inaction.I always think, but neverconsistently,for  consistency is the fruit of clearsightedness.I know thought engenders thought,but can I fathom my mindwhich is a well of thought,a bottomless pit?I always overthink –A streak of Hamlet, perhaps.The more I learn to think,I forget what I thought.It is a vortex from whichPerhaps no traveller returned.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); As I walking on theBeach one day,I looked down,A pebble was staring back at me.It was lying on the beachAmidst a group,Yet all alone,Not knowing, Where its destiny lay.Not knowingWhether it would be picked up,Or trodden uponSo uncertain.And I suddenly thought to myself, Isn’t that exactlyWhat the life is?... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
Story telling is an art-whether it’s the sort of tale you tell your wife when you come creeping in the morning, or the kind that puts junior to sleep at night. If you can spin a yarn that hold the attention of your audience , regardless of age and bent of mind, you may count yourself among the chosen few.Those parents who are endowed with the art of telling enthralling tales to their children, find it an invaluable sugarcoating with pleasant tasks, such as putting junior to bed or washing his hair. And telling the story provides an even stronger link between parents and child than just reading a story can forge.The habit of story-telling, in particular has grown into a nightly bed-time cus... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
Genius is often precocious. Precocious originality is one of the characteristics of genius, many philosophers affirm that genius consists in an exaggerated development of one faculty at the expense of others.Dante, when nine years old, wrote a sonnet to Beatrice, Tasso wrote verses at Ten. Pascal and Comte were great thinkers at the age of 13,Fornier at 15,Niebubr at seven. Goethe wrote a story in seven languages when was only at ten.Victor Hugo composed at 15.Moore translated Anacreon at 13.Mayerbeer,at 5,played on the piano.Delay in the development of genius may be explained by the absence of circumstances favourable to its bloosming, and by the ignorance of teachers and parents who see me... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
I write my longingson the river every noonWhen I bathe And they snake to the sea only to be tossed about and broken by the shattering wavesEvery morning as I stroll I write my longingson the clear blue of the sky but soon the blanket of darknesshides themAnd with the break of dawn the letters melt and drip downin the sun’s heat But I don’t write my longings on the walls of the mind in the night in a moment’s drama of dreams enacted on the mind’s walls I see my fulfillments all celebrities of a king attend on me.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
Yes, summer has come withoutThe apology of a tomorrowThe summer has torn out The remnants of my mind.Bitter youth is The bitterest wine everHow can I forget thatThe long spring is over?I had named you spring and Serenity Like a new faith you had come and EasedThe old bitterness out of me.In my tomorrows I had plannedA little bit of youIn my yesterdays I had hopedTo drape a veil overThe sadness of youth in exile.When the birds wing joyfully across The skies And trees move their leavesTo the rhythm of the breezeAnd children go out to play earlyMost afternoonsI will rememberI will remember that The long spring is overAnd you won’t be here to share another With me.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
Faith is one of the most significant aspects of human existence, both when it is given and when it is received. The knowledge that someone expects the best from us works wonders in our lives.We give our best when the best is expected of us. When we realize that someone has high hopes in us and the faith that we are capable of high performance, we tend to fulfill their hopes.If the high expectations others have in us to realize them, it is also true in the case of negative behavior. The undesirable behavior of many children may be the result of the expectations by parents, teachers and class mates that they will behave in that manner.The expectations of people significant to us is communicate... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
I walked up to the parkTo see the reality that was stark With a beautiful scenery And a hallucinating perfume I saw the birds flying in the sky The sky was reddish whiteAnd the sun was overpoweredBy the dark clouds The sun’s light faded out It was the reign of The black kingI saw the ants working Slowly and steadily I felt a wave of triumph I had a way to successI saw the fountain gushingI felt a new one gushing In my heart.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
The feeling that someone is waiting for us can work miracles in our lives. We all need someone to wait for us. When you return home from a long and difficult journey, you are happy at the thought your family and your friends will be waiting for your arrival. You want to share your experiences of pain, hardships and exhilaration with someone who stayed home and awaiting your return.The soldier who is posted in difficult boarder areas and in constant danger, keeps his mental and physical health intact in spite of serious threats to both because, he knows his wife and children and all his friends are waiting for him.One spouse wait for the other to return home after a long span of time engaged ... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
I saw two men scanning a garbage tin Listlessthey seemedlike aimless wanderersexploringa mad dream.Enquired one,“What do you search?”Replied the other“Nothing….. just looked for half-burnt slices of life”.“And you?”“Me……The man was hesitant but then he mumbled slowly,“Friend…..I am in search of my identity.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
Here you will find that elusive peace your mind wanders your spirit is restful within these walls impartial both to saint and sinner.Take the cue count your worry beadsgenuflect contritely, observe a statuea case of rosesa posing martyr the hollow soundof song and ceremony.Mere echoes of forgotten congregationswhen prayer was prayerand there were no formulaefor salvation.Genuflect againcross your breastmake a petitionheaven’s exists’                                                              said the prophet.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
The old man on the seashore fathomingthe depth of life.The sea-gullsAbove, pouncing down On the tit-bits like ever- famished street urchins rummaginginside the garbage tins.And the dashing Cadillacs and Yamahasby the scoreAnd peopleIn Levi’s and halters,passing never a glance no time.The old manWalks back towards hisrented room,a rented life faint ears,strainingfeeble force forcing,least they missthe welcome nock fromthe endless horizon?From the horizonthe albatross spansits wings acrossthe dying sun.Momently darknessOn the shoresOf life before the twilight stars predicta fresh sunnydawn of gloom.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
A Solitary rose stood aloof In a garden of gorgeousBloom, in ostentatious extravaganzaThe crimson rose, clad in A veil of unspoken despondency The dew-drops on its petals Spoke of its agonyThe forlorn bee sat clumsilyOn the branch of a deciduous shrubSegregated from the evergreens A passionate desire to Drink up the bitter nectar Of gloom and share the grief Of the rose, brought it downWith a soft hum, mumbledThe bee, “What ails you?”Eager to conceal its ailment The solitary rose remained silent The dejected bee flew back With indifference to the neglect Which was it’s lot.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
Dreams I know you so wellThat often amidst youI forget myself.When as reality Failure approachesYou make me climb to a success peak.I am with you So often That devoid of youMy day’s incomplete.As came a people Troubling my peace In my heart You stayed, to please.I gave you So muchThat I regret It’s memory.When realization came The mist you createdDrove its awayTo a barren land Where helpless I lay returning  from you.I hate you Now---You squeezed me off My self-respect.No efforts I raised No life I’d makeIn your midstI lost myself.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
Spring timeSoft breezeLeaves whisperBirds chirp  Bees humClouds singWeaves danceFlowers smileChildren laugh.And I, I try With misty eyesTo force my lips to express some joy.But I failFail miserably For it matters no more.Spring,summer,autumn,winterAll are the sameIt's the same Throughout the year.... Read more
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Blogger: Rajeev Kumar Jha
He walked down fromThe mountain heightsAnd saw dark strifeGrappling with the worldWeaving counterfeit nightsHis blood tickled downHis transfixed handsOn the luminous globeBrother fought brotherLies were toldTill truth became a legendChildren starvedShivered in the coldAnd five-star  hotelsThrew left-overs into garbage heaps Cheating stepped into the open Unashamed and bold  Anger welled in him But He reminded Himself That as God He had no claim to anger He wept,wept And the blood and tears mingled And drizzled in autumn loveliness Over the frenzied earth.... Read more
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